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Re: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Discussion

Unread postby foosoomin » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:40 am

in this game, why is Zhang Jiao unable to pair up with officers, even with his younger march as units with better stats

In the end, i have to "cheat" on the game, making the 3 brothers sworn brothers too

Is there something wrong with the game, on Zhang Jiao ?
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Re: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Discussion

Unread postby LiuBeiwasGreat » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:03 am

As I love to play as Liu Bei these games can be quite challenging as I prefer to start small and grow rather then hoping in when there are only 3 kingdoms. One of my favorite scenarios is 190 but Liu Bei's faction is in a horrible position having only 4 officers and being surrounded by allies who are all stronger (even Han Fu can kick your butt) The only way I can play through this scenario well is giving Liu Bei a couple of minor created officers then as soon as I can send a small cavalry force down to Xu Chang. Once captured send all of my officers down there and begin to recruit. There are around 6 or so really good officers there, if I can grab them I will then send the soldiers off to capture Shou Chun abandoning Xu Chang as it is extremely hard to defend against the imminent attack from Dong Zhou. Once Shou Chun is taken abandon Xu Chang and begin to develop that city.

From there you can expand southward and grow hopefully being able to hold on to Ping Yuan (doubtful as both Han Fu and Yuan Shao will attack you as soon as they decide you are no longer useful as an ally)

Does anyone have a better strategy as Liu Bei in this scenario? I do rely on at least a couple of created characters (political types) as Liu Bei really lacks in that department and it makes recruiting Guo Jia and company much easier. I find that once I can get Guo Jia, Xu Chu, and Xun Yu the game become much more manageable.
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Re: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Discussion

Unread postby Zyzyfer » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:47 am

LiuBeiwasGreat wrote:Does anyone have a better strategy as Liu Bei in this scenario?

The details are fuzzy but one time I played Liu Bei in this scenario and by hook and crook managed to flip the script and conquer my neighbors. Supplies are a huge concern early on, because you need to field the Three Bros when you fight and take advantage of their sworn sibling status. If my memory is correct, I taunted Han Fu first by fighting on the outskirts of Ye, letting his units come to me so I could get in the first strike and stun them, then went in for the kill there eventually. I am guessing I abandoned Pingyuan when Yuan Shao invaded, and once my officer corps was strengthened from Han Fu's guys enough to develop and fight at the same time, I reclaimed Pingyuan and then wiped out Yuan Shao. I don't know if I could ever repeat it :lol:

One general trick with this scenario is to throw some Goodwill cash at allies you want to keep at bay, the AI rarely does anything about the deteriorating relationships, so if you can afford to toss Yuan Shao some cash, he is more likely to break off with someone else who he has lower relations with instead, and buy you some time. It's worth noting that I exclusively played all markets in XI due to the locusts destroying farms issue. And I also always play on easy, so if you play on hard, I dunno :?

Anyway, while his starting position seems really dire initially, Kong Rong and Liu Dai are both vulnerable opponents if you can keep Han Fu and Yuan Shao as allies. I also think that, in one game, I marched down to Xiaopei and took that, then took Xiapi afterward. Once you have Guan Yu and Zhang Fei with enough spears to take a bump or two while fighting, toss Liu Bei on bows and you can mop the floor with the other small forces around you.

I'd be scared to go after Xuchang since that means you're right next to Dong Zhuo :lol:


As an aside, it's really funny comparing situations in XI and XIII. In XIII, there are a bunch of free cities up north, so in the base game, you could quickly snatch them up as Liu Bei, then put Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in separate cities so you can field more troops and stomp a mudhole on Yuan Shao. And in my current Cao Cao 190 game, I quickly seized Xuchang and then sent everything I had at Hulao Gate, broke Dong Zhuo's defenses there, and took Luoyang. He isn't nearly as intimidating in XIII if you hit him early. I was actually forced to continually expand after that due to personnel expenses :lol:
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Re: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Discussion

Unread postby foosoomin » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:01 am

Spotted one matter

If you are a ruler, you can give yourself rank too. Yes, i say Rank

Example, put 04 (Minister rank) after 00 (ruler), you will gain 2 more LDR points....

Any warriors who has more than 36,000 deeds, can be placed in this Minister position too

I playing as Wang Lang in my modified Rival Warlord scenario, doing this now

My LDR is now 52, instead of default value 47 (Modifed ranking additiona gain points too)
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