Sources on the Zhongshan Suit

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Sources on the Zhongshan Suit

Unread postby Ci Cao » Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:19 pm

Dear fellow scholars,

there are moments in a sinologist's academic life where one just goes quite mad - I have just hit one of them. Knowing that this is a forum of rather bright, internet-savy people with an interest in China, I figured it would be worth a try to ask you for your opinion.

The problem is this: For an exhibition that is to be held at our institute, we are assembling a series of posters centered around the concept of what could be translated into memorial places. One of these places (or, one could say, concepts/symbols) is the Zhongshan suit, probably better known as Mao suit in the west.

The problem is this: To complete my part in this, I require a source - a Chinese text, or a sewing pattern, maybe even a quote or an anecdote - anything really that can be used to illustrate the meaning of the suit in either the Republic or PR of China.

Therefore, I am wondering whether any of you may have even an idea on how to acquire something like that. In eight days, I will be off to China for half a year, and this needs to be done beforehand - ordering books from abroad is unfortunately out of the question. Maybe though, I am thinking "inside the box", maybe there is something I have not yet considered. For any type of comment or advice, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!
Ci Cao
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