The Concept of Success in Modern Terms

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Unread postby Harimau » Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:53 am

Zhuge Kongming wrote:And that, unfortunately, is where it takes an almost unreal leader to bring it into the realm of probability.

Yes a one in a million type of a person.

I think it is mostly done to curry favor with other politicians and to strengthen themselves in the government. People serving in the government rarely remember that they are supposed to be serving the people. They take steps to increase their own wealth and increase the strength of the government, but seem blind to the consequences of their actions.

Sadly, this is quite typical of politics and those who live by it. SInce past times, there has always been opportunists who seek to gain power by oppresing the liberties of the people for their own personal gain. People like them should not be in power.

Who knows, I suppose it is possible that a race that travels the galaxy in an attempt to meet other races would anticipate such thinking and maybe work around it. I suppose it is just as likely that they want to harvest us for the next breeding season, but know knows. Heheh. Either way, they would have to accept aggression in order to get along with us, even if they "came in peace" they would be attacked by many.

But then again, humans may have progressed some distance in their thought patterns before they actually come. The aggression might be bred out of humans by the time that happens.
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Unread postby James » Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:57 am

Harimau wrote:But then again, humans may have progressed some distance in their thought patterns before they actually come. The aggression might be bred out of humans by the time that happens.

It is always possible. It would be interesting to live long enough to see such a thing, but I don't think humanity will ever be presentable in my lifetime.
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Unread postby robbyjo » Thu Aug 05, 2004 8:08 pm

Harimau wrote::?: Which do you consider best? Personal or Society's success?

For me, ideally it's society success. However, after I get involved in many volunteer programs, I noticed that my work nowhere gets appreciated. It's as though some guardian angels did it for them. Most of them are just ingrate people. Not only that you have to expend some sweat, you also need to expend some emotion. They are downright rude, mocking you in the face although what you're doing is literally saving their necks. I'm through. That's it. Jesus would endure such things, but I'm still a human being that have limits on patience / longsufferring / etc.

So, now I'm pursuing personal success. When I get it, I'd go back for society success.

Harimau wrote::?: What do you consider Success? Wealth? Prominence? Permanence?

Wealth. Prominence would be next, then permanence. I don't want to be remembered in history as heinous dictator, though... :mrgreen:

Harimau wrote::?: (If you agree with me) Are the effects of society influencing the concepts of personal success of youths by society a negative or positive thing?

See the answer of my first question.

Harimau wrote::?: Do you agree with Society's Ways of Branding "Evil" On all things they do not know or understand merely for maybe election promises?

Not a question. This is a common misconception. People may not be as ignorant as you might think.

Harimau wrote::?: How can we solve these problems of the world? Or are they just too ingrained in human nature that we cannot do so?

We can't. People has different morality values. Even some of this values are contradictable. So, conflict is inevitable.

-- Rob
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