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Unread postby laojim » Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:33 am

Paler than Moon wrote:I want to read the English translation of Fengshen Yanyi (Creation of the Gods) and Journey to the West, does anyone know where to find it?

Sure. If you can't find The Journey to the West I'll send it to you. I had to split it into two because it was too big to load easily in my book reader under Android. I can send you the whole text file and you can convert it to whatever is convenient. I may have a few others, I'll have to check.

The best sources for free books are Usenet, Gutenberg Project, Marxist library, and Emule, or other file sharing system. It is often helpful if you can search in multiple languages, of which Italian may well be the best simply because the Italians are the great pirates of the world.
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Unread postby laojim » Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:10 pm

Kosmo wrote:
PangDeGuy wrote:I have a question: Is Outlaws of The Marsh in English? If not, where can I get a translation? If so, where can I find it online? (well, for free of course)

i know it's been translated to english but i'm not sure if you'd be able to download it anywhere.

If you will run a search for "torrent water margin" you should be able to turn up the book you are looking for, either by itself or in a bundle called "four great Chinese classics." You just have to read the description carefully or you can wind up with television series versions.
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Re: Free Books online

Unread postby Shao Shanshu » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:22 am

If anyone understands Russian, here are two works by Boris Riftin.

The first is on how the story of the Three Kingdoms evolved from dynastic chronicles and historical anecdotes to various epic folk stories and drama, to early books and then the RoTK by Luo (with the analysis of his method and sources), and back to folk storytelling.

The second is on evolution of a character in Chinese literature ("from myth to romance"). This one I haven't read yet.
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