The Reign of Sun Quan.

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The Reign of Sun Quan.

Unread postby Han Xin » Sat Mar 15, 2003 9:17 am

This is a summary of the reign of Sun Quan that I am trying to compile. Of all the rulers during RTK period, Sun Quan is probably my favourite. I only use Sun Quan's bio in SGZ as my only source, so there might be some variation from other sources. Some of the boring parts, I just summarised it, the more exciting parts had better details.

Sun Ce pass away, Sun Quan succeed as ruler of East Wu.

Sun Quan's mother pass away.

Sun Quan's attacked Huang Zu, destroyed his fleet, capture WeiCheng and subdue all the mountain tribes. Lu Fan captured PoYang. Cheng Pu settled the tribes in LeAn.

Sun Quan's brother, Sun Yi, the prefect of DangYang was killed by his own men. Sun Quan's cousin, Sun Yu, was send to replace.

Sun Quan order He Qi to capture ShangRao and divided into JianPing county.

Campaigning against Huang Zu, captured a great number of prisoners.

Spring. Sun Quan's troops attacked Huang Zu, Huang Zu send out his navy. Lu Meng's troops overwhelm Huang Zu's vanguard. Troops under the join command of Ling Tong and Dong Xi sacked (Huang Zu's) city. Huang Zu was captured and beheaded. Over 10,000 men and women were captured. He Qi settled the tribes of Yi and Xi, and divided the captured land into six new counties.

Liu Biao die, Lu Su asked to be send to JingZhou to send condolences to Liu Biao two sons, and to observed the situation in JingZhou, however when Lu Su arrived, he realized that Liu Cong had already surrender to Cao Cao. Lu Su meet up with Liu Bei. Liu Bei moved to down to XiaKou and send Zhuge Liang to see Sun Quan, Sun Quan send out Zhou Yu and Cheng Pu. Zhou Yu and Cheng Pu was made left-right commander and taken tens of thousand troops with Liu Bei to destroy Cao Cao's troops at ChiBi. Cao Cao burn his vessels and flee, great number of his troops die of hunger and plague, Liu Bei and Zhou Yu together chase Cao Cao to Nanjun.

Cao Cao return to the north, leaving Cao Ren and Xu Huang to set the defensive line at Jiangling and XiangYang. Gan Ning was surrounded by Cao Ren at YiLing. Using Lu Meng's strategy Zhou Yu was able to rescue Gan Ning. Sun Quan personally lead an attacked on HeFei, sending Zhang Shao to attack JiuJiang via DangTu. Zhang Shao army runs into troubles, Sun Quan spending over a months to capture the city without success. Cao Cao returns to JingZhou, sending Zhang Xi with cavalry troops to HeFei, Sun Quan withdrawed from HeFei.

Cao Ren abandon JiangLing and fled because of the heavy casualty. Sun Quan made Zhou Yu Prefect of NanJun. Liu Bei petitioning to the court to make Sun Quan "General of Chariots and Cavalry", and Grand Administrator of XuZhou (XuZhou Mu). Sun Quan in return also petitioned to make Liu Bei, Grand Administrator of JingZhou (JingZhou Mu), stationed at GongAn.

Change YuZhang into PoYang prefecture, change part ChangSha into HanChang prefecture. Lu Su was made prefect of HanChang stationed in LuKou.

Sun Quan moved his government to MoLing. Next year he reconstructed the city of MoLing was change to JianYe. A fortress was built in RuXu to guard off Cao Cao's invasion.

First month. Cao Cao attacked RuXu, Sun Quan held off Cao Cao for over a month, Cao Cao retreat also evacuating the population surround the JiangBin region.

Fifth month. Sun Quan invaded Wan city. Leap month (second fifth month in Chinese calendar), succeed. Captured LuJiang's prefect Zhu Guang and troops advisor Dong He with several tens of thousand of men and women.

