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Unread postby Atma » Mon Oct 13, 2003 3:40 am

That's what I thought... I should've mentioned it. Espeuially since someone might've thought that swords ALWAYS give +8. Sorry, people.
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Unread postby Wu_fanatic » Sat Oct 18, 2003 9:56 am

Atma wrote:Okay, I tried milking Province 10... and after 20 items it stopped spitting any more out. I know they have more than that, but...

Yeah, the game just seems to quit giving out stuff after a while, that's why I've never got the Han Seal myself.

I've been using my hex editor to toy around with my snes romance 2 rom, and I couldn't get the Ruling Seal of the Han Dynasty to show up. I had battled to the point where the Ruler's Seal will come out next, and I did a zsnes saved state right before the battle. Then I quit the game, opened the rom, and swapped those two rows of hex values from the Ruler's Seal with the Han Seal. Didn't work. But I've figured out something better... I figured out how to hack the original attributes of the generals!

For example, Zhao Yun's numbers are: int 85 war 99 chm 92. So I took these three numbers and converted them to hexadecimal values, which comes out to 55 63 5C. So then I did a search for 55 63 5c and I found them, and there was no second set of values like this, so I knew I found them. Then I simply changed the 55 to 56, just to see if I could raise Zhao Yun's intelligence by 1. I saved the rom, then fired up a new game, and it worked!

I can also fix that spelling error in the advisor message about "Chao Yun thrives on danger." I then looked up Zhuge Liang's attributes of 100 65 98 and converted to hex values of 64 41 62. I found the hex numbers and changed the 41 (representing the decimal 65) and changed it to 64 (decimal 100). I started a new scenario 4 game, played Han Xuan and Liu Bei, and sent Huang Zhong to war. Zhuge Liang can now tie Huang Zhong in personal combat. Hahahahaha! I then remembered the war glitch Dennis mentioned and converted Zhuge Liang's war to 165 (hex A5), just to see what would happen. During personal combat w/ Huang Zhong, Zhuge Liang's war was a small square picture that kept changing, along with the changing single digit. It was another tie. Fun stuff. Now I can edit this game like crazy. Imagine editing Liu Bei's war to 100, let the computer play him, and then try to take him down in the castle, with his tiger generals running around, on level 3... But don't get too obsessed with this stuff, it's still only a game. I've blown something like 4-5 hours trying to get that Ruling Seal of the Han Dynasty, though I think I got the picture of it to show up.
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Unread postby Kong Wen » Sun Oct 19, 2003 8:10 pm

You should do an "unofficial" better translation of the game, fixing little mistakes and stuff like that. Wouldn't that be fun?
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Unread postby Tellias » Fri Oct 31, 2003 9:55 am

My favorite RTK was always number 3 for SNES. For sum reason I just loved that game, maybe it was the battle system, as laim as it was. I loved the whole idea of attacking the city walls to get and such.

I'm bit of an old schooler (been playing RTK since 1997) so second fav woul be RTK 1 for Nintendo which I still have. I dunno, maybe its the whole battle system where your divisions are set up as squares, when a fire set it there is no action, and when units fight there is a nothing but a bucnh blinking between the fighting forces LOL. So ghetto you gotta love it!! I still RTK 1 and would still play it even to this day but it never saves anymore. We all know how long RTK games take to play so without a save option is a lil difficult to play. I miss the China where all the districts are seperated by perfectly straight 2D lines and are nothin but a multi-colored group of numbers hehe.

Wouldn't it be awesome if KOEI made a RTK for computer that was internet based!? Man that would be so fun, i get tired of whippin up on the computer all the time :wink:
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Unread postby Wu_fanatic » Sat Nov 22, 2003 9:40 am

Kong Zhengshu wrote:You should do an "unofficial" better translation of the game, fixing little mistakes and stuff like that. Wouldn't that be fun?

Actually, I don't think there's too many mistakes. I can only think of the "Chao Yun thrives on danger" off the top of my head.

Anyways, I got a bit tired of RTK2 for now, and reading the threads about later RTK games stirred up my interest, so I dug out my RTK4 for the PC.

I have several complaints about this game (and no, I'm not thinking of buying the later games for now).One is the castle battle. It should allow the defender to open/close the gate for the cavalry to run through.

Another issue is the skills each general have/don't have. I don't understand why there's a "Recruit" skill such that an officer without it cannot by used to recruit someone. This just seems silly. If a recruiter has a low charm rating (no charisma), then he would be a bad choice for a recruiter, but he shouldn't automatically be disqualified from at least being able to recruit.

