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Unread postby Mega Zarak » Fri Aug 15, 2003 5:49 am

Zhanghe_of_Wei wrote:I'm doing first-year Engineering. Here're my Core (aka compulsary) subjects for this semester.. ulp!

Electric Circuits
Engineering Physics
Engineering Graphics
Communication Studies
Lab Theory + Practical
Engineers & Society (like history of engineering...)

Dry, dry, dry -_-

oh, and 9 weeks to exams btw...:?

Maybe after that I'll take up some subjects that're less...science-y

hmmm...all that looks familiar. Do you study in NUS?? :P
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Unread postby Zhanghe_of_Wei » Fri Aug 15, 2003 2:11 pm

Great Deer wrote:hmmm...all that looks familiar. Do you study in NUS?? :P

Nope. The 'other' one :P :roll:
Are you by any chance familiar with the course? *muffled shout * Help!! :(
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Unread postby Rhiannon » Fri Aug 15, 2003 7:40 pm

Ugh, change of plans, on Linguistics... I'm now taking a Critical Reading and Logic series instead. Ah well.

My schedule for Fall now officially looks thus:

Spanish 2A
Research Design for Social Ecology (SocEcol 10)
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Anthro 2A.... can't believe I missed that on this list)
Critical Reasoning
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Unread postby Kula Diamond » Tue Aug 19, 2003 7:28 pm

Clases for Fall 2003:

Ancient History
English 102

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Unread postby Harimau » Wed Aug 20, 2003 8:31 am

Advanced English
Studies of Religion
Ancient History
Mathematics Extension I
Mathematics Extension II
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Unread postby Emily » Wed Aug 20, 2003 2:13 pm

Human Growth and Development
American Literature from 1865
Middle Ages
U.S. History I (1000 - 1877)
U.S. History II (1877 - present)
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Unread postby SoSZ Patch 0506D » Mon Aug 25, 2003 8:37 pm

Fall Quarter 2003:

Biomedical Systems
Physics 203 (second level)
Fifth Level Calculus
Animal Physiology Lab
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Unread postby Stuart » Tue Aug 26, 2003 5:43 am

Advanced Higher Computing
Advanced Higher Maths
Higher English
and Intermediate 2 Media Studies

This year should be a nice and challenging one, two advanced highers should be enough to keep my brain working hard.
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Tue Aug 26, 2003 6:36 am

If all goes well, this coming fall will be my first semester with zero coursework requirements (only dissertation research... :roll: )!
So this fall is field research in British Columbia.
Winter quarter: nothing! Not even TA-ing, not even (nominal) research assistantship work!
Spring quarter: no coursework again, but TA-ing for Semantics II (I've always wanted to teach phonology or intro to linguistics, but I'm always stuck with the most difficult TA assignments... :? )
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Unread postby Carp's Tail » Wed Nov 26, 2003 12:41 am

Fall 2003
1. POL 446 - 20th Century Political Thought (Albert Camus, Hannah Arendt, Norman O. Brown, Sigmund Freud, Michel Foucault, Don DeLillo)
2. POL 332 - Courts & Law in a Comparative Context (Civil law, common law, socialist law)
3. PHL 330 - Metaphysics and epistemology (Epicurus, Plato, Kant, Hartshorne, Sartre, and some other folks)

Winter 2004
Same as three above (they are full year classes) as well,
4. PHL 375 - Ethics
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