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Share your ROTK XI PUK PC game

Unread postPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:56 am
by foosoomin
This is the 2nd time i tried playing this game........Here's my stats below

My game settings

- Difficulty: Extreme (Custom modification)

- Battle Death: High

- Officer Edit: Ignore

- Face Change: Ignore

- Sorcery, Lighting: Enabled

- Female Generals: View All/Historical

- Ability Change: Ignore

- Events: View All

- Lifespan: Fictional

- Kin: Historical

- Relationship: Historical

- Close Friend: Historical

- Character: Historical

- Debuts: Historical

Game status

- After defending Xu Chang for 3 & 1/2 half years, Dong Zhuo finally set his eyes on Cao Cao

- Dong Zhuo & Cao Cao have been attacking my Xu Chang city for many years, managed to defend it but became weak

- No training research done

- currently still unable to expand, gonna build up

- A lot of officers are not loyal to Yuan Shao

- Quite surprisingly, this game: Liu Dai, Tao Qian, Han Fu has not been wiped out (They are normally wiped out in the very early stage)

Download scenario file link

Saved file link:



3D Map


Force Status


Technique Skill researched