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Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 27

Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:28 am
by Lady Wu
Yue Chen's choice:
&Yue Chen
(Hmm... But I have to make
sure he lives. Even if that
costs me my own life.)
- Should be "How can I still be worrying about him? My own life is hanging by a thread here."

&Zhang Hu
I was retaliating for the time when
you stole my Yellow Dragon
- The Chinese refers to Zhang Liao's ultimate weapon in DW, the Gold Wyvern

Plan of attack:
&Shi Bao
(That damn Zhou Tai is always
pestering me.)
&Shi Bao
(With that kind of attitude, I bet
he'll never find a woman.)
- "Zhou Tai's sanctimonious attitude gets on my nerves. I bet if they give you two buxom chicks you wouldn't actually say no."

Shi Bao's talents:
&Shi Bao
If you find any nice food there,
make sure you bring it back
in one piece, got it?
- Is Shi Bao the one about the Red Cross? If so it might make sense to take this literally, that he's asking Hu Lie to bring back the nice stuff so he can "give to charity".


Tiger Sons:
&Zhang Hu
Emperor Wu brought my
grandmother to live with him.
- Sounds... wrong.

&Zhang Hu
Maybe... At the very least,
I won't take orders from the
Sim Family anymore.
- Sima

Enemy Kingdoms:
-"The Grand Canal" should be "Hong Canal"; the actual "Grand Canal" wasn't built until the Sui dynasty.


Back in R_03
Yadan's release II:
"Though this may have been warrented at the time due to his"
- warranted

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 28

Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:52 am
by Taishi Ci 2.0
This stage took longer than normal since there were so many cutscenes to get through, but here it is:

This should be the halfway point for the project. Hopefully it will be done soon enough.

Hard Mode:
*Instead of just attacking from the rear, enemies will also appear to the left and right sides of the middle of the battlefield.

*Jiang Wei & Deng Ai
*Yang Lan & Wang Qi
*Liu Yin & Qian Hong
*Zhang Yi & Yang Xin

*Liao Hua vs. Zheng Lun (Zheng Lun must have under 60 HP for it to trigger)
*Gou Fu vs. Deng Ai

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 28

Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:15 am
by Lady Wu
Yang Xi Framed:

"That he abused his position by... special priveleges to certain officials"
- should be "privileges"

Sun Liang deposed:
&Sun Chen
Sun Liang is to be degraded to
the title of Prince of Huiji.
Get that trash out of here.
- The text says "Kuaiji" in the next scene.

Warriors' emotions:
&Liu Yin
Hell, I bet even the Boss or
Miss Yang could take him!

Hearts of the Qiang:

&Yang Lan
Even if we make a promise
today, there's no guarentee
that it'll still hold tomorrow.
- "guarantee"
- I think you're missing "Little Gou" here.

(Deng Ai's not bad with a blade
either, but it's not like he ever
fights anyone personally.)
- He's saying Deng Ai is NOT that good with a blade, and yet he bested Jiang Wei time and again. "Now this is a real general!"

Chen Zhi's death:
He shall be known as the 'Loyal Marquis.'
- Missing end "

&Liao Hua
I'd rather sacrifice all of my
own diginity, if it meant I
could gain more power.
- "dignity"



Jia Chong: "if you had only cooperarted earlier"
- cooperated

WangXian: "I won't be able to fix this by laying on ice again"
- "lying". "Laying" is the transitive verb, as in "They were laying flowers on the grave", "They were laying down arms", etc. "Lie" is the intransitive verb, as in "I need to lie down."

- Empress Guo's edict should have quotation marks.

A Worthy Death:
- Should Wang Shen's name be explained?

Loyal Gathering
Xiahou He: "Princess, now is the time for us to renew our friendship"
- Should be "now is not the time"

Princely Burial:
&Sima Fu
Grand General, for all the love
I still bear you, I've accepted
what you've done thus far.
- Should be closer to "Grand General, you may do whatever you please, as I am beyond caring."

&Sima Fu
I did not object, thought it
was against propriety.
- "though". But isn't the original closer to "I don't have a problem even with you making Cao Huang emperor."

"That in accordance with the precedent of the degratation of the Prince of Changyi..."
- "degradation"

Scourges of Wu:
&Pu Xing
What's more, I've heard that the
Prince has been hiring magicians
to place curses on you.
- Would "shamans" be better than "magicians"?

Journey to Chengdu:
&Jiang Wei
I'm going to make a trip back
to Chengud.
- "Chengdu"

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 28

Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:30 pm
by Taishi Ci 2.0
This one ran a little late, but the next few stages are quite short, so they should be done soon.

