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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Tarrot » Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:12 pm

Heh, ended up beating the Liu Biao stage and had enough time that I could check out the north east tent. This message popped up on the screen:


Which translates to There isn't something here as well (or literally, Something also doesn't have), referencing the Luck Fruit at the other tent. I snickered a little at that, and was happy I actually recognized all the characters in a sentence.

Also, a small thing: If you get Sun Ce at level 13, his weapon starts out at Level 3, making it an even more OP domination spear. I've gone back and edited the recommended levels for each stage in my guide, I found that by making Sun Jian gain one level in the second stage, that can effect the leveling just enough so you can get up to a level 13 average at the end of the stage with Liu Biao.
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Tarrot » Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:59 pm

Ok, I'm thinking the average of the highest 3 units has to be a mistake on average level. Right now, going into the battle with Ling Cao, Sun Ce/Zhou Yu/Zhang Zhao at 19, and in one battle where a bunch of guys aren't leveled up, the average in the battle is the lower tier enemies at 16; in another, the average is 15 (the difference is a level of equipment among the enemies; I'm doing experiments to figure out the best level to come in for Shou Chun.

Level analysis on going into the battle:

Average jobber level 15: 18.08
Average jobber level 16: 18.16

The only difference is I have a 4th guy who is at level 19 in the second example (Zhou Tai).

I'm trying to figure this out. The only thing that I can think of is that the game checks the average level of the top 3 generals; if it average out to an even number, it checks for a 4th general to see if they're on that level before determining if to round down or up, that's about the only way it makes sense.


I think it does round down if you have 3 guys at a level (ie; 3 guys at 22 gives a battle level of 22 for named units), since that is what it did when I tested the levels of the Yuan Shu battle. The enemies levels in the battle should be; the average of the three highest units, rounding down if only 3 units at a level, rounding up if 4, as y. The super named generals will be y+1 level. The named/unique will be y-1. The fodder will be y-3.

So my theory on levels was right for the Yuan Shu stage (coming in with an average level of 21 is the ideal level; all of your allies start at level 20, which gives them better armor and a class change which helps out Yu Jin and Xiahou Yuan), with the only drawbacks being the addition of a 5-square range to catapults (which you should be ignoring as much as possible anyways), and that fighters now have a diagonal attack (which could lead to some complications with Gao Shun and Chen Gong, but shouldn't be a real significant issue I think). My drawback is I let Sun Ce get a little too gun/spear happy (pun intended for the Chinese speakers) killing stuff (although he kinda needed to), and really should've used Ling Tong to kill more just to keep SC's experience levels down so he was a high 21/low 22 (from just at 19) instead of mid 22 now, which I would guess most likely would mean he will level up and set the average for the next two battles at 22 (since Zhang Zhao and Zhou Yu are at 22 now, and Huang Gai most likely will hit 22 as well in this battle; theoretically I could just let Sun Ce go up to 23 and try to keep the rest of the levels down enough so that I don't have an average above 22 going into Chi Bi). My worry there is if the super named enemies are at 23, will they get a boost in their equipment (either the named equipment, or the store equipment, since Yan Baihu at 19 was packing level 4 armor and Yuan Shu and Ji Ling have level 4 weapons as well). I have saves from the battle, so I can replay it to get just the ideal level, but I have a real good idea on the strategy here.

*Further Edit*

Ugh... the new tactics have lead to unforseen difficulties with the battle. The biggest one is that now Gao Shun doesn't chase the fighter that comes near him. What this means is that if the fighter gets hurt, he'll go back to the tent. Gao Shun then procedes to chase him into the tent, and gets confused. Then, he pretty much dies. Plus I had the usual idiocy involved with AI, which while making survivability of Cao Cao's forces easier, throws other wrenches into the battle. I might need to revise the Yuan Shu strategy, again. I will say, I will not restart the game again just with the difficulty of getting past this stage with the Golden Armor.
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Ricsid » Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:22 am

Tarrot wrote:
Ugh... the new tactics have lead to unforseen difficulties with the battle. The biggest one is that now Gao Shun doesn't chase the fighter that comes near him. What this means is that if the fighter gets hurt, he'll go back to the tent. Gao Shun then procedes to chase him into the tent, and gets confused. Then, he pretty much dies. Plus I had the usual idiocy involved with AI, which while making survivability of Cao Cao's forces easier, throws other wrenches into the battle. I might need to revise the Yuan Shu strategy, again. I will say, I will not restart the game again just with the difficulty of getting past this stage with the Golden Armor.

Saving Gao Shun, at least in my experience, is probably the not the most difficult part in this stage UNTIL one of the allied unit entered Yuan Shu's castle. In my game, I made a mistake (or not?) sending Huang Gai to assist the West Wing (Liu Bei, etc.) for the intention of hit-and-confuse that ugly-old-MF Ji Ling. I send Taishi Ci, Zhang brothers, Zhou Tai and Jiang Qin (yup, all of them) just to assist Gao Shun and Zhou Yu to assist Lu Bu. While Zhou Yu is on his way to Lu Bu, take a chance to fortify Gao Shun. While Gao is fighting the wrestler, use Zhou Tai n Jiang Qin to resupply him and Zhang brothers to kill the southern-most pirate with magic.

The thing is, with confuse-status, enemies' hit is a sure-shot, meaning you would not be able to block. So keep your units far enough from the status area. When the fighter went back to the supply tent, send your Zhou Tai, Taishi Ci and Jiang Qin to occupy the farthest possible move of Gao Shun, thus preventing him to get too close to the enemy. Yup, sacrifice them. With some luck, your 3 guys could recover the next turn and beat up the pirates, while Zhang Zhao and Zhang Hong kept resupplying Gao Shun. If you're not fast enough that anyone is able to enter Yuan Shu's castle, prepare for the worst. All the pirates and couple infantry soldiers would pack up and decimate your guys. All of them are dead (including the two Zhangs).
I managed to win kill Yuan right before they're able to surround Gao Shun.

By the way, at your current level, did you finally manage to get Huang Gai deliver double-hit while wearing his glove?
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Taishi Ci 2.0 » Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:22 am

Quick question: what is the victory condition for the four governors level (two stages after Chi Bi)? Do I have to kill everyone?
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Tarrot » Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:48 am

Haven't got up there, this is the babelfish translation of the stage:

The 17th Guannan cuts (four counties) the war
(this Guan Duomai bean and mystical water)

This pass enemy is numerous, round also calculates may.
Because attacks AI passively outside the urban people, therefore wants defeat in detail, like this must calculate them to walk the position check, one by one brings in the senior general kills it, this pass goes on stage the character to be very also important, I thought that 2 doctors cannot few (+ conditions and so on temporary attack defense) the strategist (kill senior general not to be able few) the taoist priest (to reduce tactical strategies and so on enemy defensive line not to be able few)

This closes my method is first kills Zhao Yun and a right side city divides forces, is fears the round insufficient; Gansu Ningxia, Sun Ce, Ling Tong and doctor rushes to the surface, kills above, after attracts Huang Zhong kills, rushes ahead the Han Xuan city, this Lu Mengren are many, is very simple; Below I said my other group, 1, will make Guan Yu, the taoist priest to fall the defense and our army will enhance the condition, Taishi VS after Guan Yu Guan Yu to reduce the blood, the attention use, with the week, the Lu Mongolia, Taishi and the strategist will kill is very simple, certainly will direct Guan Yu the person to defend high, and + the temporary defense, I will be Zhou Yu direct; 2nd, kills the Zhang Fei similar method; 3 capture the surface the city is mainly the belt Xuanwu armor person attracts in front, coordinates the adviser!
4th, hits Liu and Zhuge Zheiqun the strategist is a little troublesome, I thought that a person does not retreat the human pulls opens very much the attraction, attracts with Zhou Yu, because Zhou Yu brings the command gun gas to gather the attack and the spirit is very high, directed down Liu Bei one round to be possible to eliminate with the group Europe law, this time Sun Ce's that group should also arrive, aided Zhou Yu that group suitably, finally bent the Han Xuan city together.

This pass spoils of war: Ribbon attached to an official seal and mystical liquor

PS: This pass's key point is our army time maintains + the temporary condition and attracts the enemy senior general!!

