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Unread postby foosoomin » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:02 am

I play Chaos in Yuan family scenario, in English standard version of the game

1) I replaced Liu Bei with Guan Ping. Guan Ping is ruler now

2) Removed 3 brothers sworn siblings relation

3) Removed Liu Bei & Mi Shi spouse relation

4) I play without using weaponry (ram, tower, catapult, juggernaut)

5) i play using spear, pike, bow & calvary units

6) Removed Guan Ping & Liu Biao alliance (through hex editing)

Very difficult to play, being struggling for about 7 years, finally now i own just 6 cities only, with General title

If playing as Guan Ping (Liu Bei) in this scenario is already so difficult, i'm very sure playing as Liu Bei in "The Three Visit" scenario will be much tougher though
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