The Last Warlord--an indie ROTK strategy game

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Re: The Last Warlord--an indie ROTK strategy game

Unread postby Gray Riders » Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:21 pm

Sakae Wu wrote:I must have missed that. Have you tried it since they reworked the AI?
I think for a small Indie 3k game they did a pretty good job overall. Probably not for everyone though.
The randomness of it kind of surprised me. Like Kong Rong and Shi Xie becoming powerful. The big three aren't so automatic like in Koei. It gets a 7/10 on steam which sounds about right to me.

The last time I played the battle AI seemed better and taking cities was harder (partially this is because light infantry were buffed so heavy infantry was no longer an instant win). It had the weakness that when attacked the AI would only sortie if it had a decent number of troops, but it seemed the sorties were only the "leftover" troops after the minimum garrison, so this undersized sortie would be destroyed very easily. It meant most large battles are sieges so cavalry felt useless.

That was a while ago though, I got tired of the issue where the semi-real time turns meant getting attacked in multiple places forced you to auto resolve battles. The game's not bad, though, and for people who don't mind auto resolving battles it seems to be in a fairly good state.
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Re: The Last Warlord--an indie ROTK strategy game

Unread postby Ranbir » Wed Jan 01, 2020 11:09 am

Eventually you'll be delegating other war fronts to your generals. Really been enjoying this game and following its development. Was really useful when they added the first stage of the tutorial.

The way the duels play out are very cool, reminiscent of RTK6.
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