ROTK XI custom scenario: Land Dispute (V2)

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ROTK XI custom scenario: Land Dispute (V2)

Unread postby foosoomin » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:55 am

Custom scenario: Land Dispute (V2)

Download scenario file

Additional information

A) All officers & rulers deeds are set @ 8000

B) All officers & rulers loyalty are set @ 120

C) See below City Health Point picture for the new MAX HP, they are doubled from original HP value now. It makes this scenario much harder to play

D) All playable 670 officers are either rulers or officers

E) The 18 bonus officers originally from PS2 Japanese PUK game are in this scenario too. They are searchable in some cities

F) The texts displayed in every force Country is mixed up, as it's chinese characters

G) Ports & gates Health Point has been doubled too

H) Original Non-playable characters has been converted to playable. They are searchable in some cities

I) Rebel officers are playable too

Wuwan Chief ( searchable @ Ji city )

Wuwan Officer ( searchable @ Ji city )

Qiang Chief ( searchable @ Wu Wei city )

Qiang Officer ( searchable @ Wu Wei city )

Shanyue Chief ( searchable @ Wu city )

Shanyue Officer ( searchable @ Wu city )

Nanman Chief ( searchable @ Yun Nan city )

Nanman Officer ( searchable @ Yun Nan city )

J) All forces are now Hostile with foreign tribes ( Wuwan, Qiang, Shanyue, Nanman & Bandits ), and vice versa too

Force selection screen




City Health Point

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