ROTK X- Gongsun Zan and Zhao Yun

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ROTK X- Gongsun Zan and Zhao Yun

Unread postby Havie » Thu May 31, 2018 1:32 pm

So I've got this weird potential bug going on?

Ive been playing as Lu Bu talking the center of the map, meanwhile Yuan Shao and Gongsun zan just keep going back and forth in the north, I decide I wana befriend zhao yun to be able to recruit when Gongsun zan is eventually destroyed... problem is bei ping never falls.. so I start to try to intervene by agitating the populace, I get the order down to like 64 one turn, then I sent everyone to spread rumours of zhao yun... they all fail. Agitate some more, try for the walls, its mediocre. I look, and Bei ping has 164,000 troops... which is insane compared to the rest of the map, let alone the constant wars between the two forces...
I get pissed and i lead an all out assault all the way up to be iping and , defeat Zhao Yun in a duel, take the city and offer employment to my friend. He refuses...
I think fine, Ive got Liu Bei in my force anyway, and many talented officers, Ill just employ him eventually.
This bastard refuses over and over. When selecting an officer to employ... my strategists dont even see Liu Bei as a "best" option... and sending him fails over and over... what the heck gives? Is this some kind of bugg? Or will Zhao yun never join someone who beats his force? Also what was the deal with Bei Pings never ending epic troop count..
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