2011 DoaE Huo Hu Award Nominations

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2011 DoaE Huo Hu Award Nominations

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2011 DoaE Huo Hu Award Nominations

These are awards for the best Destiny of an Emperor mod in various categories. Original thread is here: http://www.lordyuanshu.com/forums/topic ... ominations

This is a 2011 DoaE Huo Hu Award Nomination Thread. Rules:

- Only nominate mods with significant updates in the last year that are finished or in beta who have not previously won an award in that category (but since this is the first year we can nominate any existing finished or beta mod).


- If there is any category that I left out, feel free to add it if you think it is relevant.

Known eligible mods:

Destiny of an Emperor 2.0
Destiny of an Emperor 2.0: Cao Cao Edition
Dong Zhuo Mod
Liu Zhang Mod
Lu Bu Mod
Ludmeister's Remix 2.0
Rise of Lu Bu
Wu Mod (fallout)
Yuan Shao's Revenge
Yuan Shu Mod

I don't think the Wu mod by CaoJay or the Yellow Scarves mod were completed. Can anyone confirm?

Let's hear your nominations. Here's an example of mine:

Best Story line/Text Modifications: Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 - Cao Cao Edition - This was the first mod I played that completely deviated from the Liu Bei and the gang story line. It had massive text updates and a completely different story. Really liked the story on the Yuan Shu mod too. I tend to favor mods that change the main cast of characters and change the story around.

Best Map Modifications: Yuan Shu Mod - It was between this one and "Rise of Lu Bu" as both have a lot of map modifications but the Yuan Shu mod actually moved towns and stuff around so I'll nominate that one.

Best Battle System / Tactic Modifications: Ludmeister's Remix 2.0 - Agility based attacks, DoaE2 damage, 8 tactics, each general using their own tactics, plus a completely revamped tactic system. Not to mention totally revamped weapons and armor.

Best Difficulty Modifications: Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 - If I remember correctly this was the first mod that really set a new standard of difficulty for mods.

Best Portraits: "Rise of Lu Bu" - First some cleverly spliced original portraits then brand new unique portraits gets the nomination from me.

Best ROM Enhancement: DoaEditor Map Editor - There have been so many good enhancements in the last year and this isn't a ROM enhancement per say but it does open the door for redesigning the DoaE world. And for that it gets my nomination.

Best Comedy in a Mod: "Rise of Lu Bu" - It's between this one and the Yuan Shu mod. Both had some really funny lines. Will go with Rise of Lu Bu by a hair.

ROM of the Year: Destiny of an Emperor 2.0: Cao Cao Edition - This is the mod that got me into DoaE ROM hacking. Totally different story, different characters, increased difficulty, several new innovations at the time, easter eggs, and more. So this gets my nomination for the first annual rom of the year. Of course there are also other mods that I really enjoyed.
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