Need to make a topic about this

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Re: Need to make a topic about this

Unread postby Korin » Sun May 05, 2013 2:49 am

Mosquitoes, and spam the ham. Damn spam.

So it makes sense this forums get attafcked a lot, it's been up to close of a 11 years.
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Re: Need to make a topic about this

Unread postby Sun Fin » Sun May 05, 2013 11:54 am

Not only that but lots of people use KMA and so spammers like to target us as they think all of those people will see the links.

I know I've said it before but my experience of running a forum led me to create a separate user group for new members which preventing them from being able to post links and start new threads. When I had seen them make a good post or two I (or another of my admin) changed them in to the standard member user group. Thing was my forum was a lot smaller without so many new members signing up each day as we have here.
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