Koei and Nintendo present...Hyrule Warriors

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Re: Koei and Nintendo present...Hyrule Warriors

Unread postby Jordan » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:16 am

I find this idea to be cheap and stupid. To me it seems like Nintendo is making a Warriors game out of a series that is terribly suited for that concept. I have trouble believing that most people seriously enjoy the "Warriors" games for the gameplay at this point. I think most people just have become attached to characters from either the Three Kingdoms or Sengoku-Jidai era. If not that, perhaps they have at least become attached to Koei's fictional interpretations of these characters. For Koei to make another Warriors spin-off, I think they would need to have a world as compelling as their Three Kingdoms or Sengoku fantasies. They have done that occasionally with other "Warriors" games like that one piece game. These games work because they are based on large and developed fictional worlds with numerous popular and appealing fictional characters.

Although Hyrule is not completely uninteresting, the world and lore are nothing to write home about. There aren't many characters in the Zelda games that I particularly fondly remember. Link himself is a completely dull protagonist. I never played Zelda because I gave a damn about the story. To be honest, I'd be kind of surprised if there were people that did. Despite Nintendo making efforts to have an official canon timeline and stuff, I always thought of each Zelda game as taking place in its own world with its own puzzles to solve. The games were fun because they were designed to be simple and engaging. I never thought of them as plot heavy games with intricately crafted characters or an engrossing in-game universe. All of the things in the Zelda universe outside of the gameplay are shallow.

Thus, to me it just seems like they sold out Zelda and made it extremely braindead. Since there is little the Zelda universe adds to a Warriors type game, you would hope that the Warriors gameplay would add something to Zelda. However, in my opinion it adds little. Zelda games have generally been more about puzzle solving than hack-n-slash. From my perspective, fusing "Warriors" with Zelda is as bad as Link's Crossbow Training. It takes everything that's good about Zelda out of the game and leaves behind a hollow shell. On the surface it looks like Zelda but the core of the game is nothing like the Zelda games that fans of the series enjoy. It might as well be some Hyrule fan mod of a DW game on PC.

I don't have a Wii U either. The labor practices that console manufacturers use disgust me. Because of that, I've kind of thrown in the towel on video games outside of digitial stuff on PC and the consoles/handhelds I already own. If I were to get a Wii U though I'd get it for games that are original or clever, like Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3 (I really like Pikmin and derivative games of the like such as Little King's Story or Overlord II).
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Re: Koei and Nintendo present...Hyrule Warriors

Unread postby dymlos timbre » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:41 pm

If this game is going to have Rich lore like the Dynasty warriors games than I think it can work. a lot of Rumors and speculations are flying around as to "When" this game takes place in the Official/unofficial Zelda timeline. A link to the past Expressed a dark time in Hyrules history that could very well work.The Imprisoning wars would be that certain event and if it is being expanded upon than I for one will Enjoy this title a lot! Zelda has Lore, its just Nintendo has always done a very poor job at expressing it( well it has POTENTIAL for good lore.)

Also maybe this is a demo on how link would play in a core Warriors game. if it plays well maybe there is a possibility that link will Team up with our favorite Heroes in the next Orochi installment.
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Re: Koei and Nintendo present...Hyrule Warriors

Unread postby Kong Wen » Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:49 am

Semi-bump. Anyone playing this game? Enjoying? It's a shame it doesn't have online. I've beaten the Legend/Story mode, but haven't delved too much into the other modes yet.
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Re: Koei and Nintendo present...Hyrule Warriors

Unread postby Gray Riders » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:47 am

Kong Wen wrote:Semi-bump. Anyone playing this game? Enjoying? It's a shame it doesn't have online. I've beaten the Legend/Story mode, but haven't delved too much into the other modes yet.

Playing, enjoying more than I've enjoyed any game in some time; I didn't think I'd like it this much but the characters really feel distinct enough (I have to fight completely different as Fi than as Darunia, for an obvious example, and Lana's Summoning Gate is incredibly unique and amazingly fun to use) and the weak point system is a nice addition to the warriors style of gameplay, so that approaching certain enemies carefully and tactically makes them much easier (Aeralfos, for instance, become much more managable when you figure out how to bait them into revealing their), and I love being able to play as memorable characters like Zant and Ghirahim, who would probably never have appeared again if this game didn't exist.

Also incredibly happy Ganondorf (who I do wish had a second weapon set, like Impa and Zelda. I'd love a trident with some of Ganon's attacks from the old 2D games) is incredible to play as with his amazing C6 and great attack string. After his general absence in the series since Twilight Princess (8 years ago) it's great to see him back and in full form.

I've made pretty good progress in Adventure Mode-gotten every second weapon except Volga's (actually got his third weapon first--it's much closer to the starting point in the Master Quest map), and most of the third weapons. It's honestly where most of the gameplay is, I think, rather than Legend mode, and with several more maps being added with the upcoming DLC, that gap will probably grow.
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