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Unread postby Liao Ce » Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:59 am

Jean-Charles de Borda
Nicolaus Copernicus
Pierre de Fermat
Alexandre Grothendieck
David Hilbert
Kiyoshi Ito
Camille Jordan
Tosio Kato
Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Gaspard Monge
“Sir” Isaac Newton
Andrew Ogg
Jules Henri Poincare
Adolphe Quetelet
Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
Gregoire de Saint-Vincent
Seki Takakazu
Stanislaw Ulam
Giovanni Vacca
William Wallace
Nikolai Nikolaevich Yanenko
Zhi Li

An awkward list for sure. I had never heard of well over half the people I ended up using. A few people I didn't use that, in retrospect, should have been used but were forgotten. And I wasn't going back to redo anything after I was finished just to include a bigger name. :lol:
But thanks again. I used all 3 links, so thanks to everybody.
Not I gotta write a report on Confucius for another class. But I can handle that.
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