Sex and reproducing

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Re: Sex and reproducing

Unread postby SunXia » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:32 pm

Sex without emotions can happen and it does when both parties commit to that idea truthfully!! If someone I know engages in a "No strings attached" relationship, I see nothing wrong with it if there really are no strings!! If someone doesn't care about you in the deep way then that is fine so long as you don't care about them!! If there are two unattached people who just want the physical and stress release that comes from intercourse then it really isn't the business of anybody else as they are not harming anybody!! Of course the harm comes to safe sex which is also important but that's a given!!

Of course, the case comes when there are feelings involved which is the deal breaker!! I would always advise to never go near somebody in that way if you fancy them or if they fancy you as it is just going to be a whole world of hurt or stress!!

Chasing after someone whom you know doesn't want a relationship with you but continuing to have a "no strings" strings when there are strings that are harming you then that's a little sad a reeks of desperation!! And its pretty cruel to enter that relationship with someone you know who would do anything for you and you know your just using them!! In either case its pretty easy to tell and its not ok to use or allow yourself to be used!!

Personally I have entered into no strings relationships before and they were very clear cut from the beginning!! There was no relationship or deep feelings there was just stress relief and comfort cuddles then off and out of the house and life until the next time!! there was none of this texting into the wee hours or at all during the day or sitting and talking for hours on end on the phone!!

The times when others tried to have a no strings thing I put a firm decline on it!! I remember one guy who pestered me for a year and basically tried the line "I'm asking for one date not to marry me" to which I replied to as "Yes but that one date would give you hope of a relationship because I know you want one with me and I'm not interested and it would cause me stress of having to further hurt your feelings and it is thus easier for us not to go down that road at all." He was very annoyed at the time but I was not going to sugar coat it, there is not point, I had told him how I felt and I was not going to be peer pressured with "You're only young once" logic!!

So like I said if you are going to go down any route there should be no feelings otherwise you are being cruel to yourself or the other person!! But it is entirely possible and ok to be in those types of relationships so long as you are both unattached and hurting nobody at all!!
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