I think that it is a kill all enemies stage.


Good news/bad news about the Yuan Shu battle. Good news: if Ji Ling is killed and it isn't by a duel, he'll resurrect himself. Bad news: He'll resurrect himself. Does make getting the status axe easier (and more of a requirement).
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Ricsid » Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:59 am

@Taishi Ci: Yup. You gotta kill them all.

@Tarrot: Actually having Ji Ling ressurected once does help a little. He didn't get Attack Power-Up just as he did in the first place. IT should make things easier.

I used Sun Ce & Huang Gai first to double-strike him (and make sure that he's confused/defeated). Once he ressurected, I used Sun Ce/Huang Gai to keep him at bay, which then followed by Guan Yu & Zhang Fei's duel.
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Tarrot » Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:37 pm

*kicks the spambot* Shoo.

Ok, the leveling system now really pisses me off, because there's no consistency with it. Beat the Yuan Shu stage (I'll need to edit my guide to state that Huang Gai should confuse the fighter near Gao Shun and have Dong Xi/Zhou Tai there as well). Sun Ce levels up to 23 from 22 in the stage, I have no one else on my roster who is over 21 after the battle. I load up the Ling Cao battle, all the enemy scrubs are 20 with super equipment, and Huang Zu is 24. I take my roster of guys who were all 18/19/20 outside Sun Ce and Zhou Yu who was 21, and I have pretty much everyone at 22, one guy at 23, and Sun Ce half-way past 24 (since he had the Xuanwu armor, necessary to wipe out those pesky horse archers). Unless the way that levels were calculated changed past that part, 23 + 21 + 21 = 65, so rounding down (which the game always has done up to this point), it should have been at 21. This brings me into Chi Bi where the average scrub level is 21, and the average named level is 25 with the same thing, a level 24 Sun Ce, and a bunch of guys at 22. Argh.

The only plus side about this is that, the shop now has new equipment (which it didn't before), which leads me to think the equipment is based off of your level rather than the levels of the enemies (in order to prevent you from doing something stupid like over-leveling) and being royally shafted). Plus, magicians get both Confuse and Jeer at 22 with their class change, so that's a plus.


Another fun thing I found out when I was buying equipment for Chi Bi: Zhou Yu can wear robes. So, he can level up those level 4 robes that you get since the defense boost is the same. One odd thing though: Bows for some reason cost 2000 a piece for them, when all the other equipment is at 1000. I wonder if that's intentional or an error by the creator.

And I made a mistake in my one guide, apparently Zhou Yu's Boost gives him both Attack and Mind Up statuses, making him much more useful. Later on tonight/tomorrow I'll repost in one post the guide for the levels up to Yuan Shu.

Also, random Chi Bi stuff I'm putting here for future reference, spoilers if you care.

Cheng Pu as of the beginning of this battle gets a class change into an Admiral/All Purpose unit apparently. Unfortunately for him, his horrific int growth up until this point makes him horrible for using tactics, so unless you get the spear after the battle, his primary use is as a self-attack/defense boosting tank with all-terrain action. On Turn 8, SSX joins. Duels are Lu Meng vs. Zhang Liao, Gan Ning vs. Xu Pangzi? (characters after the name are 胖子, not sure if this is supposed to be Xu Chu since the characters are different), and Taishi Ci vs. Cao Chun, which results in the warhorse the Tiger Cavalry are all equipped with (I presume +30 Attack). Choosing the difficult (1st) path nets the 统帅之枪 (#13 on the chart), which I think is the spear the Spirit Guards had in the Yuan Shu battle, which adds to one's Int (ie; the perfect Zhou Yu weapon). The Tiger Cavalry is 12 units, plus Cao Chun (and Xu Huang as a charioteer), all equipped with status axes and warhorses. Best option presumably to fight them since they advance is to let them come to you and chokepoint and flood them to death with magic.

Later on I'll do analysis on who the best units to include are at what positions (I've already got good ideas about the two top areas, I just need to take a look at who has the best water stats/movement for the bottom areas, most likely the archers and such down there, maybe Chen Wu if I want to exploit chokepoints to their fullest).

*further edit*

Decided on my prospective unit line-up, mostly. North West is by default Sun Ce (Xuanwu/Way of Peace), Xu Sheng (w/ Freezing Arrow), and Lu Su. NE is Lu Meng (default), most likely one of my magicians, (for confusing Cao Ren when he comes down), and either an archer (for both the tiger cavalry and to pick off and hurt the interior units) or Taishi Ci with a saddle (so he can make the run to duel and get Cao Chun to retreat. The rest of my units will be Gan Ning, Chen Wu, Zhou Tai, whoever I didn't take of Archer/TSC, and Xiao Qiao (since, reading ahead, Huang Gai doesn't die, having another melee insanely high spirit unit would just seem like overkill). After selling everything, I now have 10 Strength fruits, 8 Int fruits, 25 Lead fruits, 16 Spirit, and 11 Luck fruits to distribute, with 6 lead fruits for the full heal/power level (which I will probably do to start off with with my level 21 mages since they get new tactics at 22). Bought some more stuff, now have to deal with the fact that I'm not going to have enough money to equip all of my army with weapons and such, and I'll just have to leave that touch and go for the next few battles to see what happens. Probably won't start the battle till later, but just random prep work before I go.
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Tarrot » Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:12 pm

Ok, first off, this is the guide up until you hit the branch point. Next post will cover the battles on the Sun Ce path (the Ling Cao/Ling Tong battle, and Chi Bi since I just finished it).

Stage 1: Yellow Turban Rebellion

Recommended Level: 3 (not like you get much of a choice)

Officers: Sun Jian (comes equipped with Ancestral Sword; increases the Burst value of whoever wields it by 40%), various allied officers most of which aren't named and/or I wouldn't know the names off off of portraits.

Victory Conditions: Kill the two Yellow Turban leaders (the ones with unique sprites)

Fruit Condition: Kill all the non-leaders before killing off the Leaders. (Strength Fruit)

Items: Way of Peace (20% Health recovery per round; received after killing the Turban Leader on the fort)

6 Recovery Herbs (in the six tents to the east; nothing in the western tent), 1 Recovery Rice (on the Fort)

Events: If Sun Jian is near the Turban general on the fort, he will attack the Turban General and lower his defense.

Strategy: Not much needed. Plow your way through the 4 Turbans at the south, then go take out the General on the Fort. Your allies are stupid, so unless you hurry over to take the fort general out, they will get killed attacking him, and you will need their help to do enough damage to kill him before he recovers most of his health. The effects of the Way of Peace and the Fort stack, so take him out as fast as possible, and note that the ramparts by him give whoever stands on them a 90% penalty, then collect the remaining items. I recommend not leveling Sun Jian up too much, as you'll have to hit level 4 to finish the battle, but try to avoid level 5.

Post-Battle: Cheng Pu (Cavalry, comes equipped with the Serpent Spear; adds 30 to the Defense of whoever wields it), Huang Gai (Fighter, comes equipped with the Confusion Club; gives a 7% + 7%/level chance (meaning at level 1 he has a 14% chance, at 2 21%, 3 28%, etc.) to confuse an enemy upon attack), and Han Dang (Horse Bow, no special equipment) join the party. High recommendation to spend all your money on Recovery Herbs (should be able to buy 8) before the next battle, as you can't spend it on much else. Remember to equip the Way of Peace before the next battle, preferably on Cheng Pu or Sun Jian.

Stage 2: Si Shui Gate, Part 1

Recommended Level: 4 (highly unlikely you can be at a different level unless you avoided killing anything or killed everyone)

Officers: Sun Jian, Huang Gui (required), two allied Cavalry commanders

Victory Conditions: Eliminate all enemies; An option to retreat opens up after 15 turns if you have not progressed far enough in the battle and/or have lost a certain number of your generals.

Fruit Conditions: eliminate all enemies (Strength Fruit)

Items: Recovery Herb (North Tent), Antidote (North West Camp); no items in the camps on the gate or the villages.

