Read Before Posting!!! DWT Forum Guidelines (revised 4/1/04)

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Read Before Posting!!! DWT Forum Guidelines (revised 4/1/04)

Unread postby Stuart » Sun Jan 04, 2004 6:41 pm

Read Before Posting: DWT Forum Policy

By posting in this forum, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to follow all the guidelines in this message.

These are a clarification of how the Forum Rules apply to this forum, and other policies we have. It is not intended to replace these rules, and all users are reminded that they still apply here.

If you have any questions regarding these policies please contact any of the Moderation team.

:arrow: Gameshark and Cheat Codes

Please Do not ask for Gameshark codes, or hand entry cheats on this forum. I would not like to create an atmosphere where people who use codes get flamed by people who don’t. If a user posts a message requesting a code it will be deleted and will count toward a spam warning.

The administrators of this forum do not support Gameshark codes, or even controller-operated cheats. If it is not here: - it has either not come to our attention, or we do not want it there. If there is something you think is left out of the site or the forum, PM me or IM one of the moderators and I will suggest it to the other moderators and administrators.

Gameshark codes also have a history of data corruption, and I want to avoid people being blamed for destroying peoples DW saves.

:arrow:Don’t Spam

Spam is posts that are qualified as "junk", "meaningless", and "useless". I've noticed that a lot of people have at least posted some spams in the DW forum. The trivia thread has been cleaned several times already, not counting numerous threads that keep popping everyday.

Example of spams in DW forum:
"Hi there! I like to play DW3 too!" (useless, nobody cares about that)
"Yes." --> "No" --> "I think so" --> and other one line posts. (it's better if you don't post at all)
" LoL" --> "ROFL" --> "Hahahahaha!" (unnecesary actions)

I'm sure you get the drill. I would constantly reminds you all if you do spam. Don't take any offense from the warning, but try to correct your attitude, everyone can still be saved

I would like to operate a three strikes policy with regard to spam. If a user posts a message which is considered to be spam three times within one week, that user will receive a spam warning.

:arrow: Redundant Topics

All users are advised to use the search facility before posting a new topic, to see if a similar one has already been created. A Guide to effective use of the search facility can be found here.

Also check the common threads notice. This serves as a way of having the most popular topics at the top of the forum without making them sticky. This would clutter up the forum more than it already is. It will be updated on a tri-monthly basis to ensure it is as correct as possible

:arrow: Seeking Assistance

Many people come to this forum to get assistance with a problem they are having in any game in the Dynasty Warriors Series. If you have a query, please post in the appropriate thread. If you start a new topic, it will be locked, and you will be re-directed to the appropriate thread.


Frankly speaking, I'm tired having to put up with all sorts of fancy writings. I'm not (and I'm sure a lot others aren't) too fond of all sorts of linguistic error. If your grammar is wrong sometimes, that's fine, people make mistakes. but PLEASE USE THE SHIFT KEY AND CORRECT PUNCTUATION.

I'm dizzy if I see posts like:

"hi, im some1 from somewhere. wazzup man"
"didnt we meet b4, or i think im wrong, not sure"
"im sure he know what is the best kingdom"
(I'm not that good at giving these examples so bear with me)

I can see some people that never/rarely use the shift key & correct punctuation. If you know who you are, then please start making yourself familiar in using them. I've gone through that stage as well, and when I finally came out with the correct shift & punctuation, I'm well respected everywhere. It's worth the while, trust me.

:arrow:Double Posts

This has been my main concerned for the last few days. Please guys, do NOT double post. If the posts are different, say for more than 12 hours, such as bumping good threads up, or adding a point to your previous post, then that's fine. But if you post them simultaneously, then we'd have to take actions. There is no excuse for breaking this rule. If you can't put quotes in the same post, then here's something for you:

name of the quoted person wrote:Bla bla bla[/QUOTE*]
your response here

name of the quoted person2 wrote:Bla bla bla[/QUOTE*]
the nest one if you need more.

Erase the asterisks (the little stars thingy) and you can add as much of those as you want. The code above would give you this:

name of the quoted person wrote:Bla bla bla

your response here

name of the quoted person2 wrote:Bla bla bla

the second one!

I hope that helps.

:arrow:Irrelevant Posts

Don't post something totally irrelevant to the topic. That would be deleted.

The topic is: "How to get Lu Bu's 4th weapon"
your post: "I heard that Lu Bu was stupid cause he got killed by Cao Cao."

The post contains knowledge that could be shared, but sadly, he/she put it in the wrong thread. You'd get a PM with your post if you did break this rule.

Also please ensure that all posts are based on the Dynasty Warriors games and not on Historical Three Kingdoms stuff. If you would like to discuss Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel and history, please do it here.

:arrow:The last word

By posting in this forum, you have agreed to all the above rules and regulations. If you violate one of these you will be dealt with accordingly.

Oh, and have fun, remember, these rules are meant to make sure that your time spent in DWT will be as enjoyable as possible.
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