Sango 2 or Sanguo 2 rts game platform windows

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Sango 2 or Sanguo 2 rts game platform windows

Unread postby Sam Pednekar » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:23 pm

Hello guys i want to ask you question did you guys ever played Sango 2 or Sanguo 2 it is real time strategy game and it is played on windows.

When i read about this game in Kongmin's Archive it was stated there that it is single player game and also it has same graphics like Total War series and it is based on Romance of the three kingdoms. The game was released in 2008.

I just want to ask you about how better is this game? I mean it is great than Koei's Rtk series? and does this game has a descent strategy and how to play this game and i also want some cheats about this game if available and if all conditions are met i will buy this game.

If this post already exists than please delete this post but pm me about the post first. Thankyou :pika:
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Re: Sango 2 or Sanguo 2 rts game platform windows

Unread postby archita » Sat May 03, 2014 10:44 pm

It's like Takeda 3, interesting like strategy map, not good like tactical map.

It was a more deep Takeda 1 based on tactical battles of Takeda Clan :)
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