Random crash [RTKXI, PC, Eng]

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Re: Random crash [RTKXI, PC, Eng]

Unread postby Lezard Valeth » Tue May 10, 2016 6:46 pm

Thanks, but this script wasn't available until now. It was made for personal use while learning the basics on powershell.

Powershell comes with Windows 7 and onwards. Still, not only you can install version 2 on XP, but also my script was written and tested on this version; so at least you won't have compatibility issues. Note that it also requires .NET, which again, you likely already have installed.

There was a portable powershell around not so long ago, but it seems Microsoft put an end to it. I still have a beta, but you no longer need it.

Zyzyfer wrote:
squall leonhart wrote:Thanks for the new solution.
Can you explain about "historical" slots?

They are slots intended for NPCs that ended up not being used.

They're found after Lu Zhi and are named something like "Historical ##"
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