That year, Liu Bei also conquered Shu. Seeing that Liu Bei just gain YiZhou, Sun Quan send Zhuge Jin to demand the prefectures of JingZhou. Liu Bei refuse to discuss anything regarding JingZhou until he gained LiangZhou. Sun Quan appoints 3 head of the southern prefectures, but Guan Yu refused them entry.

Guan Yu's refusal greatly angered Sun Quan, he ordered Lu Meng with Xu Zhong and Sun Gui plus 20,000 troops to take three prefectures of ChangSha, LingLing and GuiYang. Lu Su was send with 10,000 soldiers to station at BaQiu to hold off Guan Yu. Sun Quan arrived at LuKou to crowd the junction way. Lu Meng arrived to the south, 2 prefectures quickly surrender only the prefect of LingLing, Hao Pu, did not give in.

Then Liu Bei arrived at Gong An, he ordered Guan Yu to YiYang. Sun Quan quickly summoned backed Lu Meng to aid Lu Su. Lu Meng send men to trick Hao Pu, Hao Pu surrendered and all 3 prefectures was captured. To countered the threat of Guan Yu, Sun Jiao, and Pan Zhang was send with Lu Su to resist Guan Yu in YiYang.

Before the fighting started, Cao Cao entered HanZhong, Liu Bei fearing that YiZhou might be fallenned so he send an envoy to seek for peace with Sun Quan. Sun Quan in return send Zhuge Jin to agree on a truce. Sun Quan divided that everything in JingZhou east of ChangSha, JiangXia, and GuiYang belong to him, and NanJun, LingLing, and WuLing to the west belong to Liu Bei, Liu Bei then return to Shu to guard against Cao Cao. Sun Quan then left LuKou to attack HeFei, unable to capture HeFei because the gallant defending by Zhang Liao, Sun Quan withdraw.

Winter. Cao Cao arrived at JuChao with big force intend to attack RuXu.

Spring. Sun Quan order chief commandant Xu Xiang envoyed to Cao Cao to seek [Sun Quan] submission to Cao Cao, Cao Cao agree and asked the for marriage between the two houses.

Guan Yu surrounded Cao Ren in XiangYang, Cao Cao ordered General of the Left, Yu Jin, to re-enforced. At the Han river there was a great storm, Guan Yu's army on boat captured Yu Jin and 30,000 troops taken back to JiangLing.

Cao Cao wanted Guan Yu and Sun Quan to fight against each other to ease the siege of Xiang Yang. So he asked Cao Ren to gives Sun Quan's letter to Guan Yu via a crossbow. Guan Yu hesitated therefore did not advance.

Leap month (2nd 5th month), Sun Quan attacked Guan Yu, Lu Meng was order to take GongAn and capture general Shi Ren. Lu Meng arrived at Nanjun, the prefect of NanJun, Mi Fang, surrendered. Lu Meng garrison at JiangLing and comfort the civilian there, and released Yu Jin. Lu Xun was send far west to cede the YiDu prefecture, he manage to capture the cities of ZiGui, ZhiLin, YiDao, and stationed in YiLing to stop intervention from Liu Bei in Shu.

Guan Yu return to DangYang, wanting to retreat to MaiCheng. Sun Quan send an envoyed to lure Guan Yu into surrender. Guan Yu pretend to surrender, set up flags and puppets on top of the city wall, dissolved his army and rode out with 10 horsemen. Sun Quan then send Zhu Ran and Pan Zhang to intercept. 12th Month, Pan Zhang's cavalry general Ma Zhong captured Guan Yu, his son Guan Ping, Zhao Lei and settled JingZhou.

That year there was a terrible epidemic, therefore JingZhou was exempt from tax. Cao Cao promote Sun Quan to General of the Elite Cavalry, the Grand Administrator of JingZhou, and Marquis of NanChang.

Spring, first month. Cao Cao die, Cao Pi replace him as King of Wei and change the name of the year to YanKang.

Winter. Wei usurp power and change the year to HuangChu.

Fourth month. Liu Bei declare himself Emperor in Shu. Sun Quan arrived at GongAn change E city into WuChang. WuChang, XiaZhi, XunYang, YangXin, ChaiSang, ShaYi the total of 6 counties was combined into the new prefecture of WuChang.

