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Unread postby Sakae Wu » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:42 am

Xu Huang fan wrote:can't believe i'm posting here again, but during my Yuan Shao run in 190 i witnessed Kong Zhou take Xu Chang away from Dong Zhuo, Dong Zhuo was lucky he wasn't captured and executed because HE was in the city!

then later on i've seen Kong Zhou manage to get himself promoted to Governor and he's kicking Liu Biao's teeth in since he has characters like Guo Jia and Xu Zhu, this is amazing i have never seen Kong Zhou do this good.

Wow! Is this on XI? Those little rare surprises is what made it fun for me. I've seen Kong Zhou hold out in Ru Nan for years and try a few small scale attacks on Xu Chang. Never had much success in my games though.
Poor Liu Biao has a tough time defending against anyone it seems. :)

My biggest AI surprise was probably Han Fu taking Chen Liu from Cao Cao after 4 or 5 years of constant harassment. Usually CC brushes him off pretty easily, but this time most of his big guns were off fighting DZ.
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