Good and Evil, Right and Wrong

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Unread postby Mu Shu » Sat Jan 11, 2003 2:11 pm

TheYellowDwarf wrote:
It is a very acceptable way of looking at things (if not somewhat cynical), though saying good and evil are purely subjective terms just doesn't seem quite right. Behind such a statement, you're really saying that good and evil do not exist except in our minds, and that there is indeed no good act and no evil act. Murder, rape and mass destruction have the same merit as acts of pure altruism objectively, if good and evil are solely subjective.

I agree murder, rape and mass destruction will always be evil to 99.9% of society. But there will also be that 0.1%, people like Hitler, Stalin and possibly Cao Cao who believe that they are completely justified in their actions.

I don't mean to belittle good and evil. Our sense of good and evil are very important in our everday lives. But I believe that good and evil is an aspect of human society not nature. Natural laws include physics, chemisty, biology, etc. "Human" laws include morality, good/evil, right/wrong, etc..
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