Sociality In the New Generation

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Re: Sociality In the New Generation

Unread postby Sun Fin » Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:01 pm

I'll answer why population decrease is happening first. Contriception is easier to come by and is no longer frowned upon by mainstream society (at least not in the West),there are exceptions, like the Catholic Church, who stand against the tide. Then when 'mistakes' do occur people no longer have to take responsibility for their actions and can instead have an abortion. Therefore sex no longer equals kids so population decreases are happening.

As for same sex relationships its because its now socially acceptable to be in a homosexual relationship.

Of course the affect that this has upon society is fiercely debated, the whole nuclear (is that the right nuclear?) family argument. However I've had this discussion on this board before several times and would rather not go back there.
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Re: Sociality In the New Generation

Unread postby Zhai Rong » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:27 am

On the matter of kindness and giving, I think the difference now is that public displays are less frequent. The role once provided by people giving money to random beggars on the street has now been taken (at least nominally) by governments and charities. Any generosity will be hidden from you, as they typically occur through electronic cash transfers. Also, the existence of such organisations may lead to the belief that beggars should seek them for aid instead, or that one's obligations to helping the disadvantaged are already fulfilled by paying taxes plus donating to charities once in a while.

On entitlement, it happens no less frequently in older age groups. You can see it when politicians are forced to treat middle class welfare policies as sacrosanct. You might also see it in the workplace, where some people (typically those whining about the youth of today) believe that their pay ought to be a function of their age rather than their actual ability to do the job.
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Re: Sociality In the New Generation

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:04 pm

To add to Sun Fin's answer's answer on population decline, I would suggest better medicine means less need for having a bunch of children so we start getting one or two. Culturally in some of the west, some decline may be down to woman leaving it late due to job pressure and IVF so wouldn't rule out a cultural reason (China in particular) also affecting things elsewhere.

I'm not sure that such a figure says anything about homosexual relations in itself. As for homosexual relations, it is now more acceptable in some parts of the world in the last ten years (thank you Blair and co) then it had been so people are more able to admit their sexuality. So those who would once have hidden it, got married and had a child or two for the sake of seeming straight don't always have to do that nowadays. Still a long way to go on that front
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Re: Sociality In the New Generation

Unread postby Lord Yang Jiahua » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:17 pm

well i mean two people dont just up and go and do it, usually there is a relationship first and both persons have that mutual agreement to well, do it. thats why i posed the question. i whole heartedly agree with same sex relationships, if they want to get married as in San Francisco we let them until prop 8, they should, if they want to adopt kids hey that means those kids will get a better shot at a good life, its been studied that same sex couples tend to be more educated and have better lives, at least in SF that's what we think.
Sun Fin wrote:the whole nuclear (is that the right nuclear?) family argument

Yes nuclear family, Father who works, stay at home mom, kids.
Sun Fin wrote:Then when 'mistakes' do occur people no longer have to take responsibility for their actions and can instead have an abortion. Therefore sex no longer equals kids so population decreases are happening.

er... its also because young couples just dont want to have kids any more, they want to have fun and not be tied down by kids, thay want to go on expensive trips live lavishley and everything opposite to what having a child does to your life. An aquaitence of my family's who married the son of one of the pixar board members, she herself is a phd in Biochemistry, expressed to us meaning my family this fact so that is how i realize this, shes about 30, lives in posh upper Berkley neighborhood.
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