The last issue is one I find strange, which are the skills Infantry, Cavalry, and Archery. It's not like an officer who doesn't have the infantry skill is unable to use infantry (at least Koei didn't screw this up). In fact, I haven't noticed any difference in battle whether or not a general has the skill for the type of soldiers he's commanding. So if a general has the cavalry skill, does he get a bonus in combat when he is commanding cavalry? Like a +5 or +10 leadership bonus when he's using cavalry? Koei's instructions should have at least clarified this part. Either way, I noticed that when I used an infantry unit with Ma Chao, Pang De, and Ma Dai (none of them has the infantry skill) to charge Zhang Lu, they still easily crushed him. In this sense, combat haven't changed much from RTK2 to RTK4.
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RTK SEGA 16 bit

Unread postby Jackson » Sun Nov 23, 2003 7:06 am

The first RTK game I played was on SEGA (I think 16 bit). That game was superior in many aspects.

The army despatched out of the city can move freely on the map, eg. I can launch my army from Chen Liu and attack Chengdu if I want to, as long as I equip my army with enough provisions.

Battles are more realistic. Formations are decided when starting battles and can be changed in the middle of a battle when situations change. We can see the individual soldiers grouped in units of 100 up to 1000. All is not lost when a general has no more soldiers. A great general like Guan Yu for example can take on Cao Bao with 500 soldiers singlehandedly. Guan Yu can charge through the formations and resolve the battle with Cao Bao in personal combat, which the players can control. And officers actually die in battle!
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RTK3 Error

Unread postby Jackson » Sun Nov 23, 2003 5:41 pm

In RTK3, Guo Jia's intelligence is only 80. All the RTK3 games I downloaded from different sites are the same, with Guo Jia int. being only 80. Was it supposed to be 80?
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Unread postby Emperor Sain Cai » Sun Nov 23, 2003 6:14 pm

Yup, I think KOEI made a mistake when they put Guo Jia's In at 80 and Pol at 97. Perhaps they meant to reverse them.
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Unread postby Zhang Lu » Thu Nov 27, 2003 6:30 am

Atma wrote:Actually, I think that the accuracy rate depends on Intelligence. So, since Xu Shu has 96 Int, I'm assuming that he's correct 96% of the time. Therefore, giving an Intelligence-boosting book should let your advisor raise to 100 Intelligence.
In my experience, the accuracy rate for advisors with intel from 96-98 are indistinguishable. I've seen Lu Xun saying "you can't hope for more improvement" when I was awarding writings to a guy with a much lower intel, and other silly mistakes like that. I've got Gan Ning's intel up to 90! in my current game, maybe I'll try boosting it to 100 with the intel-boosting items... but I think the game won't make him super-accurate like Zhuge Liang.

I got Zhang Liao up to 99 INT, so :P

Used Liu Bei, got Zhuge Liang and started rewarding. Zhang Liao had 99 INT to go with his 92 WAR. Did the same for Zhang He. Zhang He now has a 91 INT to go with his 100 WAR (got a weapon in Province 10). Good to have smart officers who can fight, trust me ;)
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Unread postby Chrysalis » Fri Dec 19, 2003 5:58 pm

RotTK 2 was easily the best for me out the ones I played, it is just so impressive for a game tactic wise.

Yeah like the other guy said earlier falling loyalties is linked to trust usually, there are other factors as well of course. If your leader has low charm eg. LU BU you are going to struggle with loyalties, he would struggle with 90+ trust never mind 50 trust, so when choosing a leader make sure he has over 90 charm, and always try to make province governers have 70+ charm as well as high war.

Gaining and losing trust works like this, the other guy was mostly right.

Betraying ally during war -25 trust
Failing to send ally troops when asked -5 trust
Attacking ally -3 trust (way too low)
Attempting to capture messenger on a diplomatic message -3 trust
Seizing an allies letter unless against you -3 trust (you can actually seize a letter from ally if he is trying to steal one of your generals and you wont be penelised)
Helping an ally in battle +1 trust per general if lose battle or +3 trust per general if win battle so maximum +15 trust
Not reading an allies letter +3 trust
Taxing outside normal months -3 trust

Ok sometimes you can misjudge who the letter is for if you catch an ally, but things I always do is always work on getting your trust up, ally with as much leaders as possible, always help out allies when they ask you to, try not to read allies letters and always cancel an alliance before you attack.

Also when you have generals who are within the bloodline of the leader they will have sticky loyalties meaning when they join you they will have 90+ loyalty straight away and it will never go down unless from a forgery letter or spy in the province (good way of finding spies), if anyone has a list of generals loyal to each leader then please provide thanks.

Zhuge liang is always right of course but 80 int doesnt mean 80% accuracy, if I have a general with 80 int he is normally around 50% right I reckon, so I would put 90 int at 75% accuracy, and pang tong seems to be more accurate than sima yi even tho they both have 98 int.

Thanks for the province 10 trick of always getting prize i never knew that so here is my own tip.

When playing the game on level 2 and 3 especially level 3 battles can be extremely tough, if you are fighting with an ally allow him to get into a position where he initiates simultaneous attacks against the enemy with your troops and then your troops will do the same damage as they would on level 1. Also when playing on level 3 always take gold into battle to cover bribes even if all your generals are 100 loyalty I have seen my gernerals with 100 loyalty defect before and its not good if you cant bribe back.
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