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Re: Rotk XI - Rules for a More Challenging Game

Unread postby Zyzyfer » Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:36 am

Gray Riders wrote:I think lowering it that much might lead to "rocket tag" battles early on; a quick test showed 500 vs 500 of Zhang Liao (cav) vs Cao Cao (spear) had Cao Cao losing almost half his unit from a single tactic. The damage system doesn't scale very well at lower levels.

About the fire traps; I think with the Fortification skill the small units can get the trap up in one turn. Now note that Wu has Fortification AND Divine Fire...

I didn't actually know what rocket tag meant at first. Yeah, it would definitely be a lot of back and forth I think, and getting that first hit would play a major role every time a battle gets going. Cao Cao and Zhang Liao would of course have more than 500 troops, heh.

It would change the dynamics of the game to a degree (like making Fortification a second or even first tier skill and Fortitude would play a larger role overall, as well as Indestructible) and feel more historical, but I don't really see it increasing the challenge per se, and I'm not sure how entertaining it would actually be. I mean, if Zhang Liao is running around with 500 troops and is participating in an attack, his unit will probably get crushed a few times, so he'll keep having to march out again, and he runs a higher risk of getting captured. The getting captured bit might seem like it would raise the challenge factor, but I just think it would be a nuisance more than anything else.

edit: Oh, and I just realized. Riverine warfare would be a nightmare, imagine all the ships you'd potentially have to build to take a port in one of those big vs. Wu battles. :?
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Re: Rotk XI - Rules for a More Challenging Game

Unread postby Dtjahyadi » Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:59 am

Or make a stronger enemies by joining several of them under one banner with editor :p

Put 30 new officer in the new forces while you start small :)
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