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Unread postby James » Mon Oct 28, 2002 4:01 am

Liu Jin wrote:Heh..just to point this out, without me to tell James...he didn't even know about it! :lol: although I thought he was smater then that...no offense

What, the release dates? I knew that long before you told me.
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms page? You would not believe how much email I get when something like that goes online. I heard it five times on that day alone. :)

And I don’t really see how you can say, “I thought he was smarter than that” over something like this, but yet intend no offense. ;)
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Unread postby Ieyasu Xundari » Mon Oct 28, 2002 9:15 pm

Liu Jin said:

Anyways..RTK9 is just not fitting for the series...I wouldn't even buy this..but if anyone is nice enough to give me it..then..hm..

What exactly do you mean? Some people are saying it looks like a Warcraft clone; is that the reason why you have that opinion? Is it even going to be like Warcraft, or is that just a rumor being thrown around?
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Unread postby Jimayo » Mon Oct 28, 2002 9:59 pm

Going with rob's idea I would like to see it that when you go off to battle, it switches to the military phase, and you take control of your army in your city. Take it whereever you want(no need to specify a target) and when you run into an army(better make sure you have scouts), your battle begins. The military phase ends after so many days and you are back to civil until the end of the month. You'll continuosly be regaining control of your army until you take it back to one of your cities. That would be great if you also had the ability to have control of multiple forces. True campaign style warfare.
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Unread postby Mega Zarak » Tue Oct 29, 2002 10:07 am

Some portraits gave me the feeling that they were recycled. Sima Yi reminds me of Cheng Pu (RTK VIII). Zhou Yu looks like....eeww...what happened to him?! He looks OK in VII and it gets worse in VIII and now..sigh. :cry: Luckily Sun Ce looked much better. Btw, I enjoyed using the duo in KOEI games.

Also, I think they got the Chinese characters for intelligence wrong! :x

Anyway, I'm kindda disappointed that KOEI reverted back to RTK VI style of gameplay (?). Hopefully the game will not be biased towards Shu like RTK VIII. And yeah, the day that it becomes RTS is the day that I stop playing it altogether. :oangry:
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Unread postby Lance » Wed Oct 30, 2002 2:31 am

Depending on RTK8, I may not even get RTK9 if you can't play as an officer......that was a great advance in gameplay....why the hell does Koei insist of going forward in most areas whilst taking steps backwards in some areas when they make new RTKs? It just doesn't make sense....don't they know not to fix something that isn't broken?
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Wed Oct 30, 2002 3:02 am

What's funny (well maybe not...), there's a write-up about RTK9 on that Chinese website which said, "Since the role-playing in RTK7 and 8 has not been that popular..." I wonder who they've talked to. The flexibility in official status has certainly been something that I loved in RTK7.

They're also stressing that it's not going to be an RTS... which is good... since it got rid of the "role-playing" aspect in 7 and 8, I wonder how much more than RTK6 it'll be (apart from pretty graphics, but some of the portraits look a bit on the wimpy side anyway).
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Unread postby Carp's Tail » Wed Oct 30, 2002 1:22 pm

I guess we'll have to wait and see for someone to get their hands on a copy and review it for us!
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Unread postby Liu Jin » Thu Oct 31, 2002 4:58 am

Hah..then I guess you'll have to sit back and wait for a long time...since Koei got a messed up mind. Like they held off RTK7...to fix some things...but..they still have those typing errors and mistake.

I think this time for RTK9, they'll probally named the picture of Sun Ce, Cao Cao :D
Liu Jin

RE: from words of mouth

Unread postby Windrush » Wed Nov 13, 2002 12:22 pm

It has been known that Koei tries not to release a full proof game, leaving some flaws behind to serve as room for improvement for the next version..
They try to experiment (with 7 and 8) but don't try too hard to pull out the stops on all the plus features that the fans are yearning for.

that's why every game in the Rtk series feels somewhat differently from one another, everytime

"one step forward, another step back "

And I don't like the way they base their selling points of their games (particularly 7 and 8) on stuff that are considered merely frills.
aside from the rpg element, they introduced minor stuff like marriage... etc

I won't say it is utter rubbish but it is also not a very important aspect of the game.

