Should DW have castle levels like in SW?Or not

Discussion of other Three Kingdoms games (e.g. Destiny of an Emperor and Dynasty Tactics) and other games by Koei (e.g. Samurai Warriors).

Castle levels should interesting in DW

It should stay in SW only
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Unread postby Jade_Moon_Dragon » Mon May 09, 2005 1:06 pm

in SW, castle suck. they burn when you run out of time. plus there are too many traps.
in DW, castle is better. you can have a horse in the castle.
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Unread postby Mistelten » Mon May 09, 2005 5:13 pm

What they need is a combination.
Have an outer courtyard like one from DW5, or Azuchi (which is very well done in SW), have an inner sanctum like in DW4, and have a mid-top level like in SW. A little mazeness is fine, but not to where it's so huge it is completely unthinkable. The top floors of SW were awesome though. I really liked those.
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Unread postby Ranbir » Mon May 09, 2005 6:16 pm

No. They were annoying and stupid in SW, they'll be the same in DW.

Notice the interior levels of DW, such as Lu Bu's revolt or Cao Cao's escape. Levels like that are perfect.
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Unread postby Ma Chao's Rage » Wed May 18, 2005 5:53 pm

You should try adding "yes" to one of the poll options. It would make more sense. It doesn't matter though. I would still vote to keep the castles the way they are in DW.
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Unread postby Kongming's Prodigy » Thu May 19, 2005 1:11 am

SW castle levels were horrible! They were the worst thing to happen to KOEI since DW4's weapon-upgrade system. :P

They just plain sucked because:
1. You could not save in them.
2. There were very little life recoveries
3. They were repetitive and lacked proper scenery.
4. The enemies inside were just plain annoying.
5. They were such a chore that I dreaded going through castle levels every time they occured.

Although SWXL fixed some of these problems, they still should be banished from gaming society forever.
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Unread postby Prime Minister Kongming » Sun May 22, 2005 12:52 am

i dont think they should have castle levels because i just hate castle levels anyway there so boring
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Unread postby Jordan » Sun May 22, 2005 1:03 am

Jade_Moon_Dragon wrote:in SW, castle suck. they burn when you run out of time. plus there are too many traps.
in DW, castle is better. you can have a horse in the castle.

Yeah that's what I meant. They should have them like in DW. They should only have one floor.
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Unread postby Mistelten » Mon May 23, 2005 7:31 pm

First of all, SW needs a lot more stages to begin with. At least four times the stages of SW1.
The problem with the castle stages was that they were far too similar. Just as every field battle should be unique, so should the sieges. There should be a 'field phase,' which would work pretty much like a regular battle, except that there are field fortifications and ramparts (with crossbows, cannons, etc). The next part should be inside the walls. Sengoku castles really were built like mazes, often with dead ends that led into 'kill zones' where the defenders could shoot at or drop weapons onto the invader at will. The 'inside the walls' area would still have allied troops fighting with you.
There would be more towers, ladders, and the like inside, as well as the occasional trap or sniper.
After this part would be the castle interior. Remember how DW4's castles were? Make them something like that, but more Japanese obviously. Making them slightly narrower wouldn't be so bad. Make them somewhat like the SW ones, but not the kind that you just run through (this is a continuation of my idea that you shouldn't just be able to barrel through crowds of enemies with ease.....except on a horse). Most of the rooms should actually look like they served a purpose. The Onimusha castles were reasonably big and of the right color, but they weren't bland. That would be a good policy to follow. Of course, the narrow passages would mean that your character fights differently. I would solve this by making every character carry a second weapon that you could use at will, and that you would be forced to use inside a castle.
After this would be the final level of the castle. I liked the top floors of SW. Maybe instead of just having a 'boss room,' have a preliminary room with elite retainers (another SW2 idea: Have elite Samurai 'peons' and the like) and maybe even an enemy officer.
After that, the door opens, you watch a short clip of the defender, and you fight. The clip would change depending on who the defender is- For instance: Kenshin would rise from praying, Nobunaga would rise from the tea, Shingen would be musing at the battlefield from his window, you get the idea.
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Unread postby Jordan » Tue May 24, 2005 12:41 am

Samurai Warriors definitely needs more levels. They left out some key battles in the game such as the Sekigahara Campaign, Siege of Osaka-Winter, several Kawanakajima battles (although most of these were not important and probably two in the game or what they have now is enough), the siege of Odawara, the battle between the Iga & Koga ninja clans versus the Fuuma ninjas, the battle of Azukizaki, battles between the Uesugi and the Hojo, etc.

What I really think should be done with castles is they should get rid of the multiple "floors" and maybe only have one or two. It would all be one gigantic level with maybe a second floor for the boss. Basically you would have to "win the field battle" by completing certain objectives in order for the castle to open. Once you won this you could enter the castle. When you did you would enter a new part of the level with a few mazes, traps and basically all the things that you have listed crashman. While in Ueda Castle the goal would be to reach a trapdoor at the end while at say...Azuchi Castle the goal would be to reach that spiraling staircase from Samurai Warriors 1. (Which would be much larger, with enemies waiting for you on the steps and rooms branching off with treasure boxes and health+musou)

Once you reached the end of the first floor you would be transported to a special "boss arena" similarly to in Samurai Warriors one. This would have it's own traps and additionally it would have whatever bosses you needed to fight.

I had a dream (although it was a DW dream) where I was playing Zhao Yun at the Battle of Ji in DW5. In this battle the goal was to clear a path in order to get to the temple. Once you reached the temple you had to fight Zhang Jiao but when you beat him the level did not finish. There was a cutscene where he jumped onto a certain spot to trigger a trapdoor. Then, as Zhao Yun, I jumped on the same glowing spot and this brought me to a different part of the level. I was dropped through a passage and then landed at the bottom in a spacious, crystal, cavernous arena with a large number of sorcerers attacking me with spells and flaming pillars coming through vents on the ground. Anyways I digress...the idea would be that the boss arena would be a very special arena in the game. Perhaps you could also play one on one versus mode in these arenas. (Similarly to what they had in SWXL)

While on the subject I'm going to say that I liked the cliff area in Ueda castle where you were outside and had to jump onto platforms to get to another area of the castle. I would like it if in one castle level (probably Ueda again) they had this area with cascading falls, secret caves behind these falls and beautiful flowers on the various rocky platforms which your character jumped onto.
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Unread postby barbarosso » Sat Jun 04, 2005 8:22 pm

I think they should have castle, but only the figthing is done in eth open air. Like you enter them all all but there are no thin corridors and only rubbish peons running about. You must get to the battlements for the real bosses and warriors, a bit like Dynasty warrior 3 He Fei stage only a good deal more complex and taller. The arrow trap was a good idea, but if you were on the Wei side you been able to lock the gate, order follies of arrows and escape up a tower, run across a draw bridge. Pet my point, the experience coulda been so much better, but He Fei is still my fav stage.
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