Events: Sun Jian can duel Hua Xiong, doing so gives Sun Jian a permanent +30 increase to his Burst (which in turn gets multiplied by his sword to a 42 Burst increase). Get this duel.

Note: Hua Xiong has a special axe which can inflict a random status on whoever he hits with it.

Strategy: Taking Hua Xiong down fast should be a priority if you want to win the battle. Best method is to, on the first turn, block the bridge and the square just left of the bridge so your allied cavalry can't occupy any of those squares. Turn 2, the cavalry will move into a position that only Hua Xiong will be able to hit, and he'll advance on his own. Have Huang Gai power up on Turn 2 and move everyone just a little left of the bridge so Hua Xiong can attack your allied cavalry. Turn 3: Have Huang Gai attack from the Right Side (if you want, reload till he confuses Hua Xiong, makes things easier), Sun Jian attack with some Wind, Cheng Pu attack from the village right below Hua Xiong, and Han Dang with arrows. Your allies should surround Hua Xiong not allowing him to run. Ideally, within 2 turns, you can defeat him, and slowly progress and wipe out the remaining forces. Remember to use the cities/camps and the herbs you bought for healing.

Recommendation: Use Huang Gai and Cheng Pu as your primary attackers, have Sun Jian maintain a background role, and try to avoid leveling up Han Dang in this battle if possible. The reason will come in the beginning of Battle 3.

Also, I recommend as much as you can to "milk" the early stages for equipment ups. Leave a couple horse bows alive so they can fire away at your guys and level your armor up. Also, don't worry about killing the archers, the catapult, or the Magician until you're late into the stage, then eliminate them there. I got Huang Gai's armor to level up in this battle by letting the enemy take pot-shots at him while using herbs to heal him up. I also got Han Dang's bow up to about 40/100 by letting him take shots at the magician who was on the camp, as he'd heal every turn, wouldn't do anything out of MP, and would give free skill ups for his archery. It will help out when you get to later battles.

Stage 3: Si Shui Gate, Part 2

Recommended Levels: Huang Gai & Cheng Pu: 6; Sun Jian: 5; Han Dang: 4

Officers: Guan Yu (normal equipment, has the ability to poison an enemy on attack for some reason), Yuan Shu, two Cavalry units; Yuan Shao (Lord, comes with a Special Sword which I don't know the purpose of) and two infantry are at the rear camp, and will not advance unless special circumstances are met.

Victory Conditions: Wipe out all enemies.

Fruit Conditions: None

Items: Paralyzing Blade (special item, inflicts numb on an enemy who is attacked, can be used by any class)

Recovery Herb (north central tent, two tents on the gates), Intelligence Fruit (North-west Depot)

Events: If Guan Yu meets Hua Xiong, they will duel and Hua Xiong will die. You will get a power fruit for this duel, and all enemies will be inflicted with Luck Down status.

Strategy: If you have the two strength fruits, feed them to Han Dang in the first round, whose strength will increase to the point that he'll get one more attack per level up. For the moment, I recommend equipping the Way of Peace on Huang Gai, as you'll want to use Gai and Pu as your primary attackers, and Pu's defense boost makes him tough to hurt for most enemies. Move Cheng Pu and Huang Gai forward, and just slowly work your way through the enemies. Again, I recommend leaving the horse bows alone and getting as much exp as you can off the regular cavalry and Hua Xiong before letting Guan Yu kill him. Letting Yuan Shu and his men die doesn't effect the conditions, so let that supply thief perish so you can milk armor/weapon exp. Be sure to position your men in such a way that Guan Yu can't diagonally attack.

Additionally, if you wish, you can feed your Int fruit to Huang Gai. He only needs 1 to go to get extra mind growth every level, although its only use with him is a rather small decrease to the damage tactics will cause over a period of time. I personally wait until Zhou Tai joins (since he also only needs 1, and is a tank, and would use it better), but its your choice.

Post-battle: Equip the Paralyzing Blade on Han Dang before the next battle. He'll easily make the most out of it. Also, be warned, you will not be able to save or purchase anything in this or the next battle, and you will need herbs for that battle, so try to save a few if possible.

Stage 4: Hu Lao Gate

Recommended Levels: Huang Gai & Cheng Pu: 7/8; Sun Jian & Han Dang: One at 6, one at 5

Officers: Liu Bei (twin swords, comes with the ability to move again after making an attack), Zhang Fei (Viper Spear, can hit two units in a row), Guan Yu (Green Dragon Blade, ), Gongsun Zan (Lord, nothing special), two allied Cavalry.

Victory conditions: Eliminate all enemies (note: When you get near Dong Zhuo, he will retreat; To my knowledge you get nothing for killing him before he retreats).

Fruit Conditions: Wipe out all enemies (ie: Beat Dong Zhuo and all enemies before he signals a retreat) for a Strength Fruit.

Items: Leather Shield (+20% chance to dodge physical attacks, kill Xu Gong), Agile Robe (Burst increase, finish the level)

Recovery Rice (north Gate, middle Fort)

Events: The three brothers can duel Lu Bu. After dueling all three, he will suffer a defense, attack, and burst drop. In the first round on his turn, he will get an Attack Boost. If Lu Bu is killed, all remaining enemies will be inflicted with the Luck Down status.

Note: Lu Bu come equipped with his Halberd (allows him to attack another enemy within range upon killing an enemy, gives him a chance to inflict confusion on an enemy, and gives him a Counter-Counter attack), his Pre-Emptive Armor (not sure what to call this, it allows him to attack prior to a unit attacking him, and he does get a counter after the attack), and Red Hare (allows him to move freely between units without ZoC restrictions). I'm not sure what is related to his class and what to his items, but I'm guessing this.

Strategy: S/L is the only way to win this battle. What you will need to do, is get Huang Gai to confuse Lu Bu, and kill him before he comes out of his confusion. This will require S/L to first, not be confused by Lu Bu's initial attack, and then to confuse Lu Bu (unless you leveled his weapon insanely, he'll still only be at 14% chance to confuse on attack), but so that he doesn't break his confusion before he's killed after every round. You will need on average 14 reloads for the first confusion to take (as Lu Bu's confusion attack is roughly a 50% chance, so half the time you will be confused before you can attack).

Liu Bei most likely will die on the first turn, don't worry about him. Second turn, try to take out the guy north of Lu Bu (if your level's low enough, you can take him out in one turn with Sun Jian and Han Dang, otherwise wait till turn three to S/L Huang Gai), and finally use Huang Gai to attack Lu Bu. If you can confuse him, the rest of the units ought to be able to mop up the Chariots outside, and you can make your way through. Try to use your own units (Cheng Pu w/ the Serpent Spear, Huang Gai w/ the Way of Peace) to mop up most of the enemy units and take most of the damage, as well as building up their respective weapons. Kill everyone as they come, Dong Zhuo will retreat when you get close to him. Going for the fruit requires a great deal of luck with crits and positioning, so I recommend not bothering to try to get it due to this.

Post Battle: Sun Jian talks with Yuan Shao, then you to... battle? No Camp? What is this?

Stage 5: The Tiger's Jail (Sun Jian's Pursuit also works, but I got this from the translation of the Chinese FAQ, and I thought it was cute, so I went with it.

Recommended Levels: Huang Gai and Cheng Pu: 8/9; Sun Jian and Han Dang: 6 (enemy average level of 6; the named generals at 7, the fodder at 4)

Victory Conditions: Sun Jian escapes (north east corner)

Fruit Conditions: Eliminate all enemies (Strength Fruit)

Items: Recovery Herbs (the three villages)

Events: On the start of the second turn, reinforcements will arrive to help Liu Biao. If you move past the eastern mountains, six bandit units will show up and and ambush you. If any of your units die, it is game over. Huang Gai gets Attack and Burst up status prior to the first round, while all of Liu Biao and Cai Mao's cavalry get movement boosts. Huang Gai can duel Cai Mao, which will increase his burst.

Note: Liu Biao is wearing a saddle which reduces arrow damage by 50%.

