ROTK X Prefect problems

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ROTK X Prefect problems

Unread postby phatmonkey91 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:38 am

Ok so I'm still playing ROTK X, because imo its the best one out there.

Anyway Ive had this problem wen i started playing it the first time a few years back and now that I'm playing again I remember why i stopped. Anyway the problem is this, I have territory, either as a leader or a vicroy and assign prefects. Great im thinking but not really, because no matter what my prefects dont do crap. I have even tried this with a complete CAW army, 7 ppl in one city and the city was set up to domestic improvement, 3 years later nothing was done (litterally). Keep in mind all of my caw offeicers in this game were as op as they get (100's across the board and 500 fame along with 100 loyalty from everyone as they were all the leaders brothers and sister, the prefect was the wife). Given i have yet to have an issue when I am having them attack a city, I cant get them to build worth s**t. the only thing they would build is an army, and thats only if i set them to cap a city. Is anyone else having this problem? Funny side note, my characters sister joined Sun Ce after the city getting capped, and i cant employ her back lol :lol: :lol:
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