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Re: RTK IX: Discussion Thread

Unread postby bookwormbabe29 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:54 pm

Wow, a reply! A most welcome surprise. Considering the number of searches I've already done, I sort of figured they were not going to show up until later. Yet now I know why, and knowing is half the battle, or so I've heard. Hopefully the other half helps me defeat the tribes, as holy **** they are kicking my butt. 150,000 troops with big name generals (Cao Cao, Zhang Liao, etc) and I barely scratched the Wu Wan. And Wo just showed up (I forgot that could happen!) so now I'm scrambling. At this rate I'll take out everyone else before I take out ONE tribe. Oy. I digress. Thank you for the information!
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Re: RTK IX: Discussion Thread

Unread postby Bush Leagues » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:08 pm

For the tribes, this is the basic strategy I use.

First, have good relations with them so you can safely build up without them attacking you. Trusted is the only guarantee, friendly makes it unlikely that they will attack you, but still possible.

Once that's done, build forts in areas as close to their cities as you can, as best you can. If your relations are good, they won't attack you to stop you (like how other countries sometimes will when you try to build outposts and the like next to their cities).

Next, station a lot of troops and some good (but they don't have to be top-tier) officers in those forts. I prefer attacking with about 200K troops, but you can do it with less, too. Preferable officers are your top-tier general-ranked guys (for high troop-count units), and lots of INT guys. They don't have to be particularly smart, but your really want some guys with confuse. You'll also need officers who know the "ram" skill. Cao Cao is a great officer for this, as he meets all these requirements (either a liege or top-tier officer in your army, so can command lots of troops; knows "ram" at the start of the game; high INT with the "confuse" skill).

Basically you want 4-5 units that have high troop count (probably 30K plus), led by a single high leadership general, each with a few officers that know "confuse", in a ram formation. Assemble the required troops and officers in your forts that are near the tribe cities. It helps if the commanding officers in these units have the "calm" personality; you want them to ignore the tribe units that will march against you.

Next, you need to drop relations with the tribe so you don't incur a big penalty for attacking them with good relations. Using officers other than the ones you plan to attack with, send the diplomatic command "request" to the tribes, asking to attack something across the map from them. They'll refuse and relations will drop. What you want to do is send about 6 of these requests in the same phase. Each time they refuse, relations will get slightly worse. 4 or 5 is probably enough to drop relations to "neutral" so that you are free to attack, but sending a few more to be safe is not a bad idea.

Once relations are neutral, march your assembled units on the tribe. Send them all at once, all set to ignore enemies while marching. I recommend not having them retreat, but it's not that big a deal. Your units will start taking a lot of damage when they get in range of the city. The troop count is so high, they deal lots of damage each day. That's why you want the confuse, so you can have them deal no damage for several days while you knock down the walls. As a bonus, if the next phase begins while the city is confused, they cannot march any units out, so your rams will be safe from their powerful tactics.

This is the main strategy I use for dealing with tribes.

There is an alternative one you can use as well, though, but it only works well against the Qiang and Shan Yue. Basically it involves building a single fort nearby, and sticking lots and lots of troops in it (maybe about 200K). Assign 5 solid leadership officers to the fort, and let the enemies bang their heads against it over and over again until their troop counts are more reasonable and a conventional fight can be taken. The only thing to worry about is the defense of the fort, as it'll be subjected to several attacks in a row, so try and repair between attacks if you can. If you really get in a pinch, you can send a gift to the tribe to get good relations against and find some time to repair. You'll also take some casualties over time, so keep some troops nearby that you can transport in as well.

This second strategy doesn't work against the Wu Wei since they have horsebow tactics, and will kill your soldiers in the fort too fast. And it doesn't work against Nanman since they have elephants, and will deal both casualties and damage to the fort too fast. For those two tribes, I recommend the first strategy.
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