Strategy: The best plan is to wipe out all, or at least most, of the enemy forces. You won't be able to flee directly because of the bandit units, and will be pincered in between enemy units if you try a direct flight. Move your men south to around the village, and make your stand there, trying to use terrain (ie: the dirt and mountains that the cavalry fights at 90% effectiveness on) to your advantage. After wiping out most of the cavalry (the horse bows, again, are fine if they're at a low enough level), move east, and pull out the bandit ambush. Get rid of them, wipe up the remaining forces, collect your fruit.

Note: If you are at a high level, then your Sun Jian will learn the Heal tactic at level 9. This can be very important in keeping your guys alive if you're not trying to keep your levels down.

Post-battle: You can buy again if you need to (the shop has antidotes now). Be sure to equip Huang Gai with the new robe you have (gives you a 30% increase to burst). If you want to make him overpowered invincible, equip him with the shield as well, otherwise leave Han Dang with the Paralyzing Blade, and the Way of Peace on HG with the shield on Cheng Pu. If Huang Gai's robe is at just under level 3, I recommend leaving it on him till you get to level 3 (so you can get a fruit off selling it). You don't have to sell it now if you don't want to, but the fruit will be useful later on.

Stage 6: Revenge on Huang Zu

Recommended levels: Cheng Pu and Huang Gai: 9/10; Sun Jian and Han Dang: 7/8 (average level at 9)

Victory Conditions: Kill Huang Zu

Fruit Conditions: None

Items: Recovery Herbs (in the villages)

Events: At the start of the battle, Sun Jian's forces gain the Attack-Up status.

If you go past the mountains, you will uncover an ambush by bandits (north or west)

Strategy: Your biggest constraint here will be time, so make sure you move fast and kill fast. Get the herbs in the villages if you want, and move to take out Huang Zu fast. Note that Huang Zu is on a fort, and gets a 130% boost because of it (and hence, will have a strong defense and will counter for a decent amount). While time is of the essence, make sure Huang Gai is powered up and your generals are at decent health before you advance, as he hits hard and can hurt or kill you if you're not prepared..

Post-battle: Make sure Sun Jian has the weakest armor you have available, and that he doesn't have any of the special items. It's his time.

Stage 7: Tiger's Fall

Recommended Levels: Huang Gai and Cheng Pu: 10/11; Sun Jian and Han Dang: 9 (recommended average level at 10)

Victory Conditions: Wipe out all forces outside the gates, then escape.

Seal Condition: Wipe out all forces after the ambush is sprung.

Items: Luck Fruit (western camp), Recovery Herb (two middle tents), Recovery Rice (the forts)

Events: Sun Ce joins the battle on Turn 2 with move-up.

Note: Liu Biao has a Bean Bag armor on him (50 health after every attack), plus a saddle reducing arrow damage by 50%.

After all enemies outside the gate are eliminated, Sun Jian will be ambushed and retreat from battle. After Sun Jian's ambush, Sun Ce will gain Attack, Defense, and Burst Up statuses, and will try to escape the area, and will not attack on his own. Additionally, 8 cavalry will appear to the south.

If any general dies, it results in a Game Over.

If you send a unit to the North East tent, you will get a message which says that there isn't anything in that tent too, referencing the other, much easier to grab, fruit.

Strategy: You can use the Luck fruit to boost Huang Gai or Han Dang's spirit growth (1 fruit for both men), I personally give it to Huang Gai. As for the battle difficulty, it depends if you want to go for the seal or not. If you don't, just kill everyone, punch a hole for Sun Ce to go through after the ambush, and you're good.

If you want to go for the seal, there are a few requirements.

1: Cheng Pu and Huang Gai's weapons must be level 2 (I do believe Level 3 at this point is impossible, but if you can theoretically make that happen, that is better).

2: Liu Biao must be at a level low enough where his armor is only level 2 (below 13).

Strategy: Sun Ce will be able to fend for himself, but will be of no help, and more of an annoyance because he wants to escape while you want to fight. First order of business is to clear out enough of the northern units so you can get Huang Gai and Cheng Pu to attack Liu Biao at the same time, and hopefully not have him healed by the healers. Ignore as best you can the cavalry and hope they surround Sun Ce to keep him from running, and focus on taking out the units until you have enough room. Have Huang Gai use power on the turn before the gate opens, and if you want, you can feed Cheng Pu a Strength fruit for the Attack-Up status it bestows. He can do enough damage to hurt Liu Biao on normal attacks for 60 (a net of 10), but counters for only about 40, healing Liu Biao if he attacks Cheng Pu. I advise against feeding Cheng Pu a strength fruit unless you really, really want the seal, since you will want to have three fruits for when Chen Wu and Jiang Qin join. Save before each turn ends because you can't afford to lose the attack-up status. You want to give Han Dang your best armor so he serves as the rear guard in the battle (I recommend having him switch armors with Sun Jian with Sun Jian with a level 4 armor prior to his ambush). Whittle Liu Biao down and hope for some crits, then wipe out the rest of the forces before Ce can flee, and you will get a Promotion Seal after the battle.

If you can't do enough damage for the seal, don't worry about is as you can buy seals prior to the battle with Yuan Shu, where you would really need them, and it's more worth it to have a higher average level (and thus, higher starting levels for when people actually join you, and higher equipment levels) than it is to pick up one early seal. I highly recommend that your average level be at 13 when the battle ends, so try to manipulate experience and kills so it is.

Post-Battle: Sun Jian dies from his wounds as a result of the battle, Sun Ce joins in his stead, with the Conqueror's Spear (always double-attacks), although that is in the inventory and not equipped to Sun Ce, so be sure to equip the spear on him. As stated above, I highly, highly recommend that your average level at this point be 13, because Sun Ce's conqueror's spear will be at level 3, and it will make it much, much easier to get an average level of 16 within two battles. I would recommend selling his spear for a Power Fruit. since it should be at level 3.

Stage 8: The Conqueror's Rise

Recommended Levels: Average level of 13.

Victory Conditions: Wipe out the enemy head.

Fruit/Seal conditions: Nothing

Items: Recovery Herbs (three inner tents)

Events: When you pass by either the north or the west hills, an ambush of 4 bandits will be sprung.

Upon Sun Ce going onto the bridge, two catapult units will appear, and Sun Ce will gain Attack-Up status. Upon entering the inner-walls near the mages, all units will move to attack the army.

Strategy: Pretty much just a battle to test out the might of the Conqueror spear. I recommend using the north path, as the mages will have a much more difficult time hitting you when you enter. Use Sun Ce to remove the catapults and hopefully the non-boss mage, and then just milk experience for your stuff till its time to finish off the map.

Post-Battle: Lu Fan (Magician), Zhang Hong (Magician), Zhang Zhao (Mage), and Zhou Yu (Cavalry-Mage, not to be confused with a Mounted Strategist) join the party, finally giving you some healers. If you're at level 20 at this point (very highly doubtful), they all join with level 5 equipment. If you've leveled high enough (16 is the minimum cut-off point), they join with level 4 equipment, although it is not as important that they join at 16 as the next units do. Equip Sun Ce with the shield before you start the next battle.

Stage 9: The Buddha Ambush

Recommended Level: Average of 15

Officers: No choice in officers. Sun Ce starts out by himself in an enclosed area with Taishi Ci. Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, and Cheng Pu are to the south, with 12 bandits in the way. Jiang Qin (Archer) and Zhou Tai (Soldier) arrive as allies on Turn 5.

Victory Conditions: Eliminate all enemies.

Fruit/Seal conditions: Nothing to my knowledge, but you get a Luck Fruit after the battle is over.

Items: None

Events: Before the battle begins, all of your allies will get the Move Up status. Cheng Pu and Huang Gai will get the attack up status. Sun Ce will get Attack and Luck Up statuses, while Taishi Ci will also get Attack and Luck Up statuses, and the 10 bandits will get the Luck Up status. On Turn 5, Jiang Qin and Zhou Tai will arrive and eliminate the guards around the pavillion. Additionally, enemy reinforcements will show up in the south west corner.

Note: Taishi Ci comes equipped with the Xuanwu/Mirror Armor (makes all ranged attacks miss him), and the Bucking Bronco (not sure what to call it, but I'm imagining it works like bucking him at a range toward an opponent to hit them :p; the saddle allows any of his attacks to hit an enemy from three squares away).