8th months. In WuChang city, Cao Pi send an envoyed to make make Sun Quan King of Wu demand Sun Quan's heir. Sun Quan only returns Yu Jin. Uprising and insurrection around the WuLing area was quickly crushed.

To be continue.....
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Unread postby Andrew J » Sat Mar 15, 2003 10:04 am

That was really interesting! I enjoyed that, and can't wait for the second part. I havnt read SCZ or SGYY so this is the first time I have read it.
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Unread postby Jon » Mon Mar 17, 2003 3:35 am

i think if sun quan hadnt went crazy and let the wrong person inherit wu would have won. IT'S ALL HIS FAULT!!! jk people go senile over age but he was a great person. too bad lu xun died over it though.
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Unread postby Han Xin » Tue Mar 18, 2003 10:35 am

Spring 1st month. Song Qian, a general under Lu Xun, raid five villages inside Shu, destroying and killing their generals. Third month, the word "Yellow Dragon" (Huang Long) appeared in PoYang. Shu army totalling over 25000 troops (1) occupying strategic places inside Wu. Lu Xun avoid battle from the first month to the leap month (6 months), then he crushed Liu Bei killing or capturing ten of thousands of troops, Liu Bei fled with only a few men. Wei send Xin Pi to Wu to finalise on the allegence and demand for Sun Quan's son, Sun Quan refuse to see Wei's envoy.

Autumn. Wei send Cao Xiu, Zhang Liao, and Zang Ba too attack DongKou, Cao Ren attack RuXu, XiaHou Shang, Zhang He, and Xu Huang besiege NanJun. Sun Quan gave Lu Fan the command of the five armies, and prepare warships to engage. Zhuge Jin, Pan Zhang, and Yang Can were send to rescue Nanjun, Zhu Huan at RuXu to resist against Cao Ren. In ShiYang the Yue, Man, and Di tribes all revolts, with all the internal turmoil Sun Quan personally write a letter to Cao Pi suggesting that he [Sun Quan] would move to Jiao and retired if it would make Cao Pi called off the attack, Cao Pi wanted Sun Quan's son before he called off the attack. Sun Quan declare indepedent and defend his land.

Winter, 11th month. A typhoon hit Lu Fan's navy and drown several thousand soldiers, the army retreat to JiangNan. Cao Xiu send Zang Ba out with 500 light vessel and 10,000 troops raided XuLing, burn it, killed and robe several thousand people. General Quan Cong, Xu Sheng chase Wei's general Yin Lu, killed and captured in several hundreds.

12th Month. Sun Quan send his minister Zheng Quan to see Liu Bei at BaiDi, to seek a new alliance. That year, YiLing was change to XiLing.

Spring 1st month. Cao Zhen divide his force and come to attack JiangLing. Sun Quan adopting the GanXiang calender. 3rd month, Cao Ren order his general Chang Diao with 500 soldiers on a fire ship to cross over ZhongZhou island in RuXu. Cao Ren attacked Zhu Huan, Zhu Huan's force hold out. Zhu Huan send his general Yan Gui to attack Chang Diao. Later month all Wei force withdraw.

Summer 4th month, Many of Sun Quan's officers wanted him to declare emperor, but Sun Quan refuse. Liu Bei die at BaiDi. 5th Month, XiKou's general Jin Zong killed Wang Zhi and with his soldiers surrender to Wei, Wei appointed him prefect of QiChun, and he constantly cross border raid into Wu. 6th Month, Sun Quan order General Mi Fang and Liu Shao to attack QiChun, Li Shao's and his troops manage to captured Jin Zong alive.

Winter, 11th month. Shu's envoy Zhonglang General, Deng Zhi, arrived.

Summer. Zhang Wen was sent to Shu as a return envoy. Autumn 8th month, general amnesty for all criminals with capital crime. 9th month, Emperor Wen of Wei (Cao Pi) mobilised from GuangLing targetting the great river, but then withdraw.

