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Re: Microsoft Windows 7

Unread postby Human5 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:05 am

you are right, but many companies need a certain kind of software, and mac will most likely not support it. quote="James"]
Human5 wrote:well, when i said computers, i meant their software. It is rare to find any business use the MAC for their work.

And this is not a quality-based decision. Businesses populate their rank-and-file employees, in many cases, with cheap disposable PCs specifically because of the price. Why pay for high-quality hardware when the computer is just going to be used to perform basic tasks anyway? It is often a very different picture when you look into the executive's office, or go to any sort of business which uses their computers for creative purposes (e.g. audio, video, graphics, web design). Apple doesn't care about the low-quality/low-price market, so they can't choose Apple even if they wanted to. They'd have to pay more.[/quote]
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Re: Microsoft Windows 7

Unread postby Adam » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:54 am

Been using 7 for a while now and surprisingly had very few problems with it so far...only stuff I've run into of any note is the usual older game incompatibility (and most of my issues have been related to me having 64bit anyway).

I generally like to avoid upgrading from something that works pretty well for the things I do (XP was my previous OS) but didn't have much choice since all the new pooters at Best Buy had 7 pre-installed.

Some of the features take some getting used to; like the lack of program names on the task bar as well as the semi-irritating disappearing programs from the status bar thingy forcing me to click on the arrow thingy as well as the somewhat odd control panel layout....given I'm pretty sure you can change themes to XP-like or whatever and have it look similar to what I'm used to but I've grown used to this layout now.

I'm sure if I used it for more than just a handful of games I'd have other problems but I have yet to run into anything yet.
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Re: Microsoft Windows 7

Unread postby James » Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:05 pm

Human5 wrote:you are right, but many companies need a certain kind of software, and mac will most likely not support it.

Again this is the case with rank-and-file employee workstations.
(And specialized firms, such as Windows development companies.)
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