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Unread postby Jimayo » Mon Oct 28, 2002 9:39 am

Iznoach wrote:I've never read 1984 either, but I know the jist of the story. Anyway, is "The Running Man" anything like the Ahh-nold movie from the 80's? Or did they screw that up too?

They changed the entire premise behind the book. Firstly the dude was let free in the US and had to avoid capture for one month. Secondly the hunters were just like FBI agents. Not that hockey dude, flame thrower dude, and all that crap. The movie butchered the book worse then I've ever seen a book butchered.
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Unread postby Starscream » Mon Oct 28, 2002 10:36 am

Dragon_Girl wrote:And have anyone read "Memoirs of a Geisha"? I'm searchingg for that book now... Who's the author?

Yeah I've read it before, the author is Arthur Golden. It's a fictional story of the life of a geisha. It's very elaborate and it's a good start for anyone who wish to find out more about geishas, but I'll recommend some other documentary-like books to for further reading and to clear any possible falsities in the book if present. :P
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Unread postby Zhou Gongjin » Mon Oct 28, 2002 12:40 pm

Iznoach wrote:
Is that in English? Please say yes...

Yes it is, 700+ pages of RTk History in one beautiful book.
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Unread postby Guest » Mon Oct 28, 2002 2:35 pm

right now I'm reading Peasant Rebellion in Ming Dynasty.It told about the rebellion movement in Ming era.

Unread postby Polykleitos » Mon Oct 28, 2002 3:58 pm

For my literature class, I can do a term paper on any American stories written since 1850. I figured, "Hey, I really liked that movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," so I'm reading it now. It's wonderful, even better than the movie! In the book, Chief Bromden is the narrator, and you get insights into his mental illness that you don't see in the movie. I just got it last Thursday and I'm through about 150 pages.
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Vakram Chandra

Unread postby AdmiralZheng » Tue Oct 29, 2002 3:58 pm

I just finished reading some contemporary Indian lterature by an amazing author - Vakram Chandra.
The book I read is called Love and Longing in Bombay and has some really beautiful stories. Chandra also writes in English - mainly because of all the different languages and dialects in India - so there is no translation - it's quite a blessing really.
The beautiful thing about the stories in this book is that they are really novella's - they can explore everything just a little more than a short story, but they can always cut off before becoming novels. This is a good form for the frame-tales in this book.
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Tue Nov 05, 2002 2:03 am

Zhou Gongjin wrote:I'm reading Doctor Rafe De Crespigny's Generals of the South.
*Drools* I want that book!

I just finish reading Lydia Chukovskaya's "Sofia Petrovna", a short novel about a woman living under the darkness of the Stalinist Great Purge era. It's very well written book, sensitively depicting the random insanities of the times, and the fear, anxiety, and hopelessness suffered by the everyday citizens during those times.
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good thread

Unread postby Justin » Wed Nov 06, 2002 4:58 pm

I just finished an excellent book called The Mote In God's Eye by larry niven and some other dude I can't remember. It's a story about humanity's first contact with an alien civilization. It's an excellent book, if you love sci-fi this is a must read! It's a little slow in the beginning but about 35 pages in it just takes off and I had trouble putting it down. In fact I chose to read it instead of my software engineering book :oops:
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Unread postby James » Tue Nov 19, 2002 10:43 pm

Right now I am reading “Parliament of Whores – A Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire US Government”. Contrary to the title, it is actually informative and more importantly, funny as hell (yes, I have thought about that phrase).

Ahem. “… Anyway, I thought I’d observe the 1988 presidential race and then go to Washington for the first six months of the new administration, learn everything there is to know about government and write a book. But the six months turned into two years. I’m not sure I learned anything except that giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. And what resulted was not so much a book as a great digest of ignorance. …” – P.J. O’Rourke
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Unread postby Seven at One Stroke » Wed Nov 20, 2002 1:23 am

I just finished the novel Mulberry and Peach by a Chinese author(Nie something, I cant remember). I read the English version unfortunately, the translation is pretty bad. The book was about the life journey of a Chinese through the wartorn China at the end of WWII, and later her life in America and the ultimate disintegration of her personality and cultural identity. It was a pretty interesting book in many aspects.

The week before that I finished a biography of the Chinese writer Hsiao Hong. It got me a little interested in the literary scene during the early part of the 20th century in China, where politics dominate the subject of literature and almost everything written was political propaganda and every writer is a leftist.
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