Summer 5th month, Prime Minister Sun Shao die. 6th month, Gu Yong was made Prime Minister. Winter 12th month, in PoYang a rebel name Peng Qi declare himself a General, attacked the surrounding counties and massacre about 10,000 people. That year, there was earthquake.

Spring. Lu Xun stationed in ShaoGu ordered his generals to open up land for farming.

Autumn 7th month, Sun Quan heard that Emperor Wen of Wei had die so he attacked JiangXia, surround ShiYang without success, then retreat. Report of a pair of Phoenixs cited in CangWu prefecture. Divided 3 prefectures and established 10 counties into DongAn prefecture, and appointed Quan Cong as prefect, settled the ShanYue uprising.

Winter 10th month, Lu Xun present new policies by encouraging virtue, lessen harsh punishment and uniform rate for land tax. That year, JiaoZhou was divided into JiaoZhou and GuangZhou, but was reverse a little while later.

Spring 1st month, Zhu Jiang captured the rebel Peng Qi. Leap month, Han Dang's son, Han Zong, defected to Wei.

Spring 3rd month, Sun Quan appointed his son Sun Lu as marquis of JianChang, reside in DongAn prefecture. Summer 5th month, The Prefect of PoYang, Zhou Fang, pretent to revolt to lure Wei's general Cao Xiu.

Autumn 8th month, Sun Quan arrived at WanKou orderred General Lu Xun to command the generals to break Wei's line in ShiTing. Grand Commander Lu Fan die. That year, the prefecture of HePu was change to ZhuGuan.

Spring, many high officials and hundreds of other officials urge Sun Quan to declare himself as Emperor.

Summer 4th Month, in XiaKou and WuChang there was citing of a Goldern Dragon and a pair of Phoenix. On the BingShen day, Sun Quan had a sacrificial ceremony at the NanJiao altar (2) and take the emperial throne. Order a general amnesty. The year was change to HuangLong, and Sun Quan entitled his father, Sun Jian, as Emperor Wu Lie; his mother, Lady Wu, as Empress Wu Lie; and elder brother, Sun Ce, as King Huan of ChangSha. 5th month, Zhang Gang and Guan Du was sent to LiaoDong (Gongsun Yuan).

6th month. Shu kingdom send Chen Zhen to celebrate Sun Quan becoming an Emperor. Sun Quan propose the division of the Wei Empire between Wu and Shu. Under Sun Quan's plan YuZhou, QingZhou, XuZhou, and YouZhou would belong to Wu; YanZhou, JiZhou, BingZhou, and LiangZhou would belong to Shu.

Autumn 9th month, Sun Quan moved his capital to JianYe, Lu Xun as tutor to Crown Prince Sun Deng.

Spring 1st month, Wei buit "New city" in HeFei. Sun Quan order General Wei Wen and Zhuge Zhi with 10,000 armoured troops sail to YiZhou (Taiwan) and DanZhou (3). However, disaster struck in YiZhou (Taiwan) and only over 1,000 men returns.

Spring 2nd month, Pan Jun mobilised 50,000 troops to crush the Man tribes rebellion in WuLing. Both Wei Wen and Zhuge Zhi got charge with failure to fulfill an emperial edict was imprision and later killed.

Summer, Sun Bu pretend to surrender and lure Wei's general Wang Ling, Wang Ling come out with his army to greet Sun Bu. Autumn 10th month, Sun Quan mobilised his main force and set up ambushes at FuLing waiting for Wang Ling, Wang Ling realised and fled. In southern HuiJi prefecture, the word "JiaHe" appear.

12th month. DingMao day, Sun Quan ordered a general amnesty, change next year title to "JiaHe".

Autumn 1st month, Sun Quan's son, the marquis of JianChang Sun Lu, die. 3rd month, Sun Quan orderred General Zhou He and Pei Qian to LiaoDong (Gongsun Yuan) via the sea route. Autumn 9th month, Wei's General Tian Yu attacking Wu and capturing ChengShan. Winter 10th month, Wei's prefect of LiaoDong, Gongsun Yuan order Su Shu and Sun Zong to send Sun Quan a rare horse (DiaoMa-貂馬). Sun Quan was happy and appointed Gongsun Yuan high title.

