Looking for Testers for DoaE IPS Patch

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Looking for Testers for DoaE IPS Patch

Unread postby MiDKnighT » Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:30 pm

Hi All,

We've added several of our DoaE "enhancements" into 1 DoaE IPS patch bundle. This patch is geared towards modders who want to quickly add enhancements to their game but it can be used against the original DoaE as well. If you've played DoaE before and have some time, please try it out and give feedback.

Enhancements/fixes added:

- Iron Ore / Treasure Chest Bug Fix
- Portrait Expansion Code
- Sprite Expansion Code
- Pre-loaded sprite bank(s)
- 8 tactics
- Agility on status page
- Critical hit formula changes (subtle increase in number of critical hits)
- Agility Based Multi-attacks
- Modified soldier bars to support more troops
- 25 soldier gain level up patterns
- Modified TP gains at level-up
- Change food usage (subtle decrease in amount of food used)
- DoaE2 like damage
- 8 New Chapters
- "Life" and "Raise" tactics
- Tactic slots and order changed to support 8 tactics, life, and raise.

For more information on these enhancements see:
http://www.lordyuanshu.com/forums/topic ... ng-guide-1

This patch will not overwrite your generals, portraits, or custom text. It is only designed to add the new enhancements to your ROM that are in the above list. If you have played with moving tactic levels learned and slots in your ROM, you may want to re-do your changes after applying the patch as the patch does change tactic slots and levels learned to accommodate the 8 tactics, life, and raise enhancements.


1. Download the DoaE IPS Patch 1.0 from: http://www.4shared.com/file/2-UVxn8h/Do ... ch_10.html

2. Back up your ROM!

3. Expand your ROM with DoaEditor if you haven't done so already.

4. Use an IPS patching tool (I used Lunar IPS) to patch your ROM with the IPS patch in the zip file.

5. Replace the tables in DoaEditor\tables with the 3 table files in the zip file. This will allow you to assign new sprites, assign new soldier growths, and assign tactics in the new order in DoaEditor.

6. Play the game... Note that FCE Ultra is the emulator that works best with DoaE expanded ROMs. Obvious changes are the general status page, agility based multi-hits, tactic list if you are using a save state and enter battle, and more.

Let us know how it's working! Please give any feedback on the enhancements or report any bugs.
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