The four "guards" all have a special item equipped which makes any physical attack against them do 1 damage. Magic works fine though. They will be removed by the above event.

Strategy: First thing you do: Move Sun Ce off of the carpet (90% penalty) and onto the ground (110%). You will need a minor amount of S/L luck to survive, but its nothing like reloading 20 times to confuse Lu Bu. Attack with the conqueror's spear, and hope you do enough damage such that you take half of Taishi Ci's health down. What you want to avoid is Taishi Ci taking out most of your health with one of his attacks or taking so little damage that you can't take him out in two hits. Moving Sun Ce down a quare will entice many of the bandits to come up and attack him, where they'll either do little damage, or be blocked by Sun Ce's shield.

The Rest: If you have three Strength fruits (theoretically 5 possible at this point; if you went for the seal you most likely only have 2 if you sold a level 3 spear), you can feed them to Zhou Yu to improve his attack growth. Likewise, if you have any Leadership fruits (from selling armor, its possible you could have leveled up a level 5 armor for two fruits), you can give one to Zhou Yu to improve his defense growth. I recommend spacing out your units (a space between Yu, Gai, and Pu), and move the Zhangs as far away from the center as you can so they aren't being attacked. Have Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, and Cheng Pu move so the bandits can't attack them from the hills (110% stats there for the bandits), and take them down relatively quick. Try to have them eliminated and everyone up near the guard by turn 5.

Post-Battle: Jiang Qin, Zhou Tai, and Chen Wu (catapult) all join the army. If they join at 16, then all of their equipment is level 4 (which means you can level it up much faster and have it maxed out by the time Chi Bi rolls around). The shop now sells a new kind of herb (I believe it removes paralysis; might be useful for the next couple of battles). Equip Zhou Tai with the Ancestral Sword (gathering dust since Sun Jian bit the dust), and sell off any fruit-equipment that you still have, plus Zhou Tai's sword.

Stage 10: Attack of Liu Yao

Recommended level: Average of 16 (most likely, top 3 generals average out to 17).

Officers: First time you can't take everyone. You'll have to leave 1 of Cheng Pu, Han Dang, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, or Lu Fan behind (I recommend Zhang Hong since he most likely leveled last stage).

Victory Condition: Elimintate Liu Yao

Fruit/Seal condition: None

Items: Xuanwu Armor (deflects all ranged attacks; chose to ignore Zhou Yu's advice on the ambush)

Events: At the start of the battle, all enemies will be inflicted with the Luck Down status.

Taishi Ci's unit will advance when you arrive at the middle area. Sun Ce and Taishi Ce can duel, resulting in Taishi Ci being defeated. Upon Taishi Ci's cavalry being eliminated, all your generals will move into formation, and you will be given a choice on how to proceed. Choice 1 is to spring the ambush and confuse all enemies. Choice 2 has all your men advancing into the middle of the ambush, and suffering Defense Down and Spirit Down statuses, but also getting Attack-Up status. This will happen immediately after you kill the last enemy (hence, if you do it with your last turn, the enemy's turn will come up, and they will advance first; if the enemy kills itself on you, then the ambush won't move until after your next turn. If half your guys have already moved, they won't be able to move until the next turn for them).

Note: Taishi Ci still has the Xuanwu/Mirror Armor and Bucking Bronco

Strategy: Before you get into the thick of things, decide if you want to give fruits out (Of note at this point in the game; Chen Wu can take 2 Strength and Luck, Jiang Qin can take 1 Strength and Reflex, and 3 Luck, Zhou Tai can take 1 Int and 2 Lead; this doesn't include other units who can also take a single fruit like whoever of Huang Gai/Han Dang didn't get the early luck fruit, or Zhou Yu getting 1 Lead or Sun Ce getting 2 Lead)

The battle is easy, it just depends on if you want the Mirror Armour or not. I recommend getting it, cause the ambush isn't really that debilitating, and it will make future battles much, much easier. Just make sure you go into it with relatively full health, and make sure you're able to protect your guys, then just milk the last guy on his fort for experience.

Post-Battle: Taishi Ci (and sadly without his Bucking Bronco) joins. Shop is updated to include stat fruits (at 25k/fruit). Equip the mirror armor on whoever you want (I throw it on Taishi Ci)

Stage 11: The White Tiger meets the Tiger's Son

Recommended Level: Average of 17 (top 3 generals average out at 18; try to avoid 19 by not letting Sun Ce go ballistic and having Huang Gai not power to power level).

Victory Conditions: Eliminate all enemies.

Fruit/Seal Conditions: None

Items: none

Events: Upon entering the inner fortress and coming close to Yan Baihu (the fighter), the east gates will open and he will flee. The Cavalry officer will then get Attack, Defense, Burst, and Luck up statuses.

Strategy: Bring your ranged guys, I'd recommend leaving Cheng Pu and Huang Gai at home cause with the space limitations, they won't be able to do much anyways other than be target practice. Just trudge your way through using Sun Ce as the van, leave a catapult or two around to pick up armor exp (although now they're actually a mini-danger to some units), and finish the battle.

Post-Battle: Ling Cao joins. If you know the history, you know his fate, so don't bother giving him any fruits or anything. Prior to the next battle, I recommend giving Ling Cao the Xuanwu armor, Serpent Spear, and Way of Peace. Give Sun Ce the best armor you have (level 5 ideally, level 4 and close to level 5 most likely) and the leather shield.

Stage 12: The White Tiger Returns

Recommended Level: Average of the Top 3 generals at 18 (Note: very, very highly recommended. Coming in at this level means that all enemies have one level less in equipment, other than Yan Baihu and the high level magician with their special items).

Officers: Because this will be useful: North area is Sun Ce and Ling Cao, west is Cheng Pu, east is Huang Gai, south is Zhou Yu. First two units deployed are with Cheng Pu, second two with Huang Gai, last 3 with Zhou Yu.

Victory Conditions: Eliminate All Enemies

Fruit/Seal Conditions: None, but note that you'll get the Wrestler's Glove if you finish the battle with Ling Cao alive.

Items: Wrestler's Glove (finish the battle with Ling Cao alive), Recovery Herbs (tents), Mystic Water (finish the battle); While there is a fancy Pagoda in the Northeast corner of the map, there is nothing in said pagoda, so don't bother sending a guy out there.

Events: Upon the start of the battle, all enemies in the north will be inflicted with the Attack Up status. If Sun Ce drops below a certain amount of health (so he's in critical condition), he'll get Attack, Defense, Burst, and Spirit-Up statuses.

Note: The Javelin Throwers (in the silver plate armor) can inflict I believe the numb and defense down status on hit (not sure of percentage). Yan Baihu is wearing the Burst Robe (same one equipped on Huang Gai), and the Wrestler's Glove (I believe, it hits all units within range upon an attack). The magician in the battle has a special sword equipped (what does this do?) and a jewel which adds 40 damage to all attacks.

Strategy, Part 1: The North: I gave Ling Cao the Serpent Spear, Xuan Wu, and Shield so he would be almost guaranteed to survive. Sun Ce, he will take a beating, but should be your highest leveled unit, and have high enough stats to survive. Turn 1: Have Sun Ce eliminate the fighter on the ground right in front of him. With a critical attack on either strike, this is possible, so reload until you get it. Have Ling Cao move off the water and into that hole, attack the Javelin thrower or Yan Baihu if you want. After the turn's over, the enemies will attack. Turn 2, move Ling Cao 1 sqare to the right of the right Javelin thrower, and have him remain there as target practice for the throwers/catapults. If Sun Ce's numbed, have him denumb him with a herb. Sun Ce should move onto land at this time, and use a recovery rice. If he's at real low health, you can use a leveling fruit for a full recovery. Turn 3, you can either have Sun Ce and Ling Cao stay and fight (where Sun Ce should mop up most of the bandits/pirates coming onto land), or move east to meet up with Huang Gai's group. Be warned if you let Sun Ce go crazy leveling, it can make future stages really difficult, so at least try to let Ling Cao kill some people to keep Sun Ce's experience down. The rest of my guide has my levels based off of Sun Ce going crazy.