Let's us ask ourselves: what were the real improvements of the game? besides the multimedia aspects, (improvements in graphic detail and maybe audio), has the gameplay improved?
A lot of pple considered the new battle system in rtk7 much worse than that of rtk6. It is not as realistic, and it somehow makes the computer players more vulnerable against human players, who can do a lot of "funny" things that are not truly in the spirit of a battle but they allow them to win the battle nevertheless.

rpg element: or greater focus on the individual general
This was an interesting idea, but due to limitations of the AI.
The average general will find little meaningful interaction with his surroundings besides from: learning skills, improving his stats.
It's only a matter of time before the rpg element becomes repetitive and bland.

Your computer ruler, for most of the time, do not usually act very wisely, you can expect the ruler with the largest army to win over time.
And I see them executing officials even towards the end of the game... until you see:

Province A with General 1 attacks Province B with General 2.
If general 1 wins, he takes over Province B, but general 2 flees to the abandoned Province A!!

Oh, this nuance has been there since the time of Rtk1 and remains even till now.

From Rtk7 to Rtk8, well give them credit for the more sophiscated scenarios. But looking back at 7, and ponders about 8:

what has happened to the items, places of interests gallery?
what has happened to the various competitions?
what has happened to the mission modes?

They claim to offer greater freedom with Rtk8, but why do I find my gameplay options even more limited?

These are what I gathered from playing the PC versions of the respective games.
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I played the entire RTK/San Series (1-8) as well as Uncharted Water Series (1-4) by Koei on the PC.
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Enlisting the help of babelfish, an online translator

Unread postby Windrush » Fri Nov 15, 2002 2:23 pm

..I attempted to translate the Japanese official info about San IX to English.
There were some very interesting results. Kong Ming became Hole Discernment, while Fa Zheng shown up as Legal Righteousness! (this has something to do with the english meanings of the chinese characters of their names)

But nevertheless, here it is:

"San IX"

Windows edition this winter Yen sale schedules 12,800

1. Opportunism it actualizes the strategy! Series first 1 map adoption.

By the fact that the Chinese all earth is designated as series first 1 map, it removes the strategy of main and the fence of war.
It sets up ruse and appointment in war, requests the reinforcements while fighting defensively, opportunism coping is possible.
It pre-reads the following move, it can taste the Daigo taste which destroys the enemy with the God calculation ogre ..
In addition, the Yangtze River big river which has the fight of the red wall, Liu preparation and . virtue unfolds fierce battle the severe . mountain et cetera in the China where
Attaching the flow and difference of elevation of the river, it expresses. It is possible even visually to enjoy the world of fresh three . will.

2. You read future, smash the enemy! Mission * agent system adoption.
Time stops and thinks thoroughly and can give the indication " strategic phase " and, is decided with strategic phase to the indication which
Therefore time elapses constitutes from two phases of " advance phase " in real time.
The prayer, freely using the personality rich generals, to give the maneuvers to opportunism, then the general acts according to the maneuvers,
The strategy of the self hits, or watches over lapse. Because of this, reading future, the fine maneuvers raising,
When that hits beautifully, it can taste the refreshing impression.

3. The soldier it stops helping topography,! It customizes the battlefield.
It is possible to construct the various military establishments on the map.
To build the strong fort on the mountain and drop the stone and to prevent the Shin troop of the enemy, the case of siege warfare in the vicinity position
Installing, width of the strategy is developed variously with thought circumstance of the player e.g., it prepares for long war.

4. Raising the general, aim toward the strongest corps! Unit customization & strategic drill system.
Adding the special ability to call the personality of the general of Mikuni era " strategy ", it expresses.
The unit which consists of the group of people while changing the constitution with the partner and the district, defeats the enemy.
Because the general keeps doing the growth which responds to the contents of fight, the formation which responds to the circumstance of that place is done well to do,
It continues to use the general of the taste well to do. It is possible to keep building the power of your taste.

5. The multiple play up to maximum of 8 is possible.

6. As for the BACKGROUND MUSIC which colors the immense Chinese continent all the 23 tunes. Composition / Kuriyama harmony tree

taken from: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/products/prod ... /new/san9/

I will try edit the above to a more comprehensible version ASAP, with the help from the knowledge that I have already garnered from Chinese reviews.
something about myself...
I played the entire RTK/San Series (1-8) as well as Uncharted Water Series (1-4) by Koei on the PC.
Yes, I'm versed both English and Chinese.
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