Hello, trying to complete EVERYTHING in Dynasty Tacitics 2!

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Hello, trying to complete EVERYTHING in Dynasty Tacitics 2!

Unread postby KingPaulos » Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:09 pm

Greetings, long time fan and lover of the Dynasty series, but I am trying to complete everything in one of my top 5 Dynasty games, Dynasty Tactics 2? I am trying to get every single thing done, oh I've played like every Main, Epilogue, recruited so many characters in hilarious factions/etc however... I still have a couple scenarios to appear along with unlocking 4 more characters in the encyclopedia.

I've done so many 16 combos it almost isn't funny, even tied Wolfguard, whatever his name is, his great 16 combination which was majestic yet I still do not consider myself a master of this game.

At least this game isn't as SUBTLE and difficult as Dynasty Tactics 1 was in the regard of finding things out, where to go, where NOT to do things to activate events/blah blah blah, however what I have left as "? ? ? ?"s would be the following as I've completed EVERY thing else;

Liu Bei *I cannot stand Shu or these benevolent guys but...* the second and third SCENARIOS- which ... I don't know if that's a PATH to take in the game while you're playing it- I don't know if it's to do in the MAIN- I'm guessing it is since there are no ultimate story choices to make in the epilogues as it's already pretty drawn out;, anyway- for Liu Bei- SECOND and THIRD scenarios are blank with the ? ? ? ?'s, that's two right there...

Cao Cao *The best of all time, long live Wei* COMPLETED 100%.

Sun Ce *Second best of all time* COMPLETED 100%.

Lu Bu- FIRST and THIRD scenario are completely ? ? ? ?ed out, I think it's because I did not ever join Yuan Shu there.

Anyway, if there's anything else I may have missed, secrets, easter eggs I'm very eager to learn and play it because well... Dynasty Tactics 2 is my main game I play every day of late- I hate the turn limits because it has to end eventually. Just looking for the beginners/intermediates/experts/masters and Grand Masters to check out all I did, and to maybe fill in the blanks of what I NEED TO DO TO UNLOCK THE ? ? ? ?'s, thank you for positive help in advance.

-Paulos Hunter Blade, long live Blade, Wei and Jin.
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