The West, I put Cheng Pu, Taishi Ci, and Han Dang there. They will move from the west to the south, because the archers/catapults will rip the horses apart at this stage. By moving south, you'll only have to deal with one catapult which chases you (and with luck, that you can take out if Han Dang can catch it, and he has the paralyzing arrow). The East, I put Jiang Qin and Zhou Tai there with Huang Gai. You want to try to use this to punch a hole through to Sun Ce and Ling Cao's units, so try to eliminate the top footman (so everyone can attack him), and get rid of the archers fast. Heal if necessary using beans or rice.

The South: Have Zhou Yu move forward and cast defense up on himself, with the rest of your units (I have Chen Wu, Zhang Zhao, and whichever Magician is the lowest leveled) following. I try to have Zhou Yu eliminate the corner archers. When the Western Cavalry arrives, you can try to punch a way through to the east to meet up with that army, or move to attack the western units. Use your mages/Chen Wu to eliminate the enemy catapults inside the inner fort, and be wary of the javelin throwers.

Part 2:

Have the North and East groups come together and eliminate the pursing units slowly, Leaving Ling Cao at relatively low health (sub-100) as bait for the Javelins/Catapults is useful, and within a few turns, you should be able to eliminate Yan Baihu and most of the units up north. If you get a chance, have Sun Ce take out the magician (should be able to in one shot), as he is probably the most dangerous unit left on the field.

In the South, with the South and West groups, priority is to punch a hole in to take out the two javelin throwers there. Use your rage (Zhang Zhao with Blazes, Chen Wu and his catapult) and melee guys to take them out within a turn so they can't be healed back up and will stop annoying you. If you need to heal, feel free to send your guys to one of the tents and just stay there, since only the catapults will move from their position (but be aware the catapults can hit the southeast corner tent). Once the Javelin guys are out of the way, just take the time to soak up armor experience (most of it should be around level 5 by now), and finish everyone off in due time.

Pro-Tip: If you leveled to 16 before getting Chen Wu's group, Chen Wu should have came with a level 4 robe. In this stage, healing through an archer in the south, and later letting whoever is wearing it get hit by the two geomancer's melee attacks, you can level that robe up to 5, or get it close to 5, which will get you one more Spirit fruit.

Leveling: For the next battle, I highly recommend an average level of 21. Sun Ce, if he was allowed to go wild at the beginning killing everyone, should be at 22 and relatively close to 23, ideally he'll be a low 22, or even 21 if you let Ling Cao get a bunch of kills. I highly recommend you don't have anyone else over 21, and try to keep those who are at 21's experience down.

Post-Battle: Yu Fan (Geomancer) and Dong Xi (footsoldier) join the party. The shop is updated to include mystic water, and class-changing seals (both at 1000/item). Buy a few seals since if you hit 20, you can change your class. Next battle is going to be tough, so buy what you need.

Stage 13: I really ****ing hate Yuan Shu (tentative title)

Recommended level: Army average of 19, top 3 generals' average of 21 (highly, highly recommended the top 3 generals average at 21 or 22 going into this battle, especially if going for the Golden Armor).

Officers: North-West: Yu Jin (archer), Xiahou Dun (Cavalry), Xun You (Geomancer)

North Central: Cao Cao (Lord), Guo Jia (Master Strategist), Xu Chu (bandit)

North East: Cao Ren (footsoldier), Xiahou Yuan (Horsearcher), Xun Yu (mage)

West: Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu

East: Lu Bu, Chen Gong (Master Strategist), Zhang Liao (special cavalry), Gao Shun (chariot)

South West: Sun Ce (top row center); First 5 men that you pick will be, in order, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right

South East: Zhou Yu (top row center); Last 5 men that you pick will be, in order, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right

Victory Conditions: Eliminate Yuan Shu

Item Conditions: If all allies survive, you get the Yellow Crown, Golden Armor, and an Intelligence Fruit. If Cao Cao and Guo Jia and 8 allies(?) survive, you get the Yellow Crown and an intelligence fruit. Otherwise, you just get an intelligence fruit.

If you kill Ji Ling via a duel, you get his Status Axe (inflicts a random status upon hitting an enemy); see events and strategy for how to get this.

Items: None

Events: If any officer comes within two squares of the middle fort, Yuan Shu will send Ji Ling out to fight. Ji Ling, upon going out to the battle field, will get the Attack Up status. If any unit enters the fort, all units except Yuan Shu will no longer be stationary and will move to attack the closest units, including the Spirit Guards.

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei can duel Ji Ling (Guan Yu has to duel first for Zhang Fei to be able to duel). If Zhang Fei duels Ji Ling, he will die and you'll get the Status Axe.

Notes: There are 9 possible entry points going into Yuan Shu's fort, that inflict negative statuses if you enter or stay within range of each point. The North West and East inflict Attack Down. The North Central inflicts Poison. The West-North inflicts Burst Down, while the West-South inflicts Silence. The East-North inflicts Luck Down, while the East-South inflicts Confusion. The South east inflicts numb, while the South West inflicts inflicts Defense Down.

The units in the outer tents will all respawn until the Gray Cavalry Commanders (which I call Spirit Guards) are defeated, at which point they will automatically despawn. Ji Ling will continually respawn until he is killed via a duel by Zhang Fei.

Ji Ling, and the 4 Spirit Guards, are all wearing crowns which increase their attack power by 28%. Ji Ling also has the Status Axe which inflicts a random status on whoever it hits, while the four Spirit Guards have a spear which increases intelligence by, in my game, 65 (although this could level up with the weapon). Yuan Shu has a sword which causes its attack power in damage, regardless of defense. The respawning bandits in the north are all equipped with Rocket Darts which give them a range of three squares to attack with.

Xiahou Dun is equipped with the Xuanwu Armor and Bucking Bronco. Guo Jia with the Storm Fan (presumed, increases Wind attacks) and Yellow Crown. Yu Jin is equipped with an arrow (item # 54 on the chart, I don't know what it does). Cao Cao is equipped with the Sword of Heaven (presumed the same, 30% evasion to normal attacks), Golden Armor (automatic crit) and Storm Runner (I don't think this adds to his range, but I'm not sure; item number 34 on the chart). Xiahou Yuan is equipped with the horse that grants +2 movement whose name I'm blanking on. Guan Yu is equipped with the Green Dragon (I believe that this spear is an automatic critical hit and that Guan Yu's unit has the ability to poison on attack), Liu Bei with his swords, Zhang Fei with his Viper Spear (what does this do? Zhang Fei in previous battles was able to attack two units in a row, so I'm not sure if his weapon has an additional ability or not). Lu Bu is equipped with his normal overpowered equipment.

Strategy: If you're going for the Golden Armor, there will be a few preconditions you will need to meet.

1: An average battle level of either 21 or 22 (such that, all your allies will be level 20 and will have gained their class change, and the enemies will still be a lower level). While I beat this level when it was I think an average of 17 or 18, it was such an enormous pain that I would not try it again unless this condition was met.

2: You will need to save states at the beginning of each round, and at the end of each round, not writing over a state if possible (because, with S/L abuse, you will need at times to go back a few rounds to get different conditions).

3: You will need a lot of time to do this battle, and probably will have to break it up over a couple of days/hours.

4: Patience.

For any attempt, I had Sun Ce with the Conqueror's Spear, Xuanwu Armor, Way of Peace, Zhou Yu with the Serpent Spear, Level 5 Armor, Shield and Huang Gai with the Baton, Robe, but no wrestler's glove since I need him more for double attacks than mass attacks, and Han Dang with the Freeze Arrow. All units should be in their best equipment possible, even if maxed out, because you won't be able to do much equipment leveling anyways.

Starting Positions (see the Officers section for who starts where):

South West (in order): Yu Fan, Taishi Ci, Magician A (as long as he has numb; if one is at 19 and has Attack Down, put him here), Cheng Pu, Han Dang

South East (in order): Zhang Zhao, Huang Gai, Magician B, Jiang Qin, Zhou Tai/Dong Xi (as long as the footsoldier has heal and defense up; should be at level 19 for this).