(1) The original text was "蜀軍分据險地,前后五十余營" from the book that I had, it said that ying () is an old chinese's army division consist of 500 troops, so since Liu Bei's army was about 50+ Ying, its equate to 25,000+ soldiers.
(2) NanJiao is an altar used by Son of Heaven (the Emperor) for ceremony praying to the Jade Emperor (God).
(3) As far as I know, YiZhou (夷洲) was an ancient name for the island of Taiwan, however I do not know where is TanZhou (亶洲) Vancouver may be? :D

To be continue...
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Unread postby Russ » Tue Mar 18, 2003 11:19 pm

Excellent job Han Xin. I have been waiting for a Sun Quan timeline.
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Unread postby Han Xin » Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:59 am

3rd month, Sun Quan prepare to send Zhang Mi, Xu Yan, He Da and 10,000 troops escoting precious jade and gold going by the sea route to gave it to Gongsun Yuan and helping Yuan setting up his kingdom. Many officers told Sun Quan it was a bad idea but Sun Quan never listen. Gongsun Yuan killed Zhang Mi and Sun Quan's other officers, and hand their heads to Wei, none of troops (Wu's troops) intervient. Sun Quan greatly angered by the news and wanted to command the army by himself to attack Gongsun Yuan, Xue Zong and other officers explained and stopping him from taking such action. That year, Sun Quan wanted XinCheng in HeFei orderred General Quan Qong to attack LiuAn, unsuccessful then retreat.

Summer 5th Month, Sun Quan order Lu Xun, Zhuge Jin and others to station in MianKuo in JiangXia; Sun Shao, Zhang Cheng and other set out for HuaiYang in GuangLing. Sun Quan mobilised his main force to besiege XinCheng in HeFei. That year, Shu's minister Zhuge Liang invade WuGong, Sun Quan said that Emperor Ming of Wei (Cao Rui) don't know how to command an army for conquest, Emperor Ming order more troops to assist Sima Yi against Zhuge Liang and personally lead his navy to fight (Wu) in the east. When they reach ShouChun, Sun Quan then retreat, Sun Shao withdraw as well.

Autumn 8th month, Sun Quan made Zhuge Ke prefect of DanYang, Zhuge Ke attaked the ShanYue tribes. Winter 11th month, Pan Jun successfully settle the Man tribes in WuLing and return to WuChang. In LuLing, Li Huan and Luo Li rebelled and causing chaos.

Summer, Lu Dai was ordered to crush Li Huan's rebellion. Autumn 7th month, Hail storm. Wei send envoy to trade horses for Pearls, jades, and exortic turtle (DaiMao)(1).

Spring, bigger coins were case, worth 500, general edic for the people to hand in their bronze. 2nd month, General who Assist Wu, Zhang Shao, die. ZhongLang General Wu Can captured Li Huan and General Tang Zi captured Luo Li and his gang. From the 10th month until summer, no rain fell. Winter 10th month, a comet appear in the east. In PoYang, Peng Dan and gang rebelled and cause chaos.

Spring 2nd month, Lu Xun attacked Peng Dan and gang, and destroyed them that year. Winter 10th month, General Quan Cong move his force to take LiuAn, unsuccessful. Zhuge Ke successfully settle the ShanYue tribes then return to the north and station in LuJiang.

Spring 1st month, casting another 1000 big bronze coins. Summer, Lu Dai attacked the rebels in LuLing, succeed then withdraw to LuKou.

Autumn 8th month,rumour that a QiLin (mystic creature) appear in WuChang. The intepretation of the appearance of QiLin was "Great Peace" mean that the name of the year should change, the year was change to ChiWu. Lady Bu die, mourn as an empress. Before, Sun Quan trusted Lu Yi, Yi is an very wicked person who always punished people severly. Crown Prince Deng tried to warn Sun Quan, Sun Quan never listen so all the high officials does not dare to speak. Later, Lu Yi frame and killed Lu Fu, Sun Quan bare all the blame and responsibility so he asked Yuan Li to write a edict to apoligy to all the generals. Then he send down an edict criticising Zhuge Jin, Bu Zhi, Zhu Ran, and Lu Dai.

