dynsty warriors 5: 4th weapon guide

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dynsty warriors 5: 4th weapon guide

Unread postby me is good » Mon Apr 11, 2005 5:56 pm

there are the 4th weapon guide fo D.W.5

SHU FORCES( all 4th weapons must be done on hard)

Liu Bei
(unlocked through)Beat it with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Yi Ling, Kill SSX, Gan Ning, Ling TOng
Lu Xun, Item.
Guan Yu
(unlocked through)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle of FAn Castle, kill gate captain and
stronghold captain within 5 minutes. Kill Niu
Jin and Yu Jin enter Fan castle, start flood,
go near Guan Ping
Precious item.
Zhang Fei
(unlocked through)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Chang Ban, Kill Xiahou Dun and His
officers, meet zhao Yun, return to camp event,
then kill Xiahou En, Precious Item.
Zhao Yun
(unlocked through) starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Cheng DU, Kill Lei Tong, then Fei Guan
then Deng Xian, move to west gate and kill Liu
Dun and his gate captain. Occupy Luo castle,
kill Yang Huai and Gao Fei, then North gate
captain. Precious item.
Zhuge Liang
(unlocked)Beat any shu campaign
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Tian SHui, Occupy AnDing and Nanan.
release Xiahou Lin, report of defect,go near
Tian Shui, Jiang wei returns to castle. Message
to stop him, then defeat Jiang WEi. Precious
Pang Tong
(unlocked)Beat with 3 shu characters
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Nan Zhong,Kill gate troop points,
bridge event, seal troop point near kongming,
Yue Ying tiger tanks event, ignore Meng Huo and
go to nanamn troops, event Meng Huo retreat,
protect bridge captain, kill Wu tugu. Precious.
Guan Ping
(unlocked) Beat shu campaign with Guan Yu
(4th WEAPON)Chi Bi Retreat BAttle, Defeat all generals
Then first 2 reinforcements, escape point appears
then kill general at eascape point, Precious Item

Xing Cai
(unlocked)Start with her
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Bai Dai, Get Xing Cai health in orange
Liu chan message about courage, Xing Cai health
in red, Liu Chan moves toward Xing, go to him.
Cutscene and morale increase, allies join up,
Rescue allies, return to Ba Dai. Precious Item
Yue Ying
(unlocked)Beat Zhuge Liang's campaign
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, Guide the wood ox
without any losses. Before Catapults set up
Kill Deng Ai; Item.
Huang Zhong
(unlocked)Starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Mt. DIng Jun, go down east path,
Kill Yue Jin, Zhang He, clear the two offense
gates and supply gate, from right path go up
mountain and kill Gao Shun, then Cao Zhen, then
go defeat Xiahou Yuan, after Cao Cao comes in
item will appear.
Ma Chao
(unlocked)Starting character
(4th weapon)Battle of Tong Gate, cross river right at start
Before Cao Cao crosses river knock him off
Wei Yan
(unlocked)Beat Huang Zhong's campaign
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Chen Cang,1st wave of ladders destroyed
Kongming message, clear 2 guard captains on wall
wall message, kill Cao Ren, east gate open, kill
last guard captain, stop wall defense, open
front gate, Item report.
Jiang Wei
(unlocked)Beat Shu campaign with Xing Cai, any any other shu officer
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Tian Shui, Let moral fall, Ma Zun start
his escape, Gao Xiang appears, kill him


Cao Cao
(unlocked)Complete 4 wei musou's
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Xia Pi, Go to water gate kill Zhang
Liao, then Gao Shun, water event, then Item.
Xiahou Yuan
(unlocked)Beat it with Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Chi Bi, kill Pang Tong, Kongming, then
Huang Gai, Item.
Xiahou Dun
(unlocked)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Fan Castle, Get to the top left
kill Guan Ping and prevent water attack
Cao Ren
(unlocked)Beat Cao Pi's campaign
(4th WEAPON)Chi Bi Escape Battle, Kill all officers and subs
until Guan Ping.
Xu Chu
(unlocked)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Tong Gate, Cao Cao crosses, Ma Chao
moves, Kill Ma Dai, Kill Ma Chao, Kill Pang De
Dian Wei
(unlocked)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Wan Castle, Meet With Cao Cao, defeat
Hu Che Er, kill Jia Xu, Kill 10 troop Leaders,
without letting any past
Xu Huang
(unlocked)Defeat any 3 wei campaign's
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Fan Castle, DO NOT kill Zhang Fei or
Guan Yu, Liu Qi appears, then kill them.
Zhang Liao
(unlocked)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Hei Fei, kill 6 officers(try doing
sub generals) Zhang Liao event, kill a few more
and then another event, then Item.
Zhang He
(unlocked)Defeat any 2 campaigns
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Jie Ting, Kill Gao Shun, seal gate
event Li Mountain, Kill Wang Ping, event Ma Su
retreats, Kill Ma SU after SIma Yi Says to.

Cao Pi
(unlocked)Start with him
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Wu Zhang Plains,Succeed in catapult
Kongming dies, Sima Yi atatcks, Sima Yi retreats
Reinforcements come; message to destroy arrows
Then do so.
Sima Yi
(unlocked)Beat any one wei campaign
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Chen Cang, Control 3 stronholds
without losing the castle, Item report.
Zhen Ji
(unlocked)starting character
(4th WEAPON)Battle of He Fei, kill 300, go to Cao Pi, event
OR kill Taishi Ci and his officer, destroy
ramming machine, kill Wu reinforcements, go to
secret tunnel.
Pang De
(unlocked)Defeat Ma Chao's campaign
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, Kill all officers
except Liu Bei,and Huang Zhong, Huang charges
then kill him.