Turn 1, SE: Han Dang hastes Yu Fan, Sun Ce moves, Yu Fan defenses him. Turn 2: SC continues to move, Han Dang hastes Sun Ce, Yu Fan moves so he can at least try to save Liu Bei's dumb self while the cavalry and Lu Fan bring up the rear. Turn 3, Han Dang hastes himself. If all the Cavalry move as far as they can each turn without entering the gate, the commander will come and hit Han Dang, at which point next turn you can numb him. Han Dang runs to the north gate to help Guan Yu clear cavalry out, the rest go to take out the cavalry to the west.

Sun Ce is the key in this battle, and you should hope he remains hasted (although Han Dang might be able to give him a second haste if necessary). Sun Ce is to focus entirely on taking out the Spirit Guards (with his double hit, he can take out the guards in two turns so long as they don't heal theirselves). He's to take out the East Guard, lure out Ji Ling, attack-down him to bring him back to sanity, then move to take out the north guard to free up Cao Cao's side. The rest of your units should move to clear out the west and provide assistance for the brothers, then move south to take out the foot soldiers (quite frankly, I don't think it's worth it to take out the Spirit Guard with them because of the damage he does, unless you're able to get Lu Bu or Huang Gai to help you out).

Second key is Ji Ling, especially if you want his Axe. What you need to do is lure him out on Turn 5, and to the West side of the gate. If he moves elsewhere, reload to an earlier state so things happen differently that he doesn't go elsewhere (ie; the northern bandits are less beat up, or the eastern pirates are less beat up). After getting him to the West Side, you need to lure Guan Yu and Zhang Fei into position so they can duel him (it has to be Guan Yu first, then Zhang Fei). If you get Zhang Fei spending too much time on the South Side of the fort, or Guan Yu going to help take out the bandit/Javelin tosser in the NW corner, reload to an earlier state.

The key to Liu Bei's survival is that he doesn't get numbed at the beginning of the second turn, and that he survives until turn 3, when Sun Ce can finish off the javelin tosser (note; if you do this with Liu Bei's level under 20, him and Zhang Fei can kill the Javelin tosser). On Turn 3, Yu Fan should be within range to heal Liu Bei, which will be more than enough to keep him alive in the interim. Try to avoid having Yu Fan get silence (from the outer edge of the gate, if hasted, he can walk far enough to avoid the Silence area).

SW: Turn 1: Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, and Zhou Tai are to move to the east, the rest of your units are to move to the west and eventually meet up with the cavalry, walking through the Silence Gate. The magician's healing will be vital when they arrive to the survival at that point. Watch out for the catapults when you walk by the gates.

Zhou Yu is to go all the way around to Lu Bu's gate, and help lure Lu Bu into taking out first the Eastern Spirit Guard, then the Southern Spirit Guard. If Zhou Yu's leveled up enough (22, don't recommend him at 22 though), he'll have the Flood tactic and can use it to good effect on the pirates to make them weak enough to be taken out in one or two shots. Zhou Tai and Huang Gai are to babysit Gao Shun. Huang Gai is to make sure the fighter gets confused (since Gao Shun will continually attack him and be countered), as well as to pick up cheap armor exp by letting the pirates use their water tactic on him (don't move him inside the square area or he'll be confused). Zhou Tai is to heal everyond, and absorb armor experience as well.

Cao Cao: There are really 3 units you will need to worry about dieing on Cao Cao's side: Xu Chu, Yu Jin, and Guo Jia. Yu Jin and Xu Chu are much more likely than Guo Jia, and will need S/L abuse to be kept alive. Just putting this here to make sure everyone knows these are the reason you have a state of each round to go back to (remember; the last state is an auto-save, so don't save in it).


This, in many ways, will be more annoying than the S/L abuse because this can undo your actions from hours ago. When you hit Yuan Shu's fort, you need to have people on all sides of the fort, or at least on two sides, otherwise the javelin tossers and footsoldiers and archers will flood out and overwhelm the remaining forces, not to mention the other forces outside the fort moving. If Guan Yu or Zhang Fei is stupid and goes in early, you will be screwed. Ideally, they will get numbed by the javelin tossers or will move to a different gate than the west gate after killing Ji Ling, to delay their entry into Yuan Shu's fort. When I made my entrance, I had Sun Ce at the top gate (with almost all of Cao Cao's forces following behind, Huang Gai at the East Gate, Zhou Yu defensed up at the South Gate, and Guan Yu with a couple healers at the West gate. Unless you get incredibly lucky with Lu Bu taking out swarms of enemies on his own, do not try to surround Yuan Shu for experience. It's not worth it. Kill him as fast as you can (a couple poisons plus an Attack Up Sun Ce plus an attack up Han Dang can be enough to take him out in one turn, or at least make him weak enough to kill him within 2).

Note: Your guys can die and not effect the post-battle item conditions. Feel free to let them die if it means your allies will live.

Post-battle: Be sure to save on a separate slot from your main slot. After the battle, Sun Ce will be attacked by assassins, and you will be given a choice. The top choice has Sun Ce healing from his wounds, while the bottom choice has him attacking Xu Chang. I will be doing for now, the top choice, since the Chinese mini-guide covers that path.
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

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Stage 14 (Sun Ce): Huang Zu's Fall (Sun Ce Path Stage 1)

Recommended level: Highest units average at 22 (note; due to the screwy way of calculating levels, even if your Sun Ce is 23 and your two highest units in the army are 21, the game for some stupid reason calculates your average at 23; because of this, the enemy units not only will have better equipment, but will give out much more experience to your low level guys).

Officers: Ling Tong (see Events)

Victory Conditions: Eliminate Huang Zu

Item Conditions: None, you get a mystic water after the battle ends.

Items: Armor Book (southern tent), Saddle (Ling Cao dies)

Events: On Turn 1, Ling Cao gets Attack-Up status.

After eliminating all enemies outside the castle, Ling Cao will meet Gan Ning, and he will die. Ling Tong will join the battle, and duel Gan Ning. After the duel (no effect on Gan Ning), Ling Tong will get attack up status.

Note: Ling Cao being defeated will only make him resurrect at the beginning of the stage, up until his death.

Strategy: The only strategy necessary is to make sure your cavalry don't get decimated by the Horse Bows (I had Cheng Pu defense uped with a level 4 Golden Armor being hit for 70/hit with the enemies on bad terrain). Don't really bother using Ling Tong and spread the levels out among your lower level guys, while trying to pick up any lingering weapon/armor experience to max it out prior to Chi Bi. Gan Ning will appear on the North West mountain, equipped with the Rocket Dart and the Burst Robe, so avoid having any weak units there to be hit and killed by him before you can take him out. Otherwise, take him out fast, then get the experience you need from Huang Zu.

Post-battle: Very, very many people join. Automatically, Gan Ning (bandit/pirate?), Ling Tong (Chariot), Sun Quan (footsoldier), Xu Sheng (Horse Bow), Ding Feng (fighter), Lu Meng (Cavalry), Lu Su (Mage), Zhuge Jin (Geomancer), and Zhu Huan (Archer) all join. You will also be presented a choice between having Da Qiao (top choice, Dancer) or Xiao Qiao (bottom choice, Mounted Strategist) joining your party. Both are unique classes, so choose the one which plays more to your style among them. In this path, I took Xiao Qiao because I had enough front line fighters already and could use a unique mage moreso than a dancer.

Additionally, two items show up in your inventory. One is what I'll call the mimic blade, which allows an admiral who equips it to mimic the tactics of any unit it is adjacent to. This is an axillary item.. Second is the Storm Fan, which increases damage done by wind tactics by 30% (hence, perfect weapon for Xiao Qiao with her wind offense).

Of note: It is vital (as in, worth restarting the game and playing through that Yuan Shu stage again vital) that upon the end of this battle, you are at an average level of 20 and everyone joins at 20, for multiple reasons. 1, all the officers will join with maxed out equipment, which can be sold for fruits. Secondly, they will have already received their first Class Change free of charge. If they join at 17 or 18 or 19, that is an additional 9,000 gold you will have to fork out for seals to promote all of them (Ling Tong doesn't get a promotion, exempting him from the cost). Most importantly, it allows you to fund your army, since if your average level is above 20, you can then buy new equipment, while selling their old equipment for a small profit (1125 per level 5 item sold). The benefits of a low level game simply do not outweigh the benefits of equipment and gold and stat fruits, all of which are vitally important to your progress.

