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Re: The Better Browser? (New Poll)

Unread postby Human5 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:51 pm

James wrote:To be honest I'm not sure it is anywhere near as useful as some other navigation features in various browsers.

What other navigation features do you refer to?

James wrote:They all do, now. What they don't all have is a fantastic URL prediction system.

Nevermind, Opera doesn't have autocomplete anymore, although it used to have it in its previous version. Now it only shows a list of suggestions like Firefox and Chrome do.
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Re: The Better Browser? (New Poll)

Unread postby James » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:00 pm

Human5 wrote:What other navigation features do you refer to?

Well, for example, bookmark text shortcuts, auto-complete, and a list of suggestions are all examples of navigation features which can get someone to a web page much faster than the grid-like link collection. I sometimes use that feature in Safari to quickly open a few favorite websites, but that's probably the only thing it really does for me. I can open all my favorites at once for daily browsing using an 'open in tabs' feature in the bookmarks bar—another feature multiple browsers share.

Human5 wrote:only shows a list of suggestions like Firefox and Chrome do.

I really dislike that. It was a really downer when I started using Chrome in Windows. Safari has a fantastic drop-menu for this sort of thing (which looks like it will be improving even more in the next browser) but what I love the most about Safari in this regard is its fantastic auto-complete/prediction feature. Once I became used to it, I found that I could use it to navigation to nearly all websites I frequent with a few keystrokes. It also helps me to find older websites I never bookmarked simply through history as it ties into other things like the website's title tag. It is something Chrome should steal.

I'm not really up to date on Firefox anymore. It became so bloated that I stopped using it for everything but testing with Firebug. I don't even use it for that anymore. I should probably give it a shot again if, for any reason, just to see how much they've cleaned things up in recent history.
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Re: The Better Browser? (New Poll)

Unread postby chin » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:13 am


Anyone using Maxthon?

I am running Maxthon, Chrome and Firefox, I have ditched IE many years ago.
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