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Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 1:26 pm
by Xiahou Jian
Long time ago, at a friends house, we went to block buster and saw the new "Dynasty Warriors 2". My friends brother said it was a game about Japan and its history. I didn't look at the artwork or case; we just got it. Later, after playing it, I scolded the fool and said it was China. I was hooked. Later in time, DW3 came out. And after playing that for a while, I got the book. Then, later I found out about the RoTK series. I was hooked once again.

Sure, Roman history and battles can be neat, and Japanese history of the Warring States is,too. But the warring states of China in RoTK really is the most interesting of history and military affairs to me.

Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 1:24 am
by Zhuge Zhao
Probably because I carried the surname Zhuge and it is my country's national heritage.

Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 2:15 am
by Ts'aoist
A long long time ago I played Romance of the Three Kingdoms with my friends from elementary school. The first RTK game, that is. I also played Destiny of an Emperor, but I don't remember if I thought the two games were related somehow...

Unread postPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2004 3:31 pm
by Equinox
I inherited my brother-in-law's PS2, complete with several games, including Dynasty Warriors 3 and Dynasty Tactics. They are gifts that keep giving, to say the least. Though my father had told me about the Three Kingdoms period in the past, and read several stories to my sister and I, I had a hard time remembering who was who and where everything was, but playing the games I instantly grew more and more interested, as well as began reading for myself, the novel and the history surrounding it. So thanks Koei, for stimulating an interest I never knew was there, and enabling me to find thsi community in the process!

Unread postPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2004 11:25 pm
by Zhang Ren of Shu
I found it out through Dynasty Warriors 2. Right when we got our PS2, we got it because we hadnt played a good fighting game for a long long time.

Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 2:40 am
by Frank
I was brought into it by my sister's boyfriend, Richard, and DW3. He said he had a game that he thought was the coolest acion game he's ever played(Talking about DW3.). At first, I was skeptical, but then I played it... well, the rest is history. Let's just say it involves countless other gaming series and 3 internet forums.

Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 8:28 pm
by WeiTreize
The book ROTK book then dynasty warriors and it has been sweet.

Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 10:54 pm
by Shiyuan
I started getting involved in ROTK thanks to Dynasty Warriors. It's pretty funny how a video game changed my life (well...not exactly).

Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 2:23 am
by Big J
I got in to ROTK via DW3, why do i have to be so mainstream? :lol: I aint mainstream whatsoever

Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 3:06 am
by Sean
My friend had told me that DW was based on actual Chinese history, so that's when I became "attracted" to the ROTK world. But the main reason isn't behind playing DW; it's the history of my nation.