*Zhang Ni & Yang Xin
*Zhao Guang & Wang Qi

*Yuan Lin vs. Qian Hong

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 29

Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:09 am
by Lady Wu
The Yuan Lin/Qian Zhao duel:

"Bah, my father's name may be useful, but his reluctance to sever his relationship with Liu Bei really drags me down as well. What a crummy father."

(That's funny when you think about it. He hates his father for dragging him down, but I hate mine for giving me too many advantages.)

- 皮粗肉厚 means tough, difficult to damage

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 29

Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:36 am
by Lady Wu

&Zhang Ni
In the Wei army just now, during the assault on the gate, Deng Ai's army was nowhere to be seen.

- Rearrange the words so that they flow better in English? Like, "Just now, during the assault on the gate, Deng Ai's army was nowhere to be seen among the Wei forces."

&Jiang Wei
"When I order my soldiers to attack, even jade cannot withstand their swords."
-玉石皆碎 is literally "jade and stone alike shall be shattered", meaning "everything and everyone will be destroyed, no matter if they're good or bad."

&Jiang Wei
Really... All this threatening to kill us at every turn...
&Jiang Wei
Can anyone really want that kind of "Imperial Court" to succeed?
- Did you pick up on the jab at the PRC? "天朝" is commonly used to refer to the PRC government sarcastically.

&Jiang Wei
Not to mention that that path is too difficult for anyone to traverse it.
- Omit final "it".

"Then will the troops defending Jianmen have to retreat towards Fu,"
- "Then the troops... will"?

By the way, how are the orders I gave you before doing?
- "how are you doing with the orders I gave you?" (the orders can't be doing)

- Deng Ai is saying that nobody has ever paid attention to the Longxi Army. They're always the first to answer the call to battle but no one ever gives them credit for anything.

&Shi Zuan
In a single day, we're not even able to travel twenty li because half the men are sick.
- Englishfy the word order: "We're not even able to travel 20 li in a day because half of the men are sick." (The original was actually "We're not able to travel even 20 li in a day. We've been losing 200-300 men a day to sickness or to falling off the cliff.")

- Yang Xin: "Are old people all like that these days?"

&Tian Xu
(Is he immortal? How could he have survived that?)
- Is there some English idiom to the effect of "Bad guys always outlive good guys"?

&Ma Miao
Don't you know that I,Inspector Ma, was sleeping with my concubine?
- Future tense: "Don't you know I'm just about to go sleep with my concubine?"

&Ma Miao
Who the hell are you? You don't seem like any old man.
- Should be "I don't have a subordinate your age."
- Which sets up Deng Ai's next line, which should be, "You can't even tell who your own men are... no wonder your own men would open the gates for us."

&Li Qiu
General Li Qiu, here to report.
- "Reporting to duty"?

&Zhu Zhan
There are many places that will be relying on you two.
- "Your help will definitely be appreciated." (The original is a set phrase literally meaning "I will be relying on you for many things", generally used to show deferential politeness.)

Even if I never return, it would be hard for me to repay your kindness to me.
- Sounds a bit weird: If he doesn't return, of course he can't repay Zhuge Zhan... Perhaps "Not even with death can I repay your kindness."?

&Zhu Zhan
Remember that there are no fathers and sons during war.
- How about "Family relations mean nothing on the battlefield"?

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 29

Unread postPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:34 pm
by Lady Wu
That was because he kept them
at arms length and kept some
degree of autonomy for them.
- "at arm's length"

&Deng Ai1
I will depart for Chengdu soon.
Please inform the chief of Shu
not to worry.
- Maybe "the lord of Shu" would be better?

"After accepting the surrender, Deng Ai proclaimed a new reign year in the name of the emperor. Liu Shan was given the rank of General of the Flying Cavalry, along with noble titles befitting of his former position."
- Should be something like "in accordance with historical precedence, Deng Ai assumed imperial authority and appointed Liu Shan Action General of the Flying Cavalry, etc."

&Deng Ai1
I wouldn't be able to guarentee
your lord's safety.
- "guarantee"

- "You only have one life whether you laugh or cry. Thus, there is no need to shed tears in this lifetime."

&Du Yu
It's clear that Deng Ai's plan
must have been a success.
- Redundant: "It's clear that Deng Ai's plan succeeded." or "Deng Ai's plan must have been a success."

&Jiang Wei
I think we'd better head for
Chengdu before anything else.
- "before anything else happens"?

&Ning Sui
(Prime Minister, I am afraid
Ma Su was too incompetent...)
- Adventures in Pronouns! "...I'm afraid I was too incompetent..."

