Mao: The Untold Story

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Re: Mao: The Untold Story

Unread postby Shu Ryorin » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:00 am

Mistelten, I have to say this: I am conservative and, from what I've seen on this thread, I disagree with your many of your points, much of your logic, and most of your opinions. Reading this thread, I understand why so many people have such twisted views of conservatives. Please do not assume that all who oppose your thought or do not think highly of Jefferson Davis are leftist radicals and communists. Many of your views and people's reactions to them are completely unrelated to political stances and are instead disagreements with the view or argument itself.

So, Mao: The Unknown Story. The book this thread is about. I'm reading it for class and find it rather interesting. We read part of the Edgar Snow book that this book keeps referencing to get a balanced sort of view. I found it quite interesting that in the Snow book, Mao lists Water Margin as one of his favorite books and the Chang book emphasizes his early bandit activities. Mayhaps he romanticized it a bit? Also interesting was that SGYY was another book listed as one of his favorites and he ended up acting like Dong Zhuo rather early on. Where I am in the book, apparently everything ever was done for political reasons. Everything.

Edit: Looking back on this post, I apologize if it seems rather harsh (and if the part about the book is badly organized...). 4 AM is not a civil time for me to write anything as I tend to sound a bit loopy and cranky when I lack sleep. Please don't take it personally; the boluntness is a side-effect of the time of day that it was typed.
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