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Re: High School Dropouts Return to high school

Unread postby laojim » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:15 pm

I am dubious. It says on the web site, "Earning an online high school diploma on the basis of online equivalency test is a matter of days, not months or years. There is no need to attend classes and submit assignments; hence, there is no need to wait for something that you deserve. You can apply to receive your high school diplomas in just 15 – 20 days."

In other words, send us a check and we'll send you the diploma as soon as it clears. Well, they just want the credit card. There is no actual address anywhere on the web site.

Looks like a scam to me. Mail me a checck and I'll send you a diploma as soon as it clears. I know how to make a really good one.
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