Yu Fan biography

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Yu Fan biography

Unread postby melee » Wed Nov 03, 2004 9:06 am

Yu Fan is one of my Wu favorite officers,besides Lu Su and Zhou Fang.
So I decide to write all things I know about him.This small bio is also my small gift to Sima Hui's birthday,I hope you like it :wink:

(164 - 233 AD)

Yu Fan, styled Zhongxiang, before becoming a Wu officer, had been known as a minister of Hui Ji.

When Sun Ce was leading his force to pacify the lands of Wu and Hui Ji, a band of brigrands suddenly attacked Xuancheng where his young brother Sun Quan and general Zhou Tai stayed. Zhou Tai fought bravely and rescused Sun Quan, due to this he got severely wounded.

After Sun Ce defeated Yan Baihu and Wang Lang and conquered both Wu and Hui Ji, Sun Ce came back to his main base, Jiangdong, and received bad news about his heroic warrior. He was very worried. Dong Xi, who had killed Yan Baihu and had just joined Sun Ce, said:"I've fought the pirates several times and got wounded but an official of Hui Ji named Yu Fan recommeded a physician who cured me in half a month." Sun Ce asked,"Do you mean Yu Fan is Yu Zhongxiang? He's a brilliant talent whom we should have!"

So Sun Ce sent Zhang Zhao and Dong Xi to invite Yu Fan. Fan came and Sun Ce entertained him in the best way and appointed him as Leader of Workers. Sun Ce told Zhou Tai's story and asked Yu Fan about the physician. Yu Fan said,"He is Hua Tuo of Qiaojun, Bai country, styled Yuanhua;he's really a god of medicine nowadays, I shall invite him to you." A few days after, Yu Fan and Hua Tuo came to visit Sun Ce .So Zhou Tai's wounds were all healed.

After Wu's general Lu Meng successfully made a surprise attack on Jingzhou, Jingzhou was under Sun Quan's control.Sun Quan asked Lu Meng:"Fu Shiren of Yong An and Mi Fang of Nanjun, how can we get them to surrender?" Yu Fan said,"Fu Shiren and I were close friends when we were childen. My Lord, please allow me to persuade him" Sun Quan agreed.

Due to Fu Shiren and Mi Fang's drinking, they had let supplies be destroyed. Guan Yu had intended to excute them, moreover Jingzhou had fallen, those were the two main reasons that made Fu Shiren accept Yu Fan’s words and decide to surrender.After that, Sun Quan sent Fu Shiren to Nanjun and Mi Fang was also persuaded.

However, people know Yu Fan as not only a Wu official but also as a scholar of the Book of Changes. He is one of three typical scholars of the Book of Changes in Eastern Han era: Zheng Xuan (Liu Bei's teacher), Yuan Shuang and Yu Fan.Though Yu Fan was born later but his fame and achievements of research into Book of Changes was greater than Zheng Xuan and Yuan Shuang. Rely on results after researched of former scholars of Book of Changes, Yu Fan created a new method for predicting good or ill omens.

Yu Fan was an upright and accommodating man. He was also drunk several times and outraged his Lord. Once day Sun Quan and Zhang Zhao was talking together about fairies when Yu Fan said:"They all are the dead! Why do you talk about them! Are there fairies in this life?" Sun Quan had been angry several times with Yu Fan like that, and at last he exiled Yu Fan to Jiao province.

Yu Fan lived there more than ten years died at sixty-nine years old.

P/S:Please correct English spelling and grammar in this post,my English skill is really quite a bit.Thanks. :lol:

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Unread postby Sima Hui » Fri Nov 05, 2004 7:49 pm

Well done melee! :D I am honoured that you decided to do a bio for little ol' me! :oops:

I'll correct errors for you if you like and thanks again. Yu Fan was a great guy for Wu, but we don't hear much about him in the novel. :x
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Unread postby melee » Sat Nov 06, 2004 11:34 am

Thank you,Master Sima!Your work probably made my english skill improving.
Yes,It's from:Romance of the three kingdoms novel(LGZ),History of Book of Changes(Vietnamese one) and Wuzhi.
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