Favourite poem in the ROTK?

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Favourite poem in the ROTK?

Unread postby Tao Qian » Fri May 18, 2012 3:43 pm

Just this.

Which one is your favorite poem in the novel? Of course I've only read the translated versions (well, I´m checking a bit the Chinese from time to time, but my knowledege of Chinese is not really accurate), but anyway I really like this one from chapter 4:

"Spring and the green of the tender grass,
Flushes with joy as the swallows pass;
The wayfarers pause by the rippling stream,
And their eyes will new born gladness gleam;
With lingering gaze the roofs I see
Of the Palace that one time sheltered me.
But those whom I sheltered in all righteousness,
Let's not stay in silence when the days pass useless?"
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