I am looking for a book scanner.

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I am looking for a book scanner.

Unread postby Tarrot » Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:56 am

What I want to do:

I have Rafe's Tome, which I use often either to read random bios or for research on 3k personnel. However, it is a large book, over 1300 pages, and over the couple of years I've had it, the cover is getting worn, and the binding is slowly beginning to come loose. What I want to do is take the book and convert it into either a giant text document, or a giant .pdf which would be searchable for names and the like, and which would also allow me to just copy a portion of the text to a different area (ie: paste bios from the tome into a reply for someone). Ideally, I would also like such a program to come with Chinese Hanyu support (which is a reason I kinda stopped doing anything on the encyclopedia, since going person by person and having to look up the characters online and match them to the book was too cumbersome to really do for more than a couple at a time, and in many cases that took longer than it took to write the bios and fill out all relevant information). Ideally, when I get done with this, I could share the file with those who I knew had copies of the book so they had their own text backup.


I'm currently living in Beijing, so anything that would require sending the book to a place or taking it somewhere isn't possible. I also have some money on my American Bank Card (I have a bank card here with about 1500 US on it, but I haven't wired any money back home yet to the states; I will not use the Chinese card for purchases since I was warned against it due to safety issues), but I can not spend a significant amount of money on a program or service.

I do not have access to a book scanner here, but I am going to eventually unload all my photos off my digi-cam and use the Snapter program (which, for all I know, could do exactly what I want, but I'm not sure if it just outputs a cleaned up image of a document and/or is searchable, or if it has compatibility for Chinese Characters), so I will have images with text on them, which possibly I could then convert to a text or pdf file.

I've tried searching on google, but I've not been able to turn up something that would be exactly like I wanted, so I figured I'd ask here. Thanks in advance for support.
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