Spring 3rd month. Send Yang (?), Zheng Zhou, and General Sun Yi as envoy to Liao Dong. Attacked Wei garrison commander Zhang Chi, Gao Lu and his men and capture some men and women.

Winter 10th month. General Jiang Mi attacked the Di rebels in the south, Jiang Mi with commander Liao Shi killed the prefect of LinHe, Yan Gang and gang. Yan Gang self declare himself General who pacify the South, with his younger brother Yan Qian attacked LingLing and GuiYang, and causing disturbance in CangWu prefecture in JiaoZhou and massacre 10,000 people in YuLin. Liu Dai and Tang Zi was send to supressed, after morethan a year the rebels was defeated.

Summer 4th month. General amnesty. Imperial edict to all walled cities and towns to set up "watch stations" on top of the city wall, digging deep trenches to prepare to guard against rebels and bandits.

Winter 11th months. Famine, imperial edict to open granaries to help the poor.

Spring 1st month. Great blizzard across the land upto 70cm (3 chi) high, many wildlife was killed.
Summer 4th month. General Quan Cong was ordered to invade HuaiNan, captured ShaoPi, burn all the official houses and palace in An city and imprison the people. WeiBei General Zhuge Ke attacked LiuAn. Wei's General Wang Ling fight to take ShaoPi, General Qin Huang and more than 10 other men dies in battle. General of the Chariot and Cavalry, Zhu Ran, beseige FanCheng, Grand General Zhuge Jin take ZhaZhong. 5th month, Crown prince Deng die. That month Sima Yi rescue FanCheng. 6th Month, the arny was withdrawn. Leap month, Grand General Zhuge Jin die.

Spring 1st Month. Make Sun He as the crown prince, general amnesty. Change HeXing prefecture into JiaXing. All the officials petition to established an Empress and 4 kings. 3rd month, in HaiYan county, the word "Goldern Dragon" appear.

Summer 4th month. An offical by the name of Jin Jin wrote a petition to Sun Quan to reduce the salary of the top officials.

Autumn 7th month. General Nei You and Lu Kai was send to attack the DanEr tribes in ZhuYa (Hainan island) with 30,000 troops. That year, great outbreak of epidemic, officials were petitions for the establishment of Empress and other Kings. 8th month, Sun Quan entitle his son Sun Ba as King of Lu.

Spring 1st month. In XinDou, the word "White Tiger" appear. Zhuge Ke attack LiuAn, destroying Wei's General Xie Shun's divisions and held captive the population.
Winter 11th Month. Prime Minister Gu Yong die. 12th Month, the king of Funan, Fan Zhan, send an envoy with gift of musician and native wildlifes. That year Sima Yi mobilised his troops and enter the Shu (a region around norther part of Wu), Zhuge Ke mobilised his force to ChaiSang.

Spring 1st month, High General Lu Xun was promote to the Prime Minister post. Autumn, in WanLing the word "Happy Grain" (JiaHe) appear. That year, Bu Zhi, Zhu Ran and other officials all advice Sun Quan to be on guard against Shu believing that Shu under Jiang Wan would betrayed Wu, Sun Quan disagree and he personally guarantee that Shu would not betray Wu.

Spring 2nd month, Prime Minister Lu Xun die. Summer, a thunder strike a pole in the palace gate, and also stike the pole in Nanjin bridge. Autumn 7th month, General Ma Mao plan to rebel, three generations of his household were execute.

Spring 2nd month, General of the Chariot and Cavalry, Zhu Ran, attack Wei's city ZhaZhong (?) captured over 1,000. Autumn 9th month, Promote General of the Elite Cavalry, Bu Zhi, to Prime Minister; General of the Chariots and Cavalry, Zhu Ran, as Da Sima; Guard General, Quan Cong, Da Sima of the Right (assistant); General who Guard the South, Liu Dai, as High-Grand General; Prowess General of the North, Zhuge Ke, as Grand General.