(As long as he's in Chengdu,
he can curb some of Deng Ai's
pride and arrogance.)
(And if anything happens, he
can notify me right away.)
- "(He volunteers to go to Chengdu because he figures that Deng Ai may become arrogant and careless after this victory, and once Deng Ai makes a misstep he can inform on him and cause him to lose influence.)"
- 打他小報告 means to inform secretly on someone's misdeeds

- 大內 refers to the inner palace, and 高手 is someone who's extremely skilled in something. 大內高手is usually used to refer to kung fu masters that the emperor keeps secretly in the inner palace for performing secret missions. But here, Zhong Hui is using the term to mean Wei Guan's a veritable master at the political game.

Grand General, please get ahold
of yourself. We're still depending
on your leadership.
- "a hold of". And what about "we still need your leadership"?

Even though I'm only a minister,
I'm also ready to give my life
for the Han!
- "only a civil officer"

Not even Zhuge Dan or Xiaohou
Xuan could be compared with him.
- Xiahou Xuan

- "...I'm informing on Zhong Hui is for protecting the Zhong Family, and an act of true filial piety."

&Cao Ling
(I am planning with plans,
and strategizing without
- "planning without plans"

&Cao Ling
(Perhaps Jiang Wei would have
appreciated this arrangement.)
- "Perhaps Jiang Wei could appreciate my arrangement"

&Gou Fu
That's not fair! I want to change
placed with Zhang Yi!
- "change places"


&Zhang Yi
(It's only a shame that I have
to share this final battle with
that conterfeit Zhang Liang.)
- counterfeit

&Hu Lie
You were once a subject of Wei.
It is not too late for you to return
to your former alligience.
- "allegiance"

&Chen Zhi
I never expected this to be the
outcome... What is there for me
to say to you?
- He means that, with this unexpected ending, he could not criticize Jiang Wei (説 can also mean to berate, to criticize).

&Guan Yi
Death in battle is a common
occurance. Am I just going to
be a substitue for my grandfather?
- occurrence and substitute

She's the wife of that damn Jiang Wei, the one who almost killed our officers!
- should be "... the one who gave our boss a rough time!"

Zhuge Guo at the Rice Sect HQ: If you change her previous line about laughter and tears, you might want to match it here.

So there's no point handing the city over to them.
- The line before should be "Wu won't be able to hold out much longer." then "So there's no point for us to surrender to them."

&Cao Ling
(I want to cry so desparately...
- "desperately"

&Liu Shan
When I hear this kind of music here,
I don't think of Shu!
- perhaps "I don't miss Shu" is better? Like, he still gets to listen to the Greatest Shu Hits so he doesn't miss his home? Else it sounds like the music isn't representing Shu well enough.

- "We're from some godforsaken island where everyone's too poor to even afford clothes. Unfortunately I was the only one that the Great Imperial Court brought over."

&Sun Hao
Besides, don't you think I've met Diao Xuan before? He was often a guest of my uncle, Sun Deng.
- Should be "Do you really think I've never met Diao Xuan before? He was Sun Deng's retainer, after all."

- 趕羚羊勒 is an extremely strong vulgarity in Taiwanese.

Even though we couldn't publically... (sorry, clicked too fast)
- publicly

- 浮報預算 = putting inflated figures in a budget

- "Buried together? Then she's officially Mrs. Jiang. Are you envious?" (though 衣冠塚 is a tomb with just the clothing of the deceased, not their actual bodies)

&Zhuge Guo
That is to ensure that the spirits of my lord and Lady Yang are passed down to future generations.
- The original is "the spirit of my lord and the Han"

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 29

Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:01 pm
by Borderline3
I have just downloaded this mod while everything else is working just fine I can't seem to get the soundtrack to work. The first track starts playing and then it stops and after that no music will play. Does anyone have thoughts on what could be causing it?

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 29

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:08 pm
by Taishi Ci 2.0
I have not heard of that problem before, could you give me a little more information on what is wrong?

Expect a link for all stages up through Stage 34 today (plus the historical ending sidebranch).

Re: Legend of Jiang Wei (v1.1) Translation Project (Stage 29

Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:20 am
by Borderline3
I'm sorry but I don't know much more than I've already told you. I can get maybe a second's worth of sound but it suddenly cuts out. No error message as far I can find, just no music. The sound effects, film clips, and gameplay work perfectly but the files in the soundtrack folder simply won't play. I've tried transferring the files to another computer to see if it's a problem with my hardware but no luck. It could be download corruption, although I've never heard of it being this specific. If that's the case I'll just wait for the new content before re-downloading the mod. If you have any suggestions on what could be causing this I would be happy to try them out.