XYCQ games based on LoCC ? lost to time? - dead links

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XYCQ games based on LoCC ? lost to time? - dead links

Unread postby BuckyLuis » Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:31 am

Hello everyone! Iam from USA
I came across Legend of CaoCao .. i think i was searching for games and i saw a screenshot of it and it looked awesome
and i played it. and i beat it all three play throughs (good, neutral, evil)
its the funnest game ive played in a long time

and i see on here there was a bunch of .. and some REALLY AWESOME looking mods on XYCQ
but all the links are broken and XYCQ doesnt seem to load for me .. maybe because its asian site and iam from USA ??? or its just really old links

it would be great if any of you know where to get these awesome mod games ?

i seen someone post about a Legend of Kongming remake ? id love to see that

and this game looks really cool
"The Tale of the Rise of Tang--Stories of Wagang Mountain"

thats gotta exist somewhere on the web right?? .. but its probably in like chinese characters language?? i dont know how id search for that :( .. i google it and its like 3 results unrelated to ROTK :(

could anyone help me find those or link to them.. or reupload them??

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