The Japanese Language

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The Japanese Language

Unread postby Shi Jing Xu » Tue Aug 27, 2002 10:06 pm

Ok guys, I take Japanese at school, and this is my second year of it. So, I was wondering if anyone else took this at their school, and if so, how is it taught?

At my school, they begin with the basic sounding of the vowels: A I U E O. Then, give us simple words like, Ojigi, Hiragana, Kyooto, etc.
East stuff. Then, they begin with the teaching of Hiragana. Then, when we finish that, Katakana. So, anyone else take it, and learn differently in their school? :?:
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Unread postby Guest » Wed Aug 28, 2002 4:07 am

Um, I'm planning on taking it very soon at university. I've been teaching myself, however, for about 6 months now. I could probably survive in Japan with my current knowledge. Don't know for sure, though. It seems to me that the way that yours was taught seems natural. First, you must learn the sounds that make up the language. Hiragana would come next, because it is the most widespread form of written language in Japan. Kanji should come second, and then katakana. That's how I think it should be taught, anyhow.

Unread postby animetayl » Wed Aug 28, 2002 4:08 am

Sorry, that last one was me. I wish that someone would not let guests reply until they had registered... :x
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Unread postby lordostrategy » Wed Aug 28, 2002 4:19 am

Nah, thats harsh. I think they add a certain sense of mystery....

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Unread postby Benkei » Wed Aug 28, 2002 1:06 pm

I am teaching myself Japanese and Chinese(modern, and classical). With Japanese I think it is best to learn Hiragana, then Katakana, then Kanji. Hiragana and Katagana are both widely used throughout Japanese written language. Learning Kanji is practically learning chinese, the written form. Kanji is for Japanese students also the last they learn, that is why usually hiragana or katagana is printed in small size above the kanji in books, mostly child to teen books.

Unread postby Maria » Wed Aug 28, 2002 1:14 pm

I want to learn this, but alas, there's no Japanese choice in my high school. I can learn Hiragana & Katakana well, and a kanji or two.

I can read, but I can't speak or understand very well since I have to self-teach myself.
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Unread postby Starscream » Wed Aug 28, 2002 3:55 pm

I am into my third and final year for Japanese language in my university. Basically, this can be considered a crash course so everything's taught quite fast and the true advanced level stuff eg reading newspapers are not offered for students except those into their honours years.

During my first semester, I have to memorise more or less all the hiragana and katakana within the first week, and we learnt the most basic sentence structure to the point that we can describe things like, "There is a tree over there". Kanji is largely optional. The second semester of the first year ended with the expectation of students to be able to interchange verb forms from masu forms to dictionary forms and also adjective forms.

The second year is the reinforcement of the first year and this time kanji is a must for most of the time. We learnt the passive expressions, keigo (humble and respectful expressions) and even had to design a skit for group project as well as interviewing a Japanese student that came on exchange. But even after all these exercises, I still speak rotten Japanese... :oops:

Now into the third year, the syllabus is beginning to change dramatically fast. New verb forms are thrown to us at much greater quantity per week and the teachers are very much concerned with the teaching of keigo as well as correcting the nitty gritty details of our errors in writing, speech, the end of the year, we are supposed to write a speech or something, I don't look forward to that...yet....... :cry:
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Unread postby Benkei » Wed Aug 28, 2002 5:02 pm

I guess with me, since I lived in Japan the I dont have a foreign accent, and to beable to speak is just a matter of constant use.

Unread postby Zhou Gongjin » Wed Aug 28, 2002 10:11 pm

Pronunciation is pretty easy when you get used to it, I don't see how its harder than european languages. Thanks to romaji it has become pretty easy as well, compared to the kanji.
I can speak better Japanese than write or read, I can occasionally be found translating yet another Japanese DW site, but those are pretty simple.
IMO, game Japanese is simple, but musical Japanese is harder than anything I have had in language classes.
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Unread postby Shi Jing Xu » Thu Aug 29, 2002 1:39 am

Japanese is pretty easy to learn. By the first week, we could say full sentences (I feel special! :) )
Anyway, getting into longer sentences is getting tough this year, mostly because I considered this class easy and thought nothing of it, and now I have 3 EXTREMELY hard classes with this. Grrr...... :?
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