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Re: Where to buy Romance of the Three Kingdoms PC versions:

Unread postby Jebusrocks » Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:44 pm

DreamGoddessLindsey wrote:Okay, look, I've searched everywhere and only 11 and 12 are still being sold.

As such, I'm asking. Is there anywhere to download Romance of the Three Kingdoms 10 with the PUK that isn't a torrent site (since I can't download torrents right now) and that actually works? I figure it's okay to ask only because buying it is 100% impossible now so it should rightly and fairly be public domain since there are no longer any sales related to the game whatsoever and so there is no longer any legal standing to claim lost business or sales, which is the entire point of anti-piracy actions.

If this gets me in trouble or banned, then that's to be blamed on archaic nonsense. The game can't be gotten any "legal" way at all. If this gets me in trouble, then I really should just leave the site permanently. I'm just so frustrated. I got back into RTK10 recently but I can't play the PS2 version now because I have no way to play it. Since I did pay for RTK10 on the PS2 and the game can't be gotten otherwise, I should have a right to the download for the whole "personal backup" reason.

P.S. If you have the game, please find a way to get it to me. If not on here, then somehow to my e-mail.

P.S.S. Issues like this are why I support open source and open internet with no censorship at all.

I know a couple place that sell the digital Korean version of this for 'bout 6 dollars, honestly not sure if its legal tho! Though you need a Korean citizenship number (i dont have one anymore so i use my cousins)....
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