Sun Jian
(unlocked)Beat it with all his children
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Shi Shui Gate, Kill Lu Bu
Huang Gai
(unlocked)beat any 3 musuo modes
(4th WEAPON)Yellow Turban Rebellion, Kill Yan Zhen, Gao Zhen
ZHang Liang, Cheng Yuan Zhi, Fei Yuan Shao, He
Yi and his officers, Deng Mao, Zhang Bao, Zheng
Man Cheng.
Zhou Yu
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Wu Jun, Kill Sa Li, Yan Xing, Yan Bai
Hui, Kill Chen Guang, Zhou Xi in under 5 mins.
Sun Ce
(unlocked)Beat Sun Quan's musuo
(4th WEAPON)Sun Ce Illusionary Battle, Kill Yu Ji, Kill all 4
fakes, kill new fakes, KO 50, more mirages, kill
Yu JIn fakes
Lu Meng
(unlocked)Beat Gan ning's campaign
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Fan Castle, Make Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren
surrender, kill Zhang Fei.
Da Qiao
(unlocked)Defeat Sun Ce's musuo
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Xia Kou, Clear the boat before it
leaves the docks. Kill Gan ning, Precious Item.
Xiao Qiao
(unlocked)Defeat Zhou Yu's story
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Jing Zhou, Dont let Sun Jian be
ambushed. Kill Huang Zu immediatly,then go to
kill Zhang Hu, Jing Liang, Cao Mao, Lu GOng,
kill all strogholds and all allies alive.
Reinforcments cannot show up, Precious Item,
Sun Quan
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Chi BI, kill Wang Lang, clear the
bridge Kill Cao Mao, clear the bridge, success
of sabatoge and pang tong succeed, Go help Huang
Gai start fire by clearing any generals near him
then do the same for zhuge Liang, and have both
succeed, Precious item.
Taishi Ci
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Wu Jun, Lure Sun Quan into fort. Item
Sun Shang Xiang
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Nan Zhong, kill AhHuiNan, DongChaNa,
JinLanSan Jie, Zhu Rong, go near Meng Huo,
elephant event, construction troops appear, DONT
kill them, bridge fall, go to Sun Quan, kill
MangYaCheng, MuLiDaWang and tamers, Kill DaiDOng
Wang, Yang Feng, WuTugu.
Zhou Tai
(unlocked)Beat any one WU musuo
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of Yi Ling, Fire event successful, keep
all your generals alive, Precious Item in maze
Ling Tong
(unlocked)Start with him
(4th WEAPON)Battle Of He Fei, Defeat Zhang Liao 4 times.
Gan Ning
(unlocked)Beat Ling TOng campaign, Wu side.
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Xia Kou, Kill ling Chao, event with
Ling Tong Attack Gan Ning, Kill ling Tong,
Kill Ling Cao.
Lu Xun
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Bai Di, head into maze, succeed in
passing through it, Kill Jiang wei,
and Ma Chao when he attacks base,Precious Item.


Zhang Jiao
(4th WEAPON)Yellow Turban Rebellion, kill Gongsun Yue,
falling stones event, go to Zhang Liang alter
brainwash event, go to Zhang Bao alter, no
ally defeated.
Yuan Shao
(unlocked)Beat it with Cao Cao
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Guan Du, kill Guan Yu before he kills
Yan Liang, kill Liu Yan, Li DIan, Cao Pi,
Xiahou Dun, Cao Zhang, Yue Jin, take all gates
on the way.
Dong Zhou
(unlocked)Beat it with Diao Chan
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Liang Zhou, capture 5 gates, defeat
Ma Chao and Pang De
Lu Bu
(unlocked)You have to beat it with one from every kingdom and
face him in one of them
(4th WEAPON)Battle of CHang Shang, Yuan Shao, Kill 1000
Diao Chan
(unlocked)Beat LU BU's story mode
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Xia Pi, help Hou Chen, Song Hui, kill
all generals, Cao Cao appears. Item.
Meng Huo
(unlocked)Defeat the nanmam campaign and defeat Meng huo all times
(4th WEAPON)Submisssion of Nana Zhong, follow directions
kill all officers except ma Su and Kongming.
Zhu Rong
(unlocked)Beat the game with Meng Huo
(4th WEAPON)Invasion of Nan Zhong, without destroying bridge
once elephant charge, kill 2 wu reinforcements
Zuo Ci
(unlocked)Beat it with everyone
(4th WEAPON)Battle of Hu Luo Gate, Kill Lu Bu. Item.

LEVELS AS IN MUSUO MODE>...............
me is good

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Unread postby Athrun Zala » Fri May 13, 2005 12:03 pm

Ma Chao of Xi Liang wrote:A more detailed guide here

H..hey... I'm sorry, but you're not supposed to direct link to the FAQs in GameFAQs. :( You should link to the FAQ list pages first, then point on the FAQ.

As stated in the GameFAQs Help Page..
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Unread postby Ma Chao of Xi Liang » Fri May 13, 2005 12:08 pm

Athrun Zala wrote:
Ma Chao of Xi Liang wrote:A more detailed guide here

H..hey... I'm sorry, but you're not supposed to direct link to the FAQs in GameFAQs. :( You should link to the FAQ list pages first, then point on the FAQ.
Oh,I see. :oops:
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Unread postby EVERYTHING » Sun May 15, 2005 2:05 am

I better guide too :wink: just a little hard to understand sometimes (espically the whole He Fei which is which)

Although I think this not only should be in DW training, it shouldn't be it's own topic.
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Unread postby James » Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:59 pm

Thanks for the notes. We’re building our own at the moment, and I’m not yet sure what I’ll be tossing online at KMA. Right now we’re mainly focused on very well written and comprehensive HTML material, or text guides.

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