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Playing ROTK 11 PC version - I feel like Shu kingdoms

Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:03 am
by the hidden dragon
I have been playing this version for few years now.
and this time i created about 10-12 personalized generals (or rather warriors) with war and intelligent very high. I played the last fantasy senario where all the warlords are given 1 castle each to fight it out.

Initially i started at Jiang Xia, and managed to eliminate liu bei @ Jiang Ling and absorbed most his men. I eliminated Sun Ce /sun jian and sun quan's territories @ Cai SHang and also taken most his able men.

I have more or less conquered Yi Zhou except for 2 areas uunder meng huo (shi quan and jian ning). I also dominated Jing Zhou except for jia xia , shang yong and xin ye. Dong zhuo is still around with 3 cities in the Xi Liang area. Gong sun zan managed to eliminate all other warlords,including yuan shao, lu bu, cao cao etc. He now dominate the territories where Cao cao used to dominate and he have 1 million army.

I only got 300k stuck and struggling in Yi and Jung Zhou. I have just been ousted out of Han Zhong.

His army keep coming at 100k at my cities which i am still struggling to withhold.

Dong zhuo and Meng huo seems powerless to post any threat to Gong sun zan and the senario seems ill fated that i am bound to be eliminated soon.

Now i feel i am liu bei Shu kingdom during the 3 kingdom era. despite my effort to keep attacking them, i keep being forced to retreat and all my men and supply are dropping, while gong sun keep coming and coming.

how should i counter this? (although just a game) :cry: