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Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:07 am
by Gray Riders
Hollywood Reporter says Billy Dee Williams will be playing Lando in episode IX. ... xi-1125818
I'd read he was in bad health before as a reason he couldn't be in VII or VIII so I'm a little surprised, but I'm glad he seems to be better if the reports were true.

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Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:09 am
by Sun Fin
That would be good! Most of the original cast are gone now so I'd like to see someone maintaining links.

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Unread postPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:29 pm
by SunXia
Alright I think I can talk about The Last Jedi without going overboard but I might end up ranting.

Luke Skywalker
Seriously what have they done to him. I mean I understand what vibe they were going for, the bitter old man out look but come on this is Luke Skywalker. You don't suddenly change your personality and cares in life because you are tired. This was the dude who faced a massive Empire countless times, faced the mass murderer that was his father and STILL refused to kill him but "suddenly" decides to murder his own nephew despite him not yet turning? Sure, I can understand being tired and "keep me out of it" but going from saviour to potential MURDERER?? The Death Stars don't count as that is proper self preservation and self defense. If you want a comparison to what I mean look at Yoda. In the prequels we see a fairly calm and peaceful individual. By the time of Empire he's went a bit insane with old age and such but he still maintains the fundamental core of his personality. And he literally had to deal with comparatively worse stuff happening than Luke who many argue is the chosen one. Sorry you can't convince me that someone who stood in front of two mass murderers, two PROUD mass murderers and refused to kill them is going to try to kill his own nephew, no matter how briefly, because he MIGHT turn to the dark side. I mean talk about a snap judgement for anyone let alone Luke, no talking, no locking him up or disabling him no, MURDER. But the ending was cool when he force ghosted died was cool then anti climatic.

Kylo Ren
I literally find this guy and his acting boring and subpar. But that's just me. Also I'm sort of tired of the "tortured soul" archetype and honestly I do not understand why he is tortured at all. He admires his Grandfather...who turned good but yet admires Vader despite the fact Vader turned to the light in the end. Ugh whatever. Honestly having read some of the EU books, I honestly expected much more than that. I mean you see characters go to the darkside for pretty deep reasons. His fight scene with Rey was cool but other than that was just got no vibe on why he would be so maniacal. I mean I know the scene with Luke was meant to portray it but again easily could have been a misunderstanding. I just felt no struggle other than maybe struggling against being a general maniacal bad guy.

OMG I feel so sorry for Tran over this, she got so much hate despite the fact she does not control how the movie goes, that's not her job. Her job is to play a part convincingly under direction from those actually in control. I think she did well. When you look at it, she's someone who is traumatised and grieving. They literally lingered on her sister so that we get this and understand that this is her current dilemma: her closest loved one has just died. She's there to portray how war isn't this thing to be glorified. Its horrible and its destructive and it costs so much life and trauma. I mean sure their side plot wasn't the greatest but again that was not the actor's fault. And the scene where she "denied Finn a cool death os she's awful" uhm what now? I'm sorry you are watching too much Michael Bay my friend. She's literally just lost her sister because of Poe's almost suicidal attack and she has bonded with Finn and has latched on to him in a realistic fashion and decides she doesn't want to lose him and suddenly that makes her character hateful? How very dare that grieving woman act out her emotions. I mean at least her actions were realistically understandable unlike the former two characters. And the hate this woman got like omg. I mean we can all criticise a piece of art without torturing people about their performances.

I didn't mind her surviving that attack. i mean they have always hinted that she has the force as she sensed Luke in Empire and such. What she was in, she was fine.

I wonder if this actor got as much hate as Tran when he inexplicably survived in Force Awakens. And omg this character got on my nerves. Did not respect chain of command at all. He's not owed an explanation from anyone. Just a spoiled brat. I hated his decision at the start of the movie that got a lot of people killed and his later decisions that again got a lot of people killed. I liked him in force Awakens at the start but this movie just no.

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Unread postPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:29 am
by Sun Fin
I agree with you on Kylo Ren and also Tran. I think she did a good job of Rose who was a character I actually liked. Yes the arc she acted in was absolutely ridiculous, I really hated the casino story line, but I don't put that on the characters.

Where I fundamentally disagree with you is on Luke. Throughout history you can see people who made radical steps and took huge, principled risks in their youth who when they get older compromise and fold in a way they would never have in their youth. Archbishop Cranmer is just one such figure who comes to mind. Luke had watched people he cared about die to the dark side of the force, had stood up to it and believed he had conquered it forever. Then it rears its ugly head again. I can understand a moment of irrationality.

Also, I'm re-reading the EU now, Zahn is just an amazing writer.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:34 pm
by Sun Fin
Say what you will about the prequel movies but Stover’s novel adaption of Revenge of the Sith is so good. I’ve just read the opening chapter and his bit about the legend of Kenobi and Skywalker just catches me right where it hurts, every single time. I will read the whole book half believing that this time Anakin might not turn, that Jedi will handle him better. Just beautifully written.