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Re: Legend of Cao Cao English Version

Unread postby diegroup » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:02 pm

This is my LoCC super patch.

Link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/5lchdyne3buyhp8/Data.7z

You can replace this file with your data.e5 in LoCC folder.(Don't forget to back up your file.)

This patch still have same story but have more fun when you're playing.
Cause many thing has change.
What i do on this patch.

1.I modify status of all officer.

Make all officer stronger and all stat base on ROTK and my opinion.


Xiahou Dun
98 82 64 90 66 >>> 96 90 70 84 88

Zhang Liao
92 84 86 78 94 >>> 92 96 86 94 80

Zhang He
90 68 66 74 92 >>> 94 92 80 86 88

Xiahou Yuan
92 80 62 66 78 >>> 90 94 72 84 92

Cao Ren
88 76 66 70 62 >>> 90 92 74 90 82

Diao Chan
76 64 68 100 82 >>> 84 80 94 100 62

Cao Hong
64 78 82 66 70 >>> 88 84 58 78 88

and All other characters stat has changes.

2.Change unit type of officers for more suitability.


Cao Ren - Horseman > Footman.
Zhang He - Horsebow > Horseman.
Cao Pi - Horsebow > Leader.
Pang De - Footman > Horsebow.
Li Dian - Footman > Archer.
Xu Huang - Archer > Footman.
Xun Yu - Advisor > Geo.
Cheng Yu - Advisor > Mage.
Guo Jia - Mage > Advisor.
Xun You - Geo > Advisor.
Man Chong - Geo > HorseAdvisor.

3.Change special ability of special equipment.


Twin Swords[Liu Bei's Sword of Fate] - Counter Atk > No Counter
Green Dragon[Guan Yu's Blue Dragon] - No Counter > Critical Atk
Crs. Halberd[Lu Bu's Lunar Halberd] - Chain Atk > Piercer

4.Change base movement, attack range, stats, HP growth and MP growth of all unit types.


Horse123, MOV : 6, ATK.Rng : 1 Plus, WLIDM : S A B B S, HP/MP.growth : 5/1

Horse1, MOV : 6, ATK.Rng : 1 Plus, WLIDM : A C C A B, HP/MP.growth : 4/0
Horse2, MOV : 7, ATK.Rng : 2 Plus, WLIDM : S B C A A, HP/MP.growth : 5/1
Horse3, MOV : 8, ATK.Rng : 2 Sqre, WLIDM : S A B S A, HP/MP.growth : 6/2

5.Change tactic for all unit types. Now all unit can use tactics.

In original LoCC many unit type can't use tactic but now I add tactic for all unit type.


Tactic - Fire can use by Leader at Lv.9,
Footman, Archer at Lv.4
Horse, HorseBow at Lv.11
Catapult at v.1
and many skill can be use.

Hope you enjoy it. Thank you.
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Re: Legend of Cao Cao English Version

Unread postby Xiahou Mao » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:12 pm

Meanwhile, there actually is an official Legend of Cao Cao English Version now, a mobile game. There's some usual mobile game "build up your domain/attack other players/earn income over time" stuff, but underneath that is the full Legend of Cao Cao game, and apparently a lot of other Legends to unlock, though I'm not sure how to unlock them yet. You start with access to a new story involving some fictional characters that served Cao Cao before the Yellow Turban Rebellion (Horseman Man Ji, Footman Jiang Fu and Archer Liu Gong), but judging by the game's list of achievements, there's also story modes for characters like Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Guan Yu, Xu Shu, Jiang Wei, Wen Yang, and even Yan Baihu (!?).

There are some changes to the game's default units. Xu Huang is now a Spearman unit (w/giant axe), Li Dian is now an Arbalest unit, probably some others I'm not remembering. There's also a lot of characters who weren't in the Legend games making their debuts now, like Lu Lingqi, Wen Yang, Empress He, Zhen Ji and Xiahou Mao.

There's voice acting when you select units, too. Xiahou Dun sometimes says "I have no blind spots!", while my new Taishi Ci sometimes muses that he maybe should grow a beard.
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Re: Legend of Cao Cao English Version

Unread postby HRHKT » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:04 pm

May I ask what files do I need to modify for translating game texts? There is a mod I'm interested in translating if those who have done mod translations could give me some pointers I'd appreciate it very much.

Thank you for your help!
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Re: Legend of Cao Cao English Version

Unread postby Terranigma Freak » Fri May 15, 2020 3:39 am

Edit - Never mind.
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