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Unread postby Havie » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:29 am

Thanks for the replies,
man X is really good for its time, you can tell Koei used to put more love and effort into their games.
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Re: RTK X: Discussion Thread

Unread postby Live Bait » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:58 pm

Sakae Wu wrote:
Live Bait wrote: Officers' ranks are based on their deeds. Titles by the emperor are based on number of cities you control and number of officers you employ, supposedly with Hero skill.

I think titles from the emperor are based on the territories controlled (Ba Shu, Central Plains, etc)
It's been awhile since I played this so I may be mistaken.

Anyways, welcome to SoSZ Live Bait!

Thanks for the welcome.

I was wrong it isn't based on cities. It's provinces controlled and officers with hero skill. I actually paid a bit of attention while looking it up. 1 province and 0 heroes is protector, 1 province and 3 heroes is governor and so on.

Last night after taking Zi Tong, Cheng Du and Jiang Zhou I'm rushed into the council upon my return. Not paying attention to the map I thought, "Oh, maybe I just secured control of my first province my officers want to bestow titles upon me." Nope, it was just and envoy of Cao Cao with a gift of gold and friendship. I guess I should start preparing a place for my new friend who I expect to be making a visit sometime soon.

Live Bait wrote:4. I've found most tactics work better when you've lowered order in the target city.

Last night while organizing a protest of the Ma Teng government to give my officers something to do while I took Zi Tong. I realized that I was going to lose my spy in Wu Wei when Ma Teng put all his officers on patrol to counter my protests, and sure enough my spy was sent home shortly after. Just thought I'd add this since having spies in cities seems to have a positive influence on the use of tactics also.
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