Rewrite the history!

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Rewrite the history!

Unread postby shamy2013 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:53 am

A:You like Romance of the Three Kingdoms?
A:You really like it?
A:OK,good. But you really really like it very much?
A:oh,wait wait.Just kidding. :oops:
B:SO? :?:
A:dear,there is good news and bad news. Which one dou you want to know first?
B:The good one.
A:Oh, I knew you would choose the good one. I know you so well,right? :D
A:OK.The good news is a mobile game named Emperor Legend is coming soon and it's based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms!
A:Emperor Legend is a great epic strategy mobile online game and we can play it together wherever we are with our android or IOS smart phones.Thus we stay together forever!! :D :D
B:I think I know the bad news now...
A:And the graphics of the game is very wonderful and we can beat others with our high IQ.We can rewrite the history and achieve emperors' legends!!Sounds so great,right? I am so excited. And you?
B:Me too.(What's in B's mind is that god,don't let him know my game ID.Emperor Legend, wait for me, I'm coming~)Anything else?
A:Now the bad news is...
B:oh,sorry, there is something I have to do now. See you.
A:Hey, wait...
B:Ah,thank you for telling me the good news.
A:You're welcome.And the bad news is ...
B leaves without a backward glance.
A:we must wait for some days...Oh, he may know this later.

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