Spring 1st Month, Da Sima of the right Quan Cong die. 2nd Month, Sun Quan stay at the South Palace. Summer 5th month, Prime Minister, Bu Zhi, die.

Spring 1st month, Zhu Ran was move to JiangLing city. 2nd month, earthquake. Summer 4th month, hailstorm.

Spring 3rd Year, Da Sima, Zhu Ran, die. 4th Month BingYin day, General of the Elite Cavalries, Zhu Ju, acted as the Prime Minister to be master of ceremony.

8th month, Crown Prince He was abolished in GuZhang. King of Lu, Sun Ba, was force to commit suicide.
Winter 10th month. Wei's General Wen Qin pretend to rebel to lure Zhu Ji, Sun Quan orderred Lu Ju to welcome Wen Qin. Zhu Ji does not come out, Wen Qin does not dare to advance. 11th month, Sun Liang was made Crown Prince. Orderred 100,000 troops to the north. 12th month, Wei's Grand General, Wang Chang, besiege Nanjun and Grand Administrator of JingZhou, Wang Ji, attacked XiLing. Sun Quan order General Dai Lie and Lu Kai to go and defend those places, Wei withdraw. That year, Sun Quan recieve a book from a Taoist (?) scholar, later, considering changing the year's name, and made a new empress.

Summer 4th month. Appointed Lady Pan as Empress, general amnesty, change year title to "TaiYuan" (New Beginning). Order Master of Work, Li Shu Ji, General Luo Yang. Autum 8th mont, Typhoon bursting the rivers and coasts flood water at 8 chi high (180cm) high, in GaoLing the trees were uprooted and blown away, the southern gate of the provincial capital got blown away. General amnesty, Sun Quan attended the sacrificial ceremony of NanJiao then return, falled ill. 12th month, Grand General Zhuge Ke was made tutor to the Crown Prince. Edicts was past down examine national service, reducing taxes, reducing the pain of the people.

First month, Sun Quan gives a posthumous title to his son, Crown Prince Sun He, as King of NanYang, reside in ChangSha; Sun Fen as King of Qi residing in WuChang; Sun Xiu as King of Lang Hu Xie, residing in Hulin. 2nd month, general amnesty, change year title to "Shen Feng" (mythical Pheonix). Empress Pan die.
Summer 4th month. Sun Quan die, age 71 year old, and was given a posthumous title as Great Emperor (Da Di) . Autumn 7th month, Sun Quan was burried at Jiang mausoleum.

(1) From what I know DaiMao (瑇瑁) are not words with Chinese origin, its was a probably the name of an exortic turtles founded in JiaoZhou.
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Unread postby Stiltzken » Sat Mar 22, 2003 9:06 pm

Unlike his father Sun Quan was a terrible ruler. The only reason he fought along with shu or wei was so he could get something out of it. He was great friends with Liu Xuande but attacked him with wei just so he could get Jingzhou. This also resulted in him killing Guan yu. Plus this also resulted in him gettin some of his good officers killed. Lu Meng for example.
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Unread postby Russ » Sat Mar 22, 2003 10:24 pm

I have a question about this. When Lu Xun died, and lightning struck two poles, what is the signifigance of this? Is it like a chinese legend? For example, the flagpole breaking brings bad fortune.
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Unread postby Elemental » Sat Mar 22, 2003 11:16 pm

Xiao Qiao wrote:I have a question about this. When Lu Xun died, and lightning struck two poles, what is the signifigance of this? Is it like a chinese legend? For example, the flagpole breaking brings bad fortune.

These bad things happening are called omens. They warn people that something really bad is about to happen.
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Unread postby Russ » Sat Mar 22, 2003 11:19 pm

Thank you Elemental, I just couldn't think of the word. So the lightning striking means bad will come too?
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