Pre-battle: When you buy new equipment, only buy it for people who need it. Don't outfit your entire roster with new equipment, you want to focus on building up the equipment to as high of a level as possible, and you would just waste your money doing so.

Stage 15 (Sun Ce): Chi Bi

Recommended level: Average army level of 20/21 (try to keep your top tier guy's levels down as much as you can; no matter what you do, the enemy named generals should have level 2/5 equipment).

Officers: North West: Sun Ce, Xu Sheng, Lu Su, accompanied by 3 marines.

North East: Lu Meng, the first two units you select, accompanied by 3 marines.

South West: Huang Gai, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Jin, second two units you select, accompanied by 4 marines.

South East: Cheng Pu, last 3 units you select, accompanied by 4 marines.

Victory Conditions: Eliminate All Enemies

Item Conditions: Choose the top option (which causes Zhuge's winds to fail), and beat the battle to get the Commander's Spear (adds Int to whoever equips it, ideal weapon for Admirals).

Items: Recovery Herbs (tents), Recovery Rice (forts), Warhorse (defeat Cao Chun in a duel, see below).

Events: Sun Shang Xiang will show up on Turn 8 from the south, equipped with the Golden Armor, Imperial Seal, and Commander's spear. At the beginning, you are given a choice in if you want Zhuge's winds to succeed or fail. The top choice has them fail, the bottom one has them succeed. Here are the differences in the battle;

1: Upon success, all of the enemies in the south two rows retreat from battle, all remaining enemies are inflicted with the Luck Down status.

2: Xiahou Dun will be at 120% terrain advantage if the winds fail, 80% if they succeed (significant difference for him).

3: The Tiger Cavalry will not show up if the winds succeed. If they fail, 12 super cavalry units (able to hit all square around them), plus Xu Huang (Chariot) and Cao Chun will show up on turn 4. They will them move to meet your units. All of them are equipped with Warhorses (+30 attack power) and Status Axes.

Also, Zhou Yu has a dialog with Zhang Liao. Lu Meng can duel Zhang Liao (no effect), Gan Ning can duel Xu Chu (no effect), Taishi Ci can duel Cao Chun (Cao Chun retreats, results in getting the Warhorse).

Note: Xiahou Dun is equipped with the Bucking Bronco and Xuanwu Armor. Xiahou Yuan with Lu Bu's Bow (what does this do?) and his horse (+2 movement). Zhang Liao is equipped with the Commander's Spear. Xu Chu is equipped with the Rocket Dart and I believe the Phoenix Robe (increases HP by 28%). Cao Cao is equipped with the Sword of Heaven (30% dodge), Golden Armor, and his horse (maybe the horse gives him crit immunity?) Jia Xu is equipped with the 7 star sword (30% increased tactical damage) and is a Master Strategist. Guo Jia is equipped with the Storm Fan and a book (this one annoys me, because I think it was significantly reducing the damage I did to him; him on a fort, Jeered, had units doing single digit damage, so either it drops the damage done to him by a very, very great deal until all enemies are eliminated, or I just had some bad luck). Cao Ren is equipped with the Health Sword (does its attack power in damage regardless of defense) and a Spiked Coat (random guess at the auxiliary armor; any units adjacent to the unit he hits also get hit).

The Marine Units operate at 110% on water, and have the Jeer and Flood tactics (and at 22 get the Improved Flood tactic as well).

Strategy: I recommend going with the first (difficult) option, because the difficulty is not really that much extra, and just more attrition related. My recommended units are as follows:

North West: Sun Ce (Conqueror's spear/Xuanwu/Way of Peace), Xu Sheng (paralyzing arrow), Lu Su.

North East: Lu Meng, a normal Archer, and a magician (vital he is at level 22 and promoted; use fruits if necessary to get him to 22: equipped with the Golden Crown).

South West: Gan Ning (Ancestral Sword), Huang Gai (Baton/Robe/Glove), Zhou Yu, Zhuge Jin, Chen Wu.

South East: A Footsoldier, Xiao Qiao (Storm Fan), Taishi Ci (Saddle).

Equip your other special items (Serpent Spear, Status Axe, Golden Armor, Armor book) on who you want to have it. Note that the Armor Book's extra experience gives you +1 per hit if you're higher than the enemy, +2 if you're equal level, nothing if you parry, so not much use in leveling, say, the Xuanwu armor. How to handle the various phases of the battle:

South: Let the marines kill all the fodder units. Weaken them up with your units, but let the marines attack and flood the fodder. Most of the starting fodder should be of absolutely no concern to you. Move Taishi Ci up directly so he can be there to be on the front line when the Tiger Cavalry arrives.

North West: Xiahou Dun and Yuan will move toward Sun Ce's group. Rush Gan Ning up to help Jeer Xiahou Dun, and you can use a power fruit to give Sun Ce an attack boost if you want, so you can do major damage to Dun. Note that the Xuanwu armor doesn't negate the Bucking Bronco's attack, but will negate all of the other bow/catapult attacks. Pretty much kill your way until you can take out Dun with him. Have Xu Sheng attack the catapults using his bow, and Lu Su feed Xu Sheng as well as himself fruits.

North East: Watch the group of Lu Meng/Archer/Magician so they can't get hit by the catapults (and if they do, that it's one unit getting hit and not two or three). Try to weaken the catapults so the Marines can take them out, as they will do a lot of damage for allied units. When Cao Ren comes, it is vital that you confuse him (reload until you get it, and reload after each round if he breaks it), and jeer him, then just widdle him down. You won't be able to match power with him on the water. When you're done, you can send Lu Meng to the west if you want him to duel Zhang Liao (no effect on the battle).

Tiger Cavalry: Meet them on the water so they are at a terrain disadvantage. Use people who have multi-hit tactics (Chen Wu, Xiao Qiao) to weaken them in preparation. Try to avoid bunching your guys up so the catapults don't wreck your units, and have people with high dodge rates (Gai, Ning) as your primary "tanks" to minimize damage and a chance at confusion (although you should have bought some confusion herbs from the store prior to the battle). Use items to heal if necessary. Use the narrow lanes and the water, make sure Taishi Ci gets his duel, and take out the tiger cavalry.

Land Invasion: In the center, take out the footmen quickly (Sun Ce/Chen Wu/Magic), then leave Sun Ce there to absorb free armor experience, and have Chen Wu nail 3 archers at a time with his weapon (he gets credit for 3 attacks in his weapon experience, and only one attack in his experience column; very easy to get him up to a level 2 pult in a few rounds, plus you make Cao Pi and the healer waste all their mana on healing those archers).

On the West and east, invade at the same time with two groups. Lure in the named generals one by one and take them out (may need to reload for Zhen Ji due to her insane dodge rate), and the enemies around there. You should try to take out Cao Cao and the mages all at the same time (note that for some reason, I think his book, Guo Jia takes significantly less damage from physical attacks than others with a higher defense). At this time Sun Ce and Chen Wu should be moving to join your guys. Converge, attack one at a time, and use Jeers to your advantage and you should be good.

Note: It is very easy to run out of mana in this stage. Try to conserve it as much as possible, and don't be afraid to use a potion to restore mana.
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Re: Legend of East Wu (LoCC mod)

Unread postby Ricsid » Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:29 am

Tarrot wrote:Additionally, two items show up in your inventory. One is what I'll call the mimic blade, which allows an admiral who equips it to mimic the tactics of any unit it is adjacent to. This is an axillary item.. Second is the Storm Fan, which increases damage done by wind tactics by 30% (hence, perfect weapon for Xiao Qiao with her wind offense).

I thought the item for Zhou Yu is a Command Insignia.. I really dunno what it called, but like in the Chinese movie, it's something usually held by the main commander. He will wave his hand holding the item when giving an order.

And the Storm Fan, which one is it? I'm quite sure you don't get that item if